Our Little Secret

Angelique was an uprising model who hadn't been looking for someone but was focused on her career. Her bestfriend Annabel was an upcoming actor who was starting to climbing up the celebrity ladder. When her friend introduces her to a fellow member of her boyfriend's group, they grow a strong friendship that she wants more than, but only one person is stopping her.


2. Time


4 Months Later


      I took a deep breath as I woke up from the light sleep I got from picking Zayn up from a club at 3 in the morning. I could hear his familiar snore from the couch across the room, and saw his body in an odd position under the grey knit throw I set ontop of his drunken body. I slowly stood up out of the warm sheets trying not to wake up the beast and walked over to the kitchen area to make him some breakfast before he had to go back to Perrie's house. She never really liked it when he started calling me to pick him up, it makes her, 'uncomfortable'. But it's not like he cared that much (he cared about her obviously) , but he didn't feel that he had to come running to her every time he gets to drunk to drive. I grabbed a few ingredients out of the refrigerator, and set them down quietly on the counter. I grabbed a pan from the upper cupboard and started heating it on the stove to make a quick omelet. A few minutes had passed by before I started to actually cook, I herd a few groans here and there from the couch, knowing he was walking up. I let a small grin appear on my face as I herd Zayn sliding his feet across the wood floor, getting closer and closer until i felt his strong stare on the side of my face. "Hey you." His raspy morning voice sent chills through my body.

"How'd you sleep? you were out pretty late." He took a deep sigh, trying to wake himself up a little more.

"Your couch is amazing, and I know, I'm sorry for calling so late..."

"It's cool, you know I'm always here to pick you up when you fall. But Perrie on the other hand..."  He looked back at me with a small smile creeping onto his face,

"Perrie what?"

"Ohhhh, nothing.. just how you obey her every command.."

"I do not!" He stated raising his voice but with a hint of laughter. 

"Hmmm, last time I checked, this is the first time in a month you haven't came home when she told you too."

"WHATEVER. I'm independent.." he said looking down at his sock covered feet.

"YEAH, sure. whatever you say.." I grabbed a plate and slid the freshly cooked omelet onto it handing it to him. "Orders up."

"Hey, it's not like I see your boyfriend marching around here? Where is mr. right by the way?"

"ha ha very funny. I just haven't found the right person yet." Zayn really hasn't been getting off my back about dating lately. I don't really feel like looking for anyone else at this moment. I have been spending a lot of time with Zayn lately, and lately I've been questioning my feelings towards him. He has been there for me and we have grown really close since Annabel had introduced me to the group. I have been keeping these feelings to myself so I don't make it awkward. 

"Well, I know there is someone out there for you, but I worry about you sometimes.."


"I don't know, you just seem so lonely sometimes.."

"Well, why are you so sure that I need someone?"

"Angelique...everybody needs someone. How about Niall?"

"Zayn, you know me and Niall aren't alike at all."

"Well, maybe I could set you up with someone outside the group?"

"I would rather just do it on my own. Its a personal discovery."

"Fine, let me know if you change your mind." He then rinsed off his plate before placing it in the dishwasher. "Well I need to go, the prison master is waiting for me at home!" He laughed playfully before he hugging me,

"Okay, let me know how your doing lately." He let go and smiled as he said "goodbye" and shut the door behind him.




      It had been around 4 when Annabel called me over to her house. At the moment I really didn't feel like getting up but i knew I had to or else she'd kill me. I got in my brand new white Jeep Wrangler and drove over to her and Harry's new condo. It has always been a little awkward when he was around because I couldn't be my true self around him, and guess who was there when I arrived. When I walked in, Annabel had been set on their kitchen counter with Harry standing in between her legs hugging each other, way to welcome someone in. I set my black sachel on their grey cloth couch as I said lazily, "why am I hear?"

"Oh yeah! you were coming over!" Warm welcomes from Annabel.

"uhm yeah, so what do you want?"

"Well, I just wanted to chat really, don't worry Harry is leaving while we talk."


"Yeah, not the best conversation for me. I'm gonna go babe, love you!" He gave her a long kiss before leaving the house, my stomach ached with emotional pain. Annabel then got down and came over to the couch and sat down near me.

"So, Has he shown his secret love for you yet?"

"Annabel for the millionth time, he doesn't like me. He's too whipped by Perrie Edwards."

"Bullshit. I know he has to have some feelings if you feel this way about him!"

"Uh, I think not. And it's not like I'm throwing myself at him, he has no clue how I feel about him, it's actually kind of tragic." I looked away to let her feel my mood on the situation.

"I'm sorry, I wish I could do more, but it's not like you can tell someone how to feel. Like when I'm horny and Harry 'doesn't feel like it'. Wait, he constantly is ready, bad example." She got a little laughter out of bolth of us, but I was still confused.

"I'm just not sure what I should do, I mean I really want to tell him-"

"Tell him then." I glared at her before responding,

"I wasn't finished. But if I do, things will be forever changed between us, and I don't want that to happen."

"Well, this is a decision for you and you only."

"Ugh, fine. I''m not gonna say anything. It would be too weird."

"I respect your decision, and I'm going with what you chose."

"Way to sound proper." I said letting a little sarcasm and a smile creep upon my face.

"Sorry, I'm practicing for this audition I got for a new movie."

"I see.." There was an awkward moment of silence before Annabel suggested that we watch  Family Guy and eat Fro-Yo to sooth my inner pain, obviously I agreed and that's what we did for a good 2 hours before Harry came back from his errand.

"Hello Harry." I said as he removed his boots.

"Hey Angelique."

"Well, I'm gonna get back home, I'm gonna go take a nap. Zayn got meto pick him up at 3 last night...again."

"Have a good sleep!" I slipped on my flip flops and grabbed my back before saying,

"Thanks Harry. Love you guys!" I then shut the door behind me and sat in my car fora while, deciding which way I was getting home by. I decided to take the longer way passing by the park, so I could think a little. I have been trying to clear my head of all these emotions I'm feeling, but they just can't seem to escape my mind. When I pulled up to my building and walked up to my room, I opened my door to see no one other than Zayn sitting on my couch.

"Hello Doll."

"Hey Zayn, how did you get in?" I asked questionably setting my things down and slipping my shoes off.

"You didn't think I knew about the key above the door?"

"Eh, not that hard to figure out. But why are you here exactly?"

"Well, I was wondering if I could stay here a few days.."

"What happened?" I walked over to the kitchen area to make some peppermint tea.

"Well, basically, me and Perrie got into a fight about me staying here last night and now she has this crazy idea in her head that I like you more than a friend. It's crazy right?" I could've sworn I just felt a knife stab into my heart. I then stopped my actions, and in a quiet yet emotionally dull tone said,

"Yeah crazy." He continued ranting about Perrie and how she was wrong as I started making the tea again, but I wasn't listening at all, because all I could think about was the obvious fact that he has no feelings for me.

"Angelique?" I then snapped out of my train of thought and quickly turned around,


"I think the tea's ready." He said pointing to the beeping tea brewer.

"Oh. Yeah." I then poured it into two mugs and sat near him on the couch and let him continue ranting. I sipped along to his words of hurt emotions as he let it out, I felt bad, but secretly I was kind of happy. But then I was getting frustrated because I don't wanna feel that way about it. Without even thinking about it, I said,"Zayn?"


"Your gonna have to give her some space, that's obviously what she's asking for right now, you just gotta let it happen."

"Okay. so.. can I stay?"

"Yeah as long as you need too."

"Thanks, your really there for me you know that?"

"Yeah, I know." And I will always be the pathetic friend who just watched the relationship happen without letting out how she really felt.


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