♥One Direction Imagines♥

Hey Guys! Here's some imagines i put together! Hope you like/love them!


2. Louis for Nat


    You and Louis planned you were going to the beach. You got up and put your pink bikini on and slipped your black flip-flops on. You then put your tank top on and your blue jean shorts. You went downstairs. You were about to grab breakfast but remembered that Louis had a special picnic and a  surprise for you. You walk to the beach when you hear a familiar voice behind you. "Hey love..." You turn around and find a gorgeous Louis standing only a few inches away from you. He kisses you and then you guys start walking to the beach again.

    When you reached the beach, you and Louis stripped down to your swim suits. Then, you suddenly say, "So, what surprise did you bring?" He pulls out big water guns. "I thought we could have fun with these." He smirks while you chuckle under your breath. "Same ol' Louis." When you weren't paying attention, he squirts you and runs away. You gasp to how cold the water was, but then didn't care knowing it was about 90-100 degrees outside. "I'm gonna get you Tommo!" You yell. "NEVER Nat-cat!" (<- I kinda got a kick out of that xD) You catch him and he stumbles and falls. You skirt him in the stomach. You both laugh as he pulls you down with him. He kisses you passionately then he gets up as you do too. 

    He walks over to the food. He gets out strawberries sandwiches and a two layered chocolate cake. You look at him. "Louis, why did you get so much chocolate cake?" "Because it's delicious like you are." He smiles as you laugh. "Thank you." While you guys eat he takes some icing on his index finger and pokes your nose. Then he acts like he didn't do anything at all. You wipe it off and then eat it. You then take the cake and smash on his face and say, "Got played again, Tommo." "Here babe, come give me a kiss." You run away. "This is the first and only time i am not giving you a kiss!!" He gets up and chases after you in the water and then kisses you. You guys laugh and wash off. You guys go home while he comes to your place and then he asks you a question you thought he'd never ask.

"Hey, Nat. Will you move in with me?" You were in shock but walk over to him and kiss him. "Yes." He smiles. You guys have a movie night. The next day you move in and have a wonderful life with Louis.


Hey Natalie! Hope you liked it! If you have any movellas i would love to read them! But hope you enjoyed it!



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