Falling For A Belieber

Dear reader
February 2, 2013
Hi My name is Candice Im a belieber from Lansing, Michigan. Me and my family have a lot of money. I am in a relationship with a man named Jake. I like him a lot. But I don't know if are relationship is true or not tho. We have been dating for five months now. And he seems to be acting a little odd lately. I think I will as him what's up later. Well enough about that. I'm going to a Justin Bieber concert on Saturday. Front row seats which come with a special meet and greet with Justin.im very existed even tho I'm rich and I get to do more thing it doesn't mean I love Justin any less then any other belieber


1. Boyfriend Problems

Chapter One 

Boyfriend Problems

                      If you had read the information about this story box then you know a lot about me if you have not read it read it now it is important.

                    As you know I have a boyfriend. Well I'm 17 years old and I'm a senior I'm high school. My boyfriend is in the same grade but he just turned 18. We have been together for five months. I am at school right now. It is lunch time. Oh yeah did I mention I'm rich. Well I'm also popular at my school. But the only reason I am is because I am rich. Which I think is stupid. Well me and my friends and my boyfriend were all siting at are table.  I honestly think me and my boyfriend are mostly only together because everyone said we would make a cute couple. Because we are both popular. I'm not saying I don't like him. I do. But, relationships shouldn't happen or be together because of popularity. Well at the lunch table me and my friends were talking about how I'm going to that Justin Bieber concert. I told them how I got front row seats that come with a meet and greet thing to meet Justin and a chance to win one less lonely girl.

            But I would never win that. When we were talking about it my boyfriend rolled his eyes and faced the other way. He gets really jealous when I talk about Justin I don't know why tho. His hand was laying on the table so I put my hand on top of his. And looked at him and told him he has nothing to worry about because Justin will never like me. I want to be with you anyways I told him. He kissed me. My friends said awh. Me and jake were then holding hands. For some reason today his palms have been really sweaty. I don't know why but he seems nervous or scared about something. I asked him if I could talk to him at are locker after lunch. He told me yes. The bell rang for lunch to be done . Everyone went there separate ways to go to there lockers. I was at my locker getting my stuff Jake came over and said "Yes babe you wanted to talk?". Yeah I said and pulled him to the side and I leaned against the wall he put his arm on the wall and was leaning towards me face to face.

   You seem nervous today. I told him. "I do?" He said. I told him that he has been acting strange all day today. So I asked him if he is hiding something from me. " I would never hide something from you babe" he said kinda in a high pitch voice which people do when they are lying. Alright I told him. I asked him if he was taking me home today he said yes. After school was over. Jake took me home. When we got there. I started to get out. "Wait babe" he said. What I asked. "Didn't you forget something". I don't think so I told him. "Yeah you did you forgot you kiss goodbye. He got out of the car and walked to were I was and kissed me for some reason it was a really long kiss. Like he was never going to see me again but it was romantic and cute so I didn't take it bad. When we were done he got into the car. And blew me a kiss then drove of. I don't know what has been his problem lately he is acting so weird. I think I might need to be doing some investigating on this situation. I left my house after dinner.

        I went to his house.  When I got there I looked threw his car trying to find something of a different girls. Because I think he might be cheating. After a while of searching. I found nothing. So I tried something easy I went up to his house door and nocked. His mother answered. Is Jake here I asked. "Yes and you must be his girlfriend". Yes I am I told her. Well you can walk up to his room is the third door on the left up the stars and down the right hallway. I started to head towards his room. When I got there I opened it. I could not believe what I saw. My eyes were about to pop out of my head. But what I saw was......................



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