Post Mortem

A girl wakes up inside of a package. All she can remember is a crash, a bang, and a scream. What she doesn't realize is that she's dead.


3. Stamps

She leads me this tiny blue weight. But instead of numbers, it has pictures on it. The woman explains that the picture of a mail person, those are the Porters. “They deliver people here.” The woman also explains what the picture of an envelope stands for.

“It stands for my job. We determine what job each newcomer should do by weighing them.”

 But there is one picture that I have no idea what it stands for. It is a picture of a stamp. I am about to ask this woman what the stamp stands for but she tells me to stand on the weigher. I do and it points to the stamp. I ask the woman what my job is. All she does is smile. But I don’t like this smile. She is looking at me like a cat looking at their prey.

“Come with me.”

I don’t want to but she pushes me along. Where is this woman taking me. She leads me into a room. It is a dark room with a knife and an bowl. Maybe, I will become a cook but I doubt that. This woman has something up her sleeve. 

“I will explain your job after we eat. She goes to a slot at the wall and pull down. A boxes come down. The woman gives one of the boxes to me. I open up the foil wrapped box and see a glowing amber pie. It smells so good that it makes my mouth water. I eat the pie at once. It feels good to have a full stomach, but I feel dizzy now. The walls start closing on me. Then realization hits me, I know what happened.

“You drugged me!” I fall down and everything becomes fuzzy. The next thing I know, I wake up and I am tied to this table.

“What is going on?!”

I see the woman sharping a huge knife. 

“You will be providing service to us. I will be cutting out your soul with my knife.”

Whoa, she is doing what?!

“But I’m already dead, you can’t kill me.”

“You won’t be dead. Your soul will be used to make stamps. Us dead have to eat stamps to live in the afterlife. If we don’t we float around aimlessly Your soul will be alive, in our stomachs.”

I scream, I see my first afterlife in a blink of an eye. I will be starting at new afterlife, as a stamp. I see the knife above and it is the last thing I see before my soul gets cut up.


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