summer in the woods

Maggie, a 17 year old girl was planning on spending her summer in her house, by the lake and by herself. But things change when there was a big storm that brought her and Harry Styles together.


3. He's a what?

The sun was beating through the window and i could feel it hit my face, i turned my head to check the time. 7:45. This is going to be a beautiful day, i thought to myself. I swung my legs to the side of my bed and placed my pink manicured feet into some soft slippers. i walked into the bathroom, brushing my teeth and combing my hair, putting it in a french braid. I grabbed a sweat shirt and placed it over my head. i reached for the handle to my door and walked own the hall leading to the kitchen. The electricity must have come back on last night, because every light was on. i switched all of them off and made my self a cup of coffee. i went to go sit down in the three season porch that was just off the kitchen. i sat down at the table and turned on the news. I watched as the weather came on saying that today was going to be 97 and hot. As the news room fade out it went to commercial. I sat there hold the cup in my hands trying to warm them up. The news popped back on the screen and i saw a clip of a boy band being played. i turned the volume up and heard a familiar song being played.

"Baby you light up my world like nobody else, the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed, and when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell you don't knoww oohhh ohhh.. you don't know your beautiful.."

i smiled, remembering that  just a couple days ago i had heard it playing in the car. I really did like the song, i just wished that some guy really did feel that way about me. After the station played the whole song, they posted a picture of each band member and their name. First there was a boy named Louis, then one of Liam, Zyan,Niall, and lastely Harry. Wait did i just see a picture of Harry, the same Harry that was sleeping upstairs in my house right now. I sat there,frozen, i couldn't believe what i just saw. I finally was able to breath, when i looked up i saw his face. He looked tired and yet very attractive. 

"Can i have some of that coffee in there?" he asked.

i nodded, not knowing what else to do. Was i suppose to just forget what i just saw, should go and and tend to his every need. i mean he is a celebrity. No, no, no. I will treat him the same way i have been treating him, like a friend a human being. I got up and walked into the kitchen.

"Did i wake you up?"i asked

"Oh no, you didn't you're fine." he answered with a smile.

"What do you want for breakfast? Eggs, toast, and pancakes?" i asked

"That sounds absolutely brilliant!" he calmly replied

"Great i'll get started."

Harry sat at the island while i finished cleaning up all the dishes.

"Thank you again for everything."

"Don't mention it." i said as i turned around.

"Well i thought about it last night. And you are more then welcome to stay here for the summer."

"Oh my gosh, thank yo...." i interrupted him

"Don't thank me yet. I have some very simple rules, okay?"

"Sure, what are they?" he smiled back.

"First and only rule, no girls in your bedroom. I don't want to wake up to a strange woman in my house." "Got it?"

"Got it. No girls in my room."

He smiled and trailed off up the stairs.Before he closed the door i yelled up to him,

"Hey, do you wanna go swimming? It's suppose to be really hot today."

He came to the edge of the railing and answered back.

"Yeah, wait for me? i'll be down in a second."

I shook my head and watched as he went into his room. As soon as his door was shut.I ran to my room  and put on a hot pink bikini with white polka dots on it and a cover up top that was black and had black lace on it. I walked out of my room and to the door to the steps down to the lake. Harry was already walking down the steps.

"Hey, are you not going to wait for me?"i said trying not to sound like a baby.

"Haha, sorry i thought you left me." he called back

"I wouldn't dream of it." i mocked him from what he had said last night.

i caught up to him and we were just reaching the bottom step when i yelled while running to the dock.

"Last one in is a rotten egg!"

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