summer in the woods

Maggie, a 17 year old girl was planning on spending her summer in her house, by the lake and by herself. But things change when there was a big storm that brought her and Harry Styles together.


1. The storm

Crash! The storm was picking up.

I was looking out of the window in my dark and cold room. The only light that was able to illuminate, was the lightening forcing itself through the sky. i watched as the rain collided with the leaves, hearing the growling of the wind passing through all it could. I saw the water fall upon itself, making the most beautiful sound. The lake was right in front of me, and the forest of trees was to both the left and the right of the log cabin, that i called home. The lights had gone out about 20 minutes ago and i was struggling to find my way around the kitchen, trying to find a lighter to light any and all candles i could find. After lighting the last candle i heard a frantic knock on the door. i thought to myself,

"I'm not expecting anyone!"

"Who in the world would be out in this storm?"

I slowly walked to the front door, breathing heavily. Again the door was being abused by the person outside. I took a long deep breath. I unlocked the door and reached for the handle, i pulled down, opening the latch that held the door to the wall. With that the door flung open, i felt the rain and wind piercing my skin. It felt like a thousand knives digging deeper and deeper into my body. I stood there with the pain that was being engraved into my skin. I looked up, there stood a tall man, drenched in the rain that was continuing  outside. Crack! The rain intensified. I was finally able to open my mouth.

"hhmmh" i cleared my throat. "um, can i help you?" i asked.

I finally meet his eyes, they were glowing green in the night sky. 

" Yeah, can i use your phone?" His voice was deep yet really comforting.

"Can i ask what for?" i responded.

"My parents live a couple miles away, and you are the only neighbor closest to their house."

"And?" i asked sounding confused.

"Well, i kinda lost their spare key. i was wondering if i could call them to see if they could really quick come let me in."

I quickly responded.

"Fine, but don't try anything. I have a gun."

He put his hands up and said.

" Wouldn't dream of it.Now can you let me in? Its freezing out here."

I closed the door and once again locked it. I turned around , he had walked into the entry way a little further, and stopped. I laughed a little, seeing his hair fall along his face, and his clothes clinging to his body. He was soaked. I walked across the hall to the mini closet that was directly off of the entry way. I grabbed a towel and some clothes that my dad had left for himself when he would come to visit; they looked about he same size. i walked back into the entry way and handed him the towel and change of clothes. He smiled and took them from my hands.

"You can change in here" I said pointing to the bathroom that was right next to us.

He again smiled and said.

"Thank you."

Before closing the door to the bathroom he turned around , putting his hand out.

"Sorry, i should have introduced myself earlier. My name is Harry Styles."

I quickly placed my hand is has and smile. He shook my hand and then let go. He turned around and closed the door. 




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