A New Love

A meet and greet that becomes so much more for two young girls. Together they find a new love with the boys.


15. Tweets on Tour

A/N: This chapter is all tweets. If there is an extra space between the tweets it means there was time in between them.

“@LouisTomlinson: One concert down! Is it December yet?”

“@ZaynMalik: Someone is a tad clingy aren't they? @LouisTomlinson”

“@HarryStyles: Couldn't of said it any better myself! @ZaynMalik @LouisTomlinson”

“@LouisTomlinson: Wow everyone. Let's just gang up on Lou because he loves his fiancee.”

“@LiamPayne: I understand @LouisTomlinson. I love my fiancee too!”

“@NicoleBonsell: @LouisTomlinson, @HarryStyles is just jealous. #SorryNotSorry”

“@NiallHoran: Oh! Burn! @NicoleBonsell @HarryStyles”

“@EdSheeran: It's ok Hazza. They just don't know what we have together.”

“@LouisTomlinson: …. @EdSheeran @HarryStyles”

“@NicoleBonsell: It's ok Boobear, everyone knows what we have thanks to the interview! @LouisTomlinson. Grr”

“@VirginiaHillman: I feel left out guys...”


“@LouisTomlinson: Good luck with that pal. @NiallHoran”

“@HarryStyles: @LouisTomlinson, RUN!!!! HE'S BEHIND YOU!”

“@NicoleBonsell: You touch him I WILL hurt you @NiallHoran.”

“@NiallHoran: Ohhh I'm SOOO SCARED! @NicoleBonsell”

“@NicoleBonsell: You should be. @NiallHoran”

“@ZaynMalik: Don't worry @NicoleBonsell, Harry tackled Niall. Lou's safe. Oh wait...”

“@NicoleBonsell: Wait what?”

“@ZaynMalik: Louis just jumped on Harry, who's on Niall. Dog Pile? Yepp. Liam joined them.”

“@NiallHoran: Help. Please.”

“@VirginiaHillman: Be a man. @NiallHoran”

“@NiallHoran: I have three people ON me!”

“@VirginiaHillman: Again, be a man! @NiallHoran”

“@NicoleBonsell: OH BURN!”


“@LouisTomlinson: Hey future wife! @NicoleBonsell”

“@NicoleBonsell: Yes? @LouisTomlinson”

“@NicolettePotter: Puke.”

“@LouisTomlinson: We'll just ignore @NicolettePotter and I wanted to say I love you and one month down!”

“@VirginiaHillman: I'll second that @NicolettePotter”

“@NicoleBonsell: You guys are at my house right now, you realize this right?”

“@VirginiaHillman: So.”

“@NicolettePotter: We love you Cole @NicoleBonsell”

“@NicoleBonsell: Whatever... I love you too @LouisTomlinson”


“@Niall Horan: Hey Gorgeous! @VirginiaHillman”

“@VirginiaHillman: Hello Handsome!”

“@LiamPayne: Awwweee now isn't that cute? :P @NiallHoran @VirginiaHillman”

“@HarryStyles: If by cute you mean disgusting. Then yes absolutely adorable! @LiamPayne”



“@ZaynMalik: So glad to see that Nicolette's new twitter name is @NicoletteJames”

“@NicoletteJames: Thanks! I'm excited it's final! @ZaynMalik”

“@NicoleBonsell: Whoo! @NicoletteJames sorry I needed to add my imput!”

“@LouisTomlinson: What else is new? @NicoleBonsell”

“@NicoleBonsell: Shut up @LouisTomlinson”

“@ZaynMalik: Great I started a fight. @NicoleBonsell @LouisTomlinson”

“@NicoleBonsell: No, you didn't Zayn. Louis did. @ZaynMalik @LouisTomlinson”

“@NicolettePotter: Uh oh. @ZaynMalik”

“@LouisTomlinson: Sure. Blame it all on me! @NicoleBonsell”

“@NicoleBonsell: I'm not doing this over twitter. Skype me. Now. @LouisTomlinson”

“@LouisTomlinson: @NicoleBonsell was right. I'm publicly apologizing to her. I love you Cole.”

“@NicoleBonsell: Love you too!”


“@LouisTomlinson: November 20th! I can see December now!”

“@ZaynMalik: WHOO! @LouisTomlinson”

“@HarryStyles: Yay? @LouisTomlinson”

“@NiallHoran: Thankfully! @LouisTomlinson”

“@LiamPayne: Excited! @LouisTomlinson”

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