summer in the woods

Maggie, a 17 year old girl was planning on spending her summer in her house, by the lake and by herself. But things change when there was a big storm that brought her and Harry Styles together.


2. WHAT?!

I heard the door open from across the room. I was sitting on the couch in the living room admiring the fire in the fire place. I felt the cushion sink next to me. i looked up to see Harry quickly look away from me to the fire that was across the room, that was warming up the room. 

"So, you will have to use my cell phone to call your parents. The electricity hasn't come back on yet." i said breaking the silence.

I reached into my pocket grabbing my cell phone and handing it to Harry, he smiled. Then dialed a number, the phone rang a couple times and i heard a woman answer.

"Hey mom..." Harry said, sounding excited.

i hopped up and walked in the kitchen, giving Harry some privacy. I had grabbed a class from the shelf and began to pour myself some water, when i heard a loud WHAT?! from the the other room. I walked back into the living room and reached the opposite side of the couch from where Harry was sitting. I looked at him, his head was in his hands, he looked frustrated.

"Ugh, i can't believe that they would just leave me here.They didn't even tell me that they were leaving." Harry grumbled.

"What happened?" i asked

He looked up at me.

"My parents, they left a week ago. They didn't tell me that  that they were going back to the UK for the summer. So, i'm stuck here." 

He continued to rant about how his parents were always there for his last performance in America, and that they never talk anymore. I was listening until my own thought invaded my head. I wish my parents were here,i wish that i could see them again. My thoughts were interrupted when i felt a strong hand touch my leg. I looked up to see Harry looking at me with worry in his eyes. I guess i hadn't realized that i had tears rolling down my eyes. Before Harry could ask what was wrong, i stood up and started towards the kitchen.

"Would you like something to drink?" i asked, as i made my way to the fridge.

"Do you have water?" he asked.

"Actually, I don't." replying with a half smile.

Harry looked at me with amazement.

"Really?"he responded.

I erupted into laughter. and saw Harry's face turn from amazement into confusion.

"Of course i have water." i said, trying to control my self.

He too started to laugh. I'm glad i was able to lighten the mood. i walked back over to the self that had the glasses and poured him some water. Harry had moved over to the stool behind me, and place his elbows on the island that was in front of him. i placed he glass in front of him, and watched him take a huge gulp, almost finishing the whole glass. He put the cup down, and looked at me with guilt in his eyes. I was about to ask him what was wrong, but before i could get one word out he started to talk.

"I'm really sorry to ask thins, but is it okay if i stay here tonight? I will be gone first thing in the morning. I will sleep on the couch."

I looked into his gorgeous green eyes.

"Of course you can stay here, and don't be ridiculous, you can stay in the spare bedroom. And in the morning stay for breakfast. We can sort everything else out then." i smiled.

"Are you sure?" he replied.

I smiled and shook my head.

"Follow me, i'll show you your room." i said walking towards the stairs.

Harry was right behind me. As we were climbing the stairs i saw Harry looking at all the paintings that lead up to where we were going. We reached the top step and were standing in the loft area. You can look over the living room, dining room, and the kitchen. The loft had two bedrooms and one bathroom. I walked over to the bedroom that was closest to the bathroom.

"You can stay here tonight." i said, pointing to the room that was right in front of me.

"Thank you so much." he said

He grabbed me and pulled me into a tight hug.

"No problem." i responded, trying to catch my breath.

"Goodnight Harry."


"My name is Maggie" i smiled

"Goodnight Maggie" he smiled back.

He closed the door and i made my way back down the stairs. My bedroom was on the main level down a hall. I brushed my teeth, changed into my pajamas, and then crawled into bed. I slowly drifted into a deep sleep, still hearing the beautiful sound of the storm outside my window.


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