A New Love

A meet and greet that becomes so much more for two young girls. Together they find a new love with the boys.


68. Under 2 Hours

Nicolette's POV

No!” I said sternly.

Yes. And I'm the man, I get the final say.”

I'd say that's a tad sexist!”

Love, just let me take you shopping and to dinner!”

Why? You don't need to spend money on me.”

Will you go shopping with Nicole and V?”

Nicole won't go shopping with us. But yes I would.”

I'll get Nicole to go with you guys. But you're taking my card.”

Harry! I'm not spending your money.”

Nic, I have more money than I could ever dream of spending. I don't know why you always make a big deal about it.”

It's not right for me to spend your money. Besides, I have tons of money after being on tour with you guys.”

Nic, please. At least buy a dress or shoes with my money.”


Because I want to spoil you!”

I'm already spoiled by being your girlfriend.”

I know.” Harry said laughing.

Oh shut up!” I said playfully pushing him.

But seriously, if you don't spend the money, I will have Nicole pick you out something. And you'll never know.”

Ugh. Fine. But it won't be over $100.”

It better be.”

How formal?”

Not too formal. Just a nice sundress or something will do.” He said flashing me a smile.

Nicole's POV

Lila and I had been out of the hospital for about two weeks. She was actually sleeping through the nights, which we knew wouldn't last long, but we were enjoying it while we could. I was sitting on the couch with Louis, as Delilah took a nap, when I got a text from Harry.

“Hey Cole! Do you think you could go shopping with V and Nic today? I know you have a newborn, but Nic really wants to hang out with you, but she's afraid you won't go. PLEASE! I'm begging!”

“What's Harry want?” Louis asked after I read the message.

“He wants me to go shopping with Nic and V.”



“Go for it! Daddy can take care of his little girl.” He said smiling.

“Louis I don't know if I'm ready for that yet.”

“Dear, it will be fine! Daddy needs some Daddy daughter bonding time with Delilah! And it's not like you'll be more than a few hours.”

“Are you sure?”

“Positive! And it's not like I don't know what I'm doing. I have sisters and it's different now that I'm dad. It's instinct.” He said laughing.

“If you have any problems-”

“I'll call you.” He said kissing my lips. “Now go get your pretty little butt ready! But quietly! Our princess is sleeping.”

“I know she is. I put her there.” I said laughing. I walked into the closet and found a cute black tank top, that I paired with white pants. I threw on a red blazer, making it the perfect outfit for my favorite red pumps.

“Heels! Oh how I've missed you all.” I said as I opened the door to my shoe closet, in my closet. When people asked what my closet looked like I said it was like the closet in Princess Diaries 2. Because it basically was. Just a little less formal stuff. I finished getting dressed and walked downstairs. Louis was holding Lila.

“Wow. Delilah, look how hot your mom looks right now. If she keeps dressing like that, you may get a brother or sister sooner than planned!”

“Louis!” I said laughing. “Why's she awake?”

“Because she woke up.” Louis said as if it were obvious.

“But you didn't wake her up right?”

“No! I wouldn't do that and face the wrath of Mommy!”

“Good.” I said kissing him on the cheek. “I have to go though. Bye babe.” I said kissing him. “And by little girl. Mommy loves you! I'm gonna miss you soooo much! Be good for Daddy ok? I love you! I love you! I love you!” I said giving her kisses.

“Love, if you don't go soon you never will. Delilah and Daddy will be fine!”

“It's my first time being away from her!”

“We'll survive love.”

“Ok, call me if you have any problems! Bye baby girl, bye, bye baby, bye good girl. Mommy loves you very very much!” I said talking in a baby voice.

“Nicole.” Louis said flatly.

“I'm going!” I said walking out the door.

When I arrived at the mall I saw V and Nic sitting outside waiting for me.

“I can't believe you actually came! And you look hot, can't even tell you just had a baby!” Virginia said laughing.

“Thanks.” I said laughing along with her.

“I can't believe you left Delilah!” Nic said.

“It was really tough. But let's not talk about that! It's time to shop!”

