A New Love

A meet and greet that becomes so much more for two young girls. Together they find a new love with the boys.


69. Titanic

Nicole's POV

I was lying on the couch taking a nap, as I had been finding myself doing more often, when Louis came and jumped on top of me.

“What the fuck?” I said pushing him off of me.

“Such a dirty mouth my wife has!” He said placing a kiss on my nose.

“What do you need?”

“Harry said he had big news for me!”

“Did he tell you what it was?”


“Then let me sleep.” I said turning my back to him.

“You have a text from Nic. You know what that means, they both have big news for us...” Louis said pulling me back to him.

“OH MY GOD! Nic and Harry are getting married!!!” I shouted. “Shit.” I whispered. “I forgot Delilah was sleeping.” I said laughing.

“So when does Delilah get a baby sibling?” Louis said as he jumped back on top of me and started kissing me.

“Lou. Relax. She's only like two weeks old!” I said laughing.

“But we could always practice.” Louis said with a wink.

“Or not. Mummy likes to sleep!”

“Daddy likes to play!”

“Well if Daddy knows what's good for him, he'll let Mummy sleep.”

“At least check your message from Nic first.”

“Ugh. You're a pain in my ass you know that right?”

“I try.” He said before getting this big grin. “Let's do a twitcam!”


“Why not?”

“Louis, I'm just not in the mood. Why don't you and the boys do one?”


“Anyway, Nic said she thinks we need a girls night, kinda introduce Delilah to Romance movies.” I said laughing.

“Umm what about us boys?!”

“She suggests a guys night.”

“But my baby, and my queen!”

“Will be fine.” I said kissing his nose. “It's time for mummy daughter bonding time! You and Lila had daddy daughter bonding time yesterday, now it's my turn!”

“That's not how this works!” Louis said laughing.

“Louis...” I pleaded.

“Fine. Because I love you.” He said smiling.

“Yay!” I said kissing him quickly. “I love you!”

“I love you more!”


Nicolette's POV

“Ok, so I brought; chips, salsa, pretzels, popcorn, all my favorite romances and then some, ice cream and candy!”

“I was going to ask why you brought so much food, then I remembered. Virginia.” Nicole said laughing.

“So how hard was it pulling Louis away from you and Delilah?”

“Ehh, not as bad as I suspected.” She said with a shrug of her shoulders.

“Well that's good! Where's V?” I asked looking around. “I saw her car out front.”

“She's obviously with my little princess!” Nicole said leading me to the nursery.

“Hi baby, hi! Can you say hi to mummy? No? You're just a baby? You can't talk?” Virginia said in her baby voice.

“Delilah!” I squealed as I ran over. “My turn!” I said extending my arms out for Lila.

“No!” Virginia said pulling Lila closer to herself.

“Girls, no fighting! There will be plenty of Lila time tonight!” Cole said cheerfully.

“Pajamas on!” I said happily. “That means Delilah too!” I said laughing.

“Well Louis picked out her pajamas so...” Cole said laughing.

“Uh oh.” V said as she saw what was laid out on her dresser.

“That's adorable!” I squealed with joy.

“Oh my gosh! Stop with the squealing!” V said bitterly.

“There are no bad moods at movie night! And you have baby, so you don't get to be mean!” I said laughingly.


“So Nic, what's this big news?” Cole asked.

“Well, let me hold the baby so neither of you drop her!” I said laughing.

“No. Virginia give me my baby.” Cole said flatly.


“Virginia. She is MY daughter. Hand her over.”

“Fine.” She said as she handed Delilah over to Nicole. “I know what your news is.”

“Oh do you?” I said.

“You're engaged to Harry.” She said before walking out.

“That was hardly the reaction I was expecting!” I said to V.

“Well we all knew it was gonna happen sometime! And maybe Harry told Louis and Louis told Nicole?”

“Maybe...But anyway! Let's have our movie night begin!” I said walking out. “Nicole! Can I hold Baby Tommo yet?!” There was no answer. I walked around the couch and saw Nicole and Lila asleep.

“Nicole!” Virginia shouted causing Delilah to start crying.

“Great. You woke up me and the baby!” Nicole said bitterly. “It's ok Delilah, Aunt Virginia was just waking Mummy up! Not you Princess. So Mummy will take care of Aunt V while you go back to sleep. Ok? Sleep baby.” And with that she stopped crying and closed her eyes.

“That was some Ella Enchanted shit.” Virginia said laughing.

“I pray for your children.” I said laughing, Cole nodding in agreement.

“Well that's funny because I'm kinda a bit pregnant.”

“A bit?” Cole said laughing.

“Yeah....” V said biting her lip.

“That's great!” Nicole said. “I hope it's a boy! Because then Delilah and your son can grow up together and fall in love, like in the movies!”

“That's way too cliché.” V said laughing.

“But let's get real, it would be adorable!”

