Kidnapped by One Direction

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Chriselda Miller
Age 17

When this outgoing, bubbly, twerking teenager gets kidnapped on her way home by the famous boy band One Direction, how will she react? I'll probably kick them in the balls.


1. Seriously, the WORST school day ever.



"-K bye!" I waved back at my freckled friend, Jessie. "Bye Chrisy!" She got into on her boyfriend's, Jake, vespa and the vroomed away; Jake waving once he got onto the street. I smiled and waved back. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. Without hesitation i grabbed it, expecting Jessie. But it was my mom, i sighed. I loved her to death, to the moon and back, but she gets on my nerves so fucking much! 

Text message from Mom :) : Hey babe! Sorry, can't pick you up today, the boss is having everyone to go to a special meeting then where going to dinner. So you have to walk home, but I'll bring you some food, if u are hungry in between, just cook some Ramen Noodles or eat cereal! Love u be back at 9:00 xoxo

I groaned. But i don't WANT to walk home, I sulked and went back up after 5 minutes.

"Halfway home, I'm halfway home, and it is 4:00 and I am dying in the jeans. Halfway home, I halfway home, it is 4:01 and I is really hot and i am dying in these jeans!" I sang until it was 4:13. One more block until I get to my house. It wasn't dark but around early sunset, I started to walk faster because I absoluteness HATED the dark, unless I'm inside my house or friends. I picked up the pace. After about 3 minutes I heard a white truck stop in the ally way. It just stayed there for about ten minutes and it got a little bit darker. 

"YO CAN YOU PLEASE MOVE YOUR BIG ASS TRUCK!" I finally yelled. Didn't move. I grunted and just walked around. I heard the car door slam from the other side and I started walking ALOT faster than I was. I turned around swiftly and saw 2 guys, one wearing a red hoodie and the other wearing a green one. I kept on looking back.


"Stop stalking me you- you- stalkers!" I actually started to jog fast. I picked up the speed because I could hear there foot steps coming closer.

"OH! Your trying to KIDNAP MOI? YOU LITTLE DICKS!" I bolted up the street, THANK GOD I TAKE TRACK! The bolted also; they probably took track too. Greenie grabbed the back of my hoodie, making me almost choke myself. I screeched. Don't let them see you are weak. MAN UP CHRIS. I bashed red in the head and he fell to the ground. Greenie's eyes got a little darker even though I couldn't see them in the first place. I tried to bash the other one but he ninja swiped my in the stomach. I got up and kicked him in the balls. Red got up and grabbed my neck. I struggled and got released. I ran until I got 30 seconds away from my house.


"Get her!" one demanded from the truck. A boy in a black jacket tackled me into my door, smashing my head on the handle, almost unconscious I bashed him in the jaw and kicked him in the sunshine. 


"Babe, your making this harder for yourself." A boy said in a purple jacket. He swiped at me but I ninja swiped him in the plain gut. I joggled the doorknob but it won't open. Fuck I forget dropped my backpack when I was running from Red and Greenie. I had to go faster. I kicked the door with my foot, tears streaming down my red bloody face. A another came out the truck, He had curly hair and wore an orange jacket. He grabbed me by my waist and pressed a white piece of cloth onto my nose. Dude I'm in the swim team I can hold my breath up to 3 minutes. But from all the panting, I feel right into the gassy trap. This was seriously the worse day of school EVER.

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