“Yay! Shopping!” Nic said clapping her hands together.

About an hour into the shopping trip we were still empty handed.

“Nic you really need to find a dress or shoes.” V said frustratedly.

“I know! But I don't want to spend a crap ton of money on a dress or shoes.”

“Harry gave you his card because he didn't want you worrying about the price. Now go into Charlotte Russe and by some flipping clothes and shoes!”

“V, that was a little harsh.” I whispered. “But thank you.”

“Yeah, I can do that.” Hearing Nic say that, I immediately looked at V, who was thinking the exact same thing as me.

“Yeah! Ok! Yeah, yeah! I can do that!” We said with our creepy smiles imitating a girl from a stupid horror movie we watched as teens. Needless to say Nicolette covered her eyes half of the movie, while V and I just laughed at it.

We went into Charlotte Russe and picked out an outfit for Nic, and made her use Harry's card because V and I didn't want to face the wrath of Harry. When we did that we stopped and got some food. When I finally got home I walked in to see Louis sleeping on the couch and Delilah asleep on his chest. I took a picture and sent it to twitter.

“@NicoleTomlinson: The two loves of my life! I love being a mommy and wife! <333 @LouisTomlinson” I felt my phone buzz, it was a tweet my sister in law.

“@HaileyBonsell: @NicoleTomlinson that was the cutest thing I've seen all day! I showed your brother, he rolled his eyes...”

“@NicoleTomlinson: Sounds like him. @HaileyBonsell”

Nicolette's POV

Be ready in two hours.” Harry said as I walked in the door.

Well hello to you too.” I said laughing.

I can't waste time doing that, I know how long it takes you to get ready!”

I'm glad to know that it's a waste saying hello to me.” I said fake crying.

Love, first of all, you know that I love you. And second of all, you're wasting time!”

Love you too.” I said before running upstairs. I put on the outfit we bought and started my hair and makeup. About an hour and a half later I was ready.

Whoa! An hour and a half!” Harry said laughing.

Aren't you proud?”

So proud!” Harry said giving me a kiss. “Shall we go? We have about an hour drive.”

An hour?!”

Yes, but don't complain. I chose this restaurant after a lot of consideration.”

Ok?” I was so confused.

Let's go.” He said taking my hand.

About an hour later we arrived at a beach front restaurant.


Shh! No complaining!”

I wasn't going to! I was just going to say thank you.”

You're welcome.” He said before giving me a kiss. “I love you.”

I love you too.” Harry got out and opened my door. He took my hand and led me to the doors.

Mr. Styles.” The host said as he led us to the table.

Harry? Why isn't anyone else here?”

You really think a beach front restaurant is open in March?”


Yes love.”

Thank you.”

Anything for my wonderful girlfriend.”

We got our food and drinks and just talked for a while. Harry made me so happy. There was just something with him that I'd never had with Jimmy or Zayn. When we finished Harry took my hand and led me to the beach.

Harry, it's freezing!” I said shivering.

I'm sorry, let me run to the car and get you my jacket.” He said starting to jog.

Harry's POV

It was all falling into place. She was cold so I can conveniently run back to the car. Here I get the ring and slip it in the jacket pocket. I ran back to her and draped the jacket on her shoulders.

Thank you.” She said smiling sweetly.

Not a problem.” I said kissing her cheek.

What's this?” She asked pulling out the box.

Let me see.” I said taking the box from her hands. “Oh I know.” I got down on one knee. “Nic, I love you so much. I can't say it was love at first sight, but I knew as soon as I kissed you after Nicole and Lou's wedding that it was something special. Then we started to date, and I knew that I was madly in love with you. And everyday you surprise me with something new. Like today, the fact that you got ready under 2 hours.” I stopped and laughed for a second. “But Nicolette, I love you. And I need you in my life. And I want a life with you. Because any life without you, is a life I don't want, or need. So will you marry me?”

Yes!” She said crying. “Is it ok to fangirl?” She asked laughing.

I'd be insulted if you didn't.” I said pulling her into a hug.

AHH! I'm marrying Harry Styles!” She said before giving me a kiss. Perfect.

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