Our Little Secret

Angelique was an uprising model who hadn't been looking for someone but was focused on her career. Her bestfriend Annabel was an upcoming actor who was starting to climbing up the celebrity ladder. When her friend introduces her to a fellow member of her boyfriend's group, they grow a strong friendship that she wants more than, but only one person is stopping her.


4. Feelings


      My eyes took in the sunlight as I fluttered them open, soaking up the wonderful feeling of waking up with Zayn, even though I knew it wasn't going to last forever, I had to enjoy the moment for what it was. I grasped hes had as his warm breath glided down the back of my neck, pulling it up to my face and gently swiping it against my cheek. My grasp then grew tighter, never wanting to let this perfect moment go, wanting to keep his arms around me for the rest of time, then his slight moment took me out of my daze. I placed his peaceful arm back onto his body as I nearly stood up out of the bed, but he then stunned me as he grabbed my waist and pulled me back onto his warm bare chest. "Where do you think your going?" Came out of the thick accented man behind me.

"Zayn, we can't do this.." I groaned.

"Why not, me and Perrie are on the rocks and I don't think things will get better.."

"Well, she hates me enough. And what if it gets out? we'll bolth get bashed on by the paparazzi."

"I don't care. I've known it since we meet that we've had something in between us. And I know you feel it too." He said as he turned me around to look deep into is hazel eyes. "You are all that matters right now." I then looked down to think about what my next move on the situation would be before he he grasped my chin in between his thumb and index finger and placed his lips on mine, taking me completely off guard but making me even more attacked to him. When I realized what was happening I pushed him away knowing this whole thing was wrong, it might feel right, but i knew it wasn't.

"No Zayn.." I said as I looked down not bringing myself to look at him. Because I knew if I did I would deep into his beautiful eyes and fall under that Malik charm once again. I herd him let out a huff before walking away and heading to the door. I herd him slip on his shoes before opening the door slightly,

"I'm going to Liam's, let me know how you feel when you finally come to your senses and let yourself go for what you really want, because I know this isn't it." I then herd those final steps before he walked out and slammed the door behind him. What was I doing? he was right. I really did want him. Badly. But I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I wasn't gonna take my chances until they had broken up, if they break up. Maybe I should give myself time to think before I even think of seeing him again. I took a huge sigh before letting one tear roll down my cheek before I wiped it away. I slowly walked down my short hallway in a ghostly daze. I had never felt this way about someone before, and i just let him go. Just like that. When i got to my bed, I layed down slowly letting it take in my soul in it's white essence. I grabbed the pillow he slept on last night and pulled it in close, absorbing the masculine scent he left behind. All I could image when I closed my eyes was his protective arms around me, then same scent lingering in my face. Zayn's essence was still here, and still in my mind.  I wanted to cry but what was the point anymore? I will never be able to love the person I love most. I just have to live with the decision I made. I completely relaxed into the comfort of my bed and closed my eyes, hopping all this pain would leave me.


    I groggily woke up looking out my window into the cloudy gray blanket I called the sky. It reminded me of how i was feeling, cold, hopeless, bland, with no emotions. I reached over to see Annabel had called my phone about 24 times. I sat up feeling my sore body feel heavier then ever. I positioned myself to let my feet hang off the bed as I stared into the grey dome outside. It just reminded me of all the thoughts I had before I feel back asleep. It had the same effect as running into a brick wall, it made me fall backwards and feel pain all over my body. Was this normal? I stood up this time and Grabbed my phone walking into the kitchen. I felt the cool air brush against my bare right shoulder uncovered my the sweater I was wearing. Once I reached my kitchen, I made a mug of hot green tea to help calm down these inner emotions I was experiencing. I dragged my feet across the floor to my vary lonely terrace and shut the door behind me. I sat in the chair and set my tea on the matching table. I took a sip of tea before looking up at the sky once more, gazing at the strange openings in the clouds, and the spots were they seamed to be brighter then others. The sky was the only thing reminding me I wasn't completely crazy. I finally returned to my body and picked up my phone to ring Annabel back. A few rings passed by before Annabel finally answered, "Finally you call me! I herd Zayn and Perrie got in a fight" She had a suggestive tone to her voice.

"Yeah, and? They fight all the time, why is it so big this time?"

"Well i herd from one of her friends that shes questioning there relationship because of you."

"Well,she can think what she wants, "I took a quick pause "But nothings happening, and it probably never will." She sat on the other side of the line for some time before responding.

"Are you okay?You don't sound like yourself."

"Uhm, yeah Im fine. We can talk about it later."

"Did Zayn come over last night or something?"

"No, obvcourse not, he went to Harry's."

"Your lying." I was caught off guard for a moment.

"Uhm, no?"

"Yeah, I was at Harry's last night, but Zayn wasn't." Fuck. "So something did happen, because that's the only reason you would lie to me about this. That's it, were having coffee. meet me at our usual spot in 15 minutes." She hung up. UGHHHHH. How could I forget that she is always at Harry's? Well, maybe it's because i don't want to mention the reasons why. But I was now a little irritated because I had to get ready. I slowly but surely got to my closet and slipped on a simple long-sleeved black crop top with a maroon circle skirt, a maroon beanie,and black wedge booties. I left my hair down and slipped the beanie on top of it. I put on a little mascara and filled my eyebrows in a tad, but nothing that took to much effort. I grabbed my bag and headed down to my car in the cloudy cold weather of England. Once I got in I was freezing, I looked around to find a jacket, and i found a black wool coat sitting in the back seat, it was Zayn's. Great. I grabbed it and slid it over my arms, it still carried the scent of my favorite cologne on him, which wasn't helping the situation. I started the car and drove to the coffee shop as fast as possible.

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