Kidnapped by One Direction

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Chriselda Miller
Age 17

When this outgoing, bubbly, twerking teenager gets kidnapped on her way home by the famous boy band One Direction, how will she react? I'll probably kick them in the balls.


4. 2 heads are better than 1.....sometimes.

(Authors note: Red hoodie: Louis/Black hoodie: Zayn/Orange hoodie: Harry/Green hoodie: Niall/ Purple hoodie: Liam)


Chriselda POV

I heard loud but small, footsteps coming closer into the corner we were hiding in. We must have had very very very different ideas. As I squished my so close, she ran out there like a chimpanze and started to attack Red and Greenie. 

"OPEN YOUR DAMN EYES AND RUN THE HELL OUT OF HERE!" Lana sounded real ghetto right there. I crouched my head through the cubby whole and got out as fast as I can. But like in every horror movie, I fucking tripped over one of her long, black and white, chevron dress. Next time could you cut this damn dress Lana.... Red saw me slip and wrapped his arms around me, pulling me up and squeezing me tight as fuck. I turned as red as his jacket.

"Awkward." I just stood there getting squeezed by my kidnapper. seconds past and i started to feel the awkwardness. 

"Okay....I'm gonna go now...." I struggled whilst making him release me but his grip got stronger. I sighed whilst rolling my eyes and found a conclusion.

"Okay bitch, you asked for it." I bit his pinky finger that had a bandage on it. Red yelped, making him let go of me. I grabbed Lana by her hoodie, releasing her from Orange and Black hoodie. 

"Vamonous Bitch!" I yelled as we skipped, jumped, and ran downstairs at the same time. They slammed the door open so loud that we could her it from outside of Lana's car. Lana trotted, practically sprinted to her car door. She jiggled the handle but it wouldn't open.

"FUCK!" Lana and I said in unison, Lana's keys where INSIDE the fucking car. Orange and Red raced out toward our direction. Lana jiggled it some more. I looked somewhere on the ground, looking for a weapon so i could smash the glass window. 

"Chris catch!" Lana yelled. She throw me a piece of thick wood from a cherry tree outside her neighbors yard. I tried to smash the window as hard as I can but I was only cracking a little. After 2 millemeter seconds I heard a screech from across the car. Orange was holding a white paper cloth to her nose.

"Whatever you do Lana.....don't breath." She nodded as her face got redder, she scrathing her neck as she held on to the little air. But.....she couldn't do it....she breathed and feel under the spell.

"You little dickface!" But before I could throw the cherry wood at him, I myself..feel under the spell. 




Once Again. 

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