summer in the woods

Maggie, a 17 year old girl was planning on spending her summer in her house, by the lake and by herself. But things change when there was a big storm that brought her and Harry Styles together.


7. Fun in the sun.

Harry's P.O.V

I woke up to the sound of the song 'What Makes You Beautiful', that was playing down stairs. It was muffled, but still recognizable. I sat up in bed rubbing my eyes from the tiredness that i'm sure was laying upon them. I could smell coffee brewing downstairs, so i placed my feet on the ground and walked out of my bedroom to the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror, with slight disgust. I quickly brushed my teeth and made my way down stairs to where the music was coming from. I stood in the door way of the four season porch and saw Maggie looking in her half empty coffee mug.

"Can i have some some of that coffee in there?" i asked. Obviously startling her. She nodded and looked a bit on edge.

"Did i wake you up?" Her face was no longer in confusion as she asked me. Standing up from her seat and walking into the kitchen with me.

"Oh no, you didn't you're fine." i answered with a smile that i had mastered over the years.

"What do you want for breakfast? Eggs, toast, and pancakes?" she asked, already half way across the kithchen getting all of the ingredients for the big breakfast she was about to make.

"That sounds absolutely brilliant!" i calmly replied. Watching her move swiftly around the kitchen. She had a smile on her face, looking like i just granted her a wish.

"Great i'll get started."


I sat at the island while she finished cleaning up all the dishes.

"Thank you again for everything."

"Don't mention it." she said as she turned around.

"Well i thought about it last night. And you are more then welcome to stay here for the summer." she said while playing with the hem of her pajama top.

"Oh my gosh, thank yo...." before i could finish she cut me off.

"Don't thank me yet. I have some very simple rules, okay?"

"Sure, what are they?" i smiled back.

"First and only rule, no girls in your bedroom. I don't want to wake up to a strange woman in my house." "Got it?"

"Got. No girls in my room." i smiled.

I got up off of the stool and started to move the stairs to go to my room and maybe grab a shower. I reach the top step and i am inches away from my room when i hear her call to me.

"Hey, do you wanna go swimming? It's suppose to be really hot today."

I turn around and lean against he railing and replied with a smile.

"Yeah, wait for me? i'll be down in a second."

She nods and i walk back to my room. Can i even call it my room? As i reach the closet i totally forget that i'm not at my house and i have no swimming trunks. I look in the drawer anyway and to my luck there are multiple pairs and a couple bikinis. I pick up the skimpiness of the little bikini and smile a bit then place it neatly in the drawer and grab some swim trunks that are my size. I quickly strip and pull the trunks up over my bum and slip my white V-neck shirt over my head. I walk out of my room and make the trip down the stairs to the main floor. I stand there for a moment and think to myself 'She is probably down there.' I open the door to the wrap around deck and  make my way down the steps that seem unending down to the lake.  

"Hey, are you not going to wait for me?" I hear her yell from the house

"Haha, sorry i thought you left me." i called back

"I wouldn't dream of it." she says with a half smile.

I wait for her to catch up to me. We reach the end step and she take off in a sprint towards the docks.

"Last one in is a rotten egg!" i hear her yell after me.




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