Our Little Secret

Angelique was an uprising model who hadn't been looking for someone but was focused on her career. Her bestfriend Annabel was an upcoming actor who was starting to climbing up the celebrity ladder. When her friend introduces her to a fellow member of her boyfriend's group, they grow a strong friendship that she wants more than, but only one person is stopping her.


1. How We Met



             "Why do I have to go?" I groaned to Annabel as she searched my closet, me laying comfortably on my freshly made bed. We were attending a premiere party for her new starring role on a MTV show called  'Love Bite' which was about her hiding her  newly found identity as a vampire. She picked out a few dresses for me to try on that she thought was suitable and shoved them in my arms as I got up from my previous position. I sighed before entering the bathroom of my studio apartment and putting on the dress I liked the best. I walked out in a black form fitting, one shouldered long sleeved dress. She smiled gave me a distinct look that said she loved it, but she says that about everything I wear. My gold bangles made plenty of noise as I slipped on my heels and grabbed my clutch. I took a look at my curls in the mirror to see if they were acceptable, once I made the decision to leave, I waited on the end of the bed for her to finish her final touches here and there.

"Are you done yet?" I asked after sitting for a good 5minutes, "Were going to be late to your own event. Tell me why your stylist isn't here again?"

"She has the flu. Now lets go! Harry is waiting outside" she said grabbing my hand and rushing me out the door.

"I have to lock up, give me a second." As she rushed to the car, I pulled out my keys and locked the door quickly, then rushed over to Harry's new Bentley, he liked to arrive in style when it came to Annabel. I took a deep sigh as I saw them have a quick peck in the car, it gave me a strange longing for someone to do the same thing to me. I haven't really been thinking about dating and relationships lately because of my busy schedule. As I got in the back of the car, Harry flashed me a quick grin as he said, "Nice to see you Angelique, you look very beautiful tonight"

"Not so bad yourself hot stuff, now could you drive?"I added a quick giggle at the end as he pulled off of the curb, and started driving. The whole ride, Harry had Annabel's hand in his, looking like he never wanted to let go of her grasp.


     Once we arrived at the event, Harry parked in the reserved parking spot and escorted us bolth out of the car, the paparazzi was everywhere, like any other typical premiere. Annabel and Harry walked ahead taking couple shots as I stood solo posing for around 10 minutes, then I walked into the event with confident facial expressions, but on the inside I was having a nervous breakdown. I had been around other celebrities before, but honestly I had never been so nervous in my life to meet the rest of Harry's group. It was bad enough when I almost passed out meeting Harry, but I wasn't sure if I'd be able to handle this one. I'm not exactly a fan girl, but I get super nervous every time i have to met someone important, super embarrassing as a model. I thought premieres would be more elegant, but then again, this is a room full of 18-28 year olds, things were a lot more.... youthful then I expected. It was being held in this brand new club in high end L.A. I walked over to the bar and ordered a strawberry dacory to ease the tension, i immediately took a sip when the bartender handed it too me. As I tried to take a moment to collect myself, Annabel walked over to me repetitively saying, "There ready!" But in my mind I knew I surely wasn't. She dragged me to an exclusive booth towards the back of the club that held the members of one direction and there significant others. I was so shocked that I wasn't even paying attention to what Annabel was saying about me, I kind of just smiled and nodded my head. One of the boys stood up and introduced himself taking me out of my trance,

"Hey, I'm Zayn. And this is my girlfriend Perrie." I was a little disappointed when i noticed her next to him, but it wasn't that big of a deal. I then greeted bolth of them politely and the rest of the group. Niall invited me to sit next to him since that was the only seat left in the couples abode, I kindly accepted and joined the group. As I sat down, I noticed various types of alcohol scattered around the table, but none of them looked too wasted, so i figured they hadn't been here that long, which made my night was going to be longer then i originally expected. At this point, I realized that everything I had expected probably wasn't going to turn out how I would typically wanted it to, but I accepted the fact and decided I was going to go with it. As the night was passing, I started getting to know the boys a little better, having fun, then when I knew Annabel was pretty drunk, I pulled her aside knowing she needed a break.

"Are you okay?" I had to make sure she knew what i was saying by making it a little slower.

"Yeah-yeah I'm TOOOTALLY fineee, doooon't worry!"

"Oh shit. I'm gonna get you home." But then I realized that I had nobody to drive me or her home because almost everyone I knew have had a lot to drink. Even though I was a little embraced to ask, I had to ask the only sober one (surprisingly) to drive us home, Zayn. I took a deep breath and wrapped Annabel's arm around me as I walked up to Zayn, Perrie wasn't around so I would hope it would be a little easier to ask. I sat Annabel and me next to him as she started falling asleep on my shoulder, I then tapped him a few times before he turned around."Hey, I know we just meet like 3 hours ago, but would you mind driving me and Annabel home? As you can see, she kinda passed her limit." I picked her head up before she was going to fall on my lap, he thought this was funny and chuckled a little bit.

"Yeah, I'd love too, let me go tell Perrie. Meet me outside at the car?" Unknowing of which car was his, I just nodded as he got up and left. I woke Annabel up enough to get her to walk outside, but we just kind of stood there starring at the line of nice cars. After a couple of minutes, Zayn came running out and directed us in the right direction. When we arrived to is vehicle, I set Annabel in the back seat and I sat up front. "So, she must be a light weight?" we bolth laughed a little before I responded,

"Yeah, always has been. Thanks again for driving us home, I really appreciate it."

"It's really no bother, I was going to volunteer since Harry was pretty messed up too." He flashed one of his famous smiles that gave me a small rush.

"Your a pretty nice guy for being such a 'bad boy'"

"Yeah, I'm not really anything like the tabloids say I am, im actually completly different.."

"Well, that makes me feel better, I hate self centered douche bags" He let out a small chuckle before replying,

"Yeah, so I want to know more about you. What do you do?"

"I'm actually a model, but it doesn't' make as near as much as you do for obvious reasons."

"Reasons being?"

"You know, your looks, your amazing voice, and as I have just learned great personality." He smiled as i was talking.

"Well thank you, and I can see why your a model, your perfect for it."

"Thank you, that was very sweet."

"Well, I am who I am" He said in an amusing way. We bolth laughed before I said,

"Your really cool, it's easy talking to you."

"You too." He then pulled onto the curb of my building and let me out. I thanked him, then dragged Annabel up the stairs to open the main doors, but just as we were about to go in, Zayn started shouting, "Wait!Wait!" I turned around to see him holding out his phone with a new contact slot waiting to be made. "Mind if you put your number in my phone?"

"Well, how can I say no? But it goes bolth ways..." I then handed him my phone, he smiled at it then started typing, as did I. When we were done, we bolth said our goodbyes and parted ways.



      When I finally got Annabel to the room, she immediately fell asleep on the couch making plenty of noise. I gently tip- toed onto my bed , laying down on my cloud like pillows. A sudden buzz awoken me an hour later, knowing it was my phone I checked it to see a text from Zayn, "Sorry to wake you, just had to make sure this was your number (:" I let a slight grin appear on my face as I texted back, "Yes, its me. you woke me up! go to sleep c:" I waited a few seconds before getting, "Okay doll, goodnight :)x" I simply replied "Goodnight c:" before soaking back into the mattress and drifting back into sleep.

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