Kidnapped by One Direction

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Chriselda Miller
Age 17

When this outgoing, bubbly, twerking teenager gets kidnapped on her way home by the famous boy band One Direction, how will she react? I'll probably kick them in the balls.


2. Thanks alot.



I fluttered my eyes. A black-tinted window, 2 smelly seats in front of me, and a ankle bracelet that I don't reckon I saw it before until tonight. I groaned quietly but I think Red heard me.

"Lads, I think she's awake." I shut my eyes as quickly as possible pretending I was asleep. 

"Bitch we know your awake get up." Black Jacket said. 

"Don't call me a bitch!" I spat. I folded my arms and crossed my legs, noticing the ankle bracelet again. 

"What the fuck is on my ankle you son of a cunts!" I questioned, I tried ripping it off. Metal. Fuck. 

"It a locating device, so if you run away, we can find you. And don't call us cunts cause you will regret that."

"CUNTS!" I screamed. I actually sang a full song that I decdicted to them. 

"That's it!" The Red stopped the car and got out. 2 seconds later the back door opened. He grabbed me out and to me into the ally we just passed. He threw me onto the gravel floor.


Did I just get raped? No....No.......I did not just get raped. He threw me back into the Back. He winked, I spat on him. The he slapped me.

'Guess you guys are just a bunch of sexual absures? Best day fucking ever!" Note the sarcasam. I set my back on the floor and put my feet up and walked my feet on the ceiling. After about 5 minutes, the car stopped. All of them got out. 4 seconds later the opened the back door, gesturing me to get out. I got out. I screamed.

"HELP! PLEASE HELP!" I light went on in the house across from us. I ran over towards the door and banged on it as hard as I could.

Niall POV.

This bitch wouldn't shut up!

Normal POV (CHRIS)

A girl with mixed but darker skin opened the door and had a wild look on her face.

"Babe are you okay." She asked concerend. 

"One of them raped me and They kidnapped me please help!" I cried. She rushed me in. The boys walking towards the house I just went in. She locked the door, the kitchen door, all of the windows, basement and back door. She Had a lot of locks. We jogged upstairs and hid in her walk in closet.

"Over here." She lead me to a small cubby kind of baby room that fits 3 people. 

"My name is Lana, Lana Brita." She stook her hand out, wanting for me to shake it. I took it.

"My names Chriselda, but you can call me Chris." I smiled slightly. 

"Thanks al-" 

"Shh!" she covered my mouth with my her hand. 

"I here something." I said so quietly it was more like silent talk. 

Harry's POV

"YO Lads, maybe she's in this closet. I opened the white, cream door and walked into the huge walk in closet. Niall and Louis Followed while Zayn and Liam looked around for her. We opened cubards, like she's in there. We looked in small spaces, until Louis found a small cubby whole fit for 3.

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