Personal Imagines. Want One. Comment Which Boy or Girl Can Be With Any Celberity You Want, :)


19. Amna and Zayn

You and your boyfriend Zayn were goin gout to the beach for your 5th date this week before he goes on tour. "you got everything babe" he said as he looke dat you with all the beach stuff. you laughed "haha yes" you said. When you got all set up at the beach. Zayn was tanning and you were digging a hole. When yo finished digging the 6 feet deep hole "Hey Zayn come here for sec" you said. as Zayn got up he fell right into the hole "what the f**k Amna" he said "omg babe your covered in sand" you said laughing. Right then a smirk planted on his face "hey help me up" he siad "Okay you said as you grabed his hand. As you pulled hi up, he pulled you down on top f him "ZAYN" you said laughing "now were even" he said/ "mama dont play to get even, mama lays to win" you siad. all he did was laugh and planted a big wet sandy kiss.



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