Post Mortem

A girl wakes up inside of a package. All she can remember is a crash, a bang, and a scream. What she doesn't realize is that she's dead.


2. Envelope

He opens his trunk and gets out a giant envelope. He stuffs me in. I am about to suffocate. He drills a few holes in the envelope so I can breathe. I try to escape the envelope but it is made out of metal. This is the most bizarre thing that has ever happened to me. Where is he taking me to? How could he do this to me? Who behind this madness? I guess I will find eventually, I hope. The bumping of the car makes me fall asleep.  I sleep until the van stops driving. I wake up because the van jolts as it stops. The van seems like it needs repair. I hear the car door open and the man stumbles out. I hear mumbled exchange between him and a mysterious person. Then the footsteps start heading my direction, the trunk clicks open and I feel their hands under my envelope. They lug me out of the van and put me on this surface that starts to move. It must be a conveyer belt. I am getting used to the motion of moving. Then it stops and I feel the motion of free falling. Being stuck in a metal envelope, this is a scary feeling. It brings me back to my peculiar dream. In the dream, I went soaring out of my seat because my seat belt wasn’t buckled in when the crash happened. I land in a heap. I am tangled up in the envelope and it is not the most comfortable feeling. I hear screams of other people. Maybe they are stuck in envelopes as well. I start to doze off when I feel everything start to tilt. Screams get higher, oddly enough I don’t scream. I feel hands. The hands are probably sorting through us. I feel a pair of hands pick me up.

    I hear this being walk and they go into another room. The being gently put me down on the table. The being gets up and I hear them walk somewhere, then they walk back. I hear a slicing sound and see a point of a letter opener. I see a silver of light, then a person’s eye looks back.

“Don’t eat me!” I am honestly afraid this person will eat me. But she helps me out of the envelope and sits me down. Her desk has a picture of an envelope on it. 

“Can you tell me what is going on?” Maybe this woman will actually help me.

“I regret to tell you that you have died.” Okay, what is going on?! I died?

She consults her paperwork. 

“It says you have died in a car crash.” Now everything makes sense. That weird dream was actually my memory of dying. The crash, bang, and scream was me dying in the car crash.

“When you died, your soul mailed to this land. So welcome to the afterlife”

I am still confused so I ask “What are the rows of houses for?”

“Those are the delivery spots. People’s souls are delivered to the porches and then are picked up by the Porters. They bring the people here to begin their afterlife. The envelopes are to make sure you will come to the headquarters. Some people are so freaked out that they won’t trust anyone so the envelope is a necessary precaution.”

“Okay, now it makes sense. But what do you do?”

“I am a sorter, I tell people that they are dead and what their job will be.

“Now let me cut to the chase. You must serve so I am going to weigh you to see what you will do.”

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