A New Love

A meet and greet that becomes so much more for two young girls. Together they find a new love with the boys.


84. Unsolved

Nicolette's POV

“Mommy!” Jake squealed as he ran over to me.

“Jake! How's Mommy's big boy?”

“Gweat!” He said smiling.

“Can you say hi to Harry?”

“Hi Hawwy!”

“Hi Jake! You've gotten so big since I've last seen you!”

“I big boy now!”

“Yes you are! Are you excited to come live with Mommy and me?”


“Good, now come on buddy, we've got to get you home!” I said picking him up.

“Hawwy coming too?”

“Yes he is! Harry and I are married now.”


“He's not your daddy, but he's going to act like your Daddy.”


“I think this might be hard to explain to a 2 year old.” Harry said laughing.

“Little bit.”

“Let's go Lil' guy.”

“Ok.” He squirmed out of my arms so he could walk and took Harry's hand. So cute!

Nicole's POV

3 out of 5 are married. That's right ladies. Your chances are quickly diminishing. Only 2 1D boys not married. Our sources say Harry and his wife married just over a week and a half ago, right here in England! How they managed to keep this one a secret, I will never know! Niall and his wife got married just under a week ago. This one was in Disney. Our source tells us that none of the boys were at the wedding. The real question here is, did they tell the boys and their wives?! After the break we have Lucy Hale coming in to tell us about the upcoming season of Pretty Little Liars! Stay tuned!”

“LOUIS!!” I shouted from the living room.

“”What is it darling?”


“Darling can you please not shout. Delilah is sle- Wait! What?”

“Niall married Virginia. In Disney World. They didn't even tell us.”

“Are we sure they're really married though?”

“I wouldn't doubt it.”


“Why the hell wouldn't they tell us?!”

“I don't know. You call fucking Virginia and I'll call Niall.”

“Why is it 'fucking Virginia' but just regular 'Niall?'”

“I don't know! It just is!”

“Whatever.” I walked upstairs to grab my phone, and I noticed that I had 6 missed calls. 3 from Virginia, 2 from Nic and 1 from Niall. I decided to start with Virginia.


“Married, eh?”




“Nicole, please, calm down. Let me explain.”

“Why? You eloped! I wasn't even there!”

“We're not married.”

“Well that's what the media thinks.”

“Nicole, you should know just as well as us, not to trust the media!”

“Well they had to get this rumor from somewhere. Explain.”

“No. I tried to earlier.”

“Virginia, just fucking explain.”

“Ugh. Fine. We were in Disney, and Niall and I wanted to look at wedding rings because we thought it'd be cute to get our wedding bands in Disney. And we did. So people probably saw that, then we went to visit the chapels there, just to see. And people saw that too. I could see how it could look bad, but I promise, we're not married.”



“Ugh. Well you should probably try and clear things up.”

“I'll try. But anyway, I had a question for you.”

“Are you...um..are you...Nicole are you pregnant again?”

“What?! No!! Most definitely not! Why?”

“I..um..found a positive pregnancy test at your house.”

“Um where?”

“In the trash.”

“You went through my trash? You're a freak.”

“No, I didn't go through your trash. I went to throw something away and I saw it.”

“Well it's not mine, and I'm worried that someone took a pregnancy test at my house. Awkward.”

“Could it be Nic's?”

“Maybe, I don't know who else would have taken one at my house.”

“I feel like Nic wouldn't do that though.”


“Should we ask her?”

“I guess I can call her...”

“Do it, and let me know ASAP!”

“Alright, talk to you later.”

“Ight.” I hung up the phone and quickly dialed Nic's number.


“I'm gonna get straight to the point. Are you pregnant?”

“No! Hell no! Why?”

“Well Ms. Nosey Pants Virginia found a positive pregnancy test in my trash can.”

“Ew! Why was she snooping through your trash?”

“She said she wasn't snooping, but it is gross!”

“Well it's definitely not mine.”

“Who the hell would take a pregnancy test at my house?”


“I'm not pregnant!”

“Sure... Are you sure you just like don't remember it?”

“Nic, I'm pretty sure if I took a pregnancy test, and it was positive, or negative for that matter, I would most definitely remember it.”

“I guess so...”

“This is really bothering me.”

“Ask Lottie!”

“It better not be Lottie's! Her and Andy didn't get married yet. And William is just over a year old!”

“Well I suggest just asking her about William and if she's planning on having more kids.”

“Nic, I know how to talk to my 17 year old sister in law.”

“Whatever...Just let me know how it goes.”

“Will do.” When I hung up from Nic I decided to call Lottie. No answer. “Louis!” I called from our bedroom.


“Can you come here for a moment please?”

“One second!” I heard Louis walk up the stairs before he appeared in the doorway. “What is it Love?”

“So Virginia found a pregnancy test in the trash. Yeah, I know, it's gross blah blah blah. But anyway, do you know whose it is?”


“No. It's not V's, it's not Nic's.”

“I have no idea.”

“Well our other thought was Lottie...”

“No! It's not Lottie's!”

“Well I don't know who else it would belong to.” 

“Did you talk to Virginia?”

“Yeah, she said she's not married. Whatever.”

“Niall said they weren't either, but it's a good thing, why don't you seem happy?”

“I am, it's just...”


“I don't know.”

“Talk to me love.”

“I kind of wished they would have gotten married. I'm just so sick of dealing with this wedding. I know it sounds wrong, but ugh!”

“I understand darling, but just be glad we get to be there when your best friend gets married to one of my best friends!”

“I am! I'm so glad, I don't know, it's stupid.”

“I doubt it.”

“Whatever, new topic.” I said laughing.

“Can we go back to that pregnancy test topic?”

“I don't know whose it would be!”

“I don't either. Call Lottie again.”

“Ok.” I picked up my phone and dialed her number. This time I got a response.


“Hey Lottie! What's up?”

“Sorry I missed your call earlier, I was putting Will down.”

“Oh it's ok! How is the little man?”

“Perfect as ever! And guess what?!”

“What?!” I was really hoping she wouldn't tell me she was pregnant.

“I'm engaged! Andy proposed last night!”

“Congratulations girl!”

“Thank you!”

“You're very welcome. Does your brother know?” I said eyeing Louis.

“Does her brother know what?” He said suspiciously.

“Nothing darling.” I said laughing a little.

“No he doesn't know. Please don't tell him! I think the news will be better coming from me...”

“Alright! So do you think you and Andy will have more kids?”

“Not for a while!” She said laughing. “We're not getting married until I'm at least 21. And I want to be married next time I have a child.”

“Good. I'm really glad!”

“Yeah, how about you? When does Delilah get to be a big sister?”

“Ok Louis.” I said laughing.

“Pressuring you to have more children?”

“Oh my yes. But I have him whipped so..” I added with a wink to him.

“I am not whipped. Now make me a sandwich woman!”

“You sound so American. Please stop.” I said laughing. “Anyway Lottie, I think your incompetent brother needs some lunch. I'll talk to you later, and congratulations!”

“Alright! Cya, and thanks!”

“I am not incompetent!” He said sticking his tongue out at me.

“Whatever... Now let's go get you some lunch.”


To: Virginia Hillman

From: Nicole Tomlinson

Not mine, not yours, not Nic's, and not Lottie's. The case of the positive pregnancy test remains unsolved.


To: Nicole Tomlinson

From: Virginia Hillman


To: Virginia Hillman

From: Nicole Tomlinson

I have no idea....

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