“Ok it would, but she'll be in the class above him.”

“I don't care. They'll fall in love.” Nicole said flatly.

“Well it might be a girl so....” I said joining in.

“No one asked you.” Nicole said.


“Sorry not sorry.”

“I hope Delilah is nicer than her mom.”

“I've learned everything from you.”

“Why are you being such a bitch?”

“Because you're engaged to my best guy friend.”

“And that makes it ok to be a bitch?”

“No. But I don't need you hurting him. He's been through a lot.”

“You think I don't know this? I'm his fiancee.”

“Nicolette, I'm just afraid you'll hurt him. I'm a mom now, you should know what this is like. You just feel the need to protect everyone.”

“I do understand, but I'm your best friend too.”

“You are and I don't want to see you hurt, but you've been married, you have a son. What about Jake? You haven't even said his name since you and Harry started dating!”

“Don't talk about Jake.”

“Oh? Then don't talk about Delilah if we're gonna play that game.”


“Nic, I just don't want anyone hurt. And I know that you would both be devastated with a break up now, let alone if something were to happen when you were married!”

“It's different with Harry.”

“I hope. Because I was at your first wedding Nic, and you were so in love with Jimmy.”

“It wasn't like this. Every time Harry kisses me, I feel safe, loved, important. I never felt that with Jimmy.”

“I love you Nic, and I love Harry, so please be careful.”

“I will, and about Jake...”

“No, it's none of my business. Here hold Delilah.” She said carefully passing her in my arms.

“I want to tell you. James has filed to declare me an unfit mother.”

“What the hell? How can he do that?”

“Well since I went on tour and didn't use my visitation rights for eight months he's trying to say that I don't care about Jake.”

“Nic, he can't do that.”

“Well he is.”

“Nicolette, we have to stop him! You and I both know that Jimmy is never home. His nanny hoe is probably raising him.”

“His what?”

“I never had the guts to tell you this, but about a month after your divorce was final, I ran into him at the store. And I overheard him telling his skank that with you out of the picture you could go public. And that having a child with you was secretly great because when you and him split up it allowed him to hire her as a nanny. And so I did some research on the hoe, and she was his boss. Why she stopped being his BOSS to a nanny I don't know, but he's sleeping with the nanny.”

“James fucking Potter!”

“You know I think it's kinda funny that your maiden name is James, and you married a James.” Nicole said laughing.

“Whatever, but he's not getting my son!”

“Good, but just fyi, you can't use his cheating on you as proof as to why he doesn't deserve him.”

“I know. And I'll figure something out. But anyway! Let's go watch some movies!” I said pulling Cole back into the living room.

“Delilah, this movie is well, a romance that every girl should see at least once in her life. Titanic.” Cole said taking Delilah from my arms. She had woken up, but she was quiet. “I have the PERFECT daughter.” Cole said laughing. We watched the Titanic and we all felt our phones buzz. Twitter.

“@LouisTomlinson: Missing my girls, but Twitcaming it up! Watch now!”

“@NiallHoran: I know you've missed my twitcams ! (;”

“@HarryStyles: So the future Mrs. Styles and I will do a twitcam later, but for now, settle one with just my boys! @NicoletteJames”

“@LiamPayne: TWITCAM! Watch itt! :D Xx”

“@ZaynMalik: Twitcam with my favorite people!”

“Guys. We have to watch this.” Virginia said laughing.

“Oh and does Niall know about the baby?”

“No. I just found out today.” Virginia said laughing.

“Oh well it's a good thing your wedding is in 3 months.” I said laughing. We hooked Nicole's laptop up to the tv and watched the twitcam.

“So I don't know if our girls are watching this, but we need to be careful what we say.” Niall said laughing.

“Well we could always find out!” Harry said laughing.

“Well before we do that, let's give them our shout outs.” Niall said. “So shout out to the best fiancee ever! Love ya girl!” Niall said sweetly.

“Well I think my fiancee is the best.” Harry said. “Love you Nic!”

“Well while you guys fight about that, shout out to the best wife! I love you so much babe. And shout out to the best daughter ever! Delilah, daddy loves you SO much!” As soon as Louis said Lila's name she began to cry.

“Does Delilah miss daddy?” Cole asked picking up Delilah.

“Now for the test!” Harry said picking up Lou's phone.

“SWITCH TO TITANIC!” Virginia shouted. We quickly switched to Titanic and muted the laptop. Nicole's phone began to rang and we all quieted done, except for Delilah who began to cry more.

“What the hell do you want Louis?” Nicole said harshly but with a smile on her face. We watched Louis' reaction as Nicole answered the phone. She put it on speaker so we could hear what he was saying.

“Tough night love?”

“Well it was fine, but the phone ringing caused Delilah to start crying.

“Love I'm sorry. What movie you girls watching I think I can hear it in the background.”

“Titanic.” She said flatly.

“Ohh thought so. The boys and I are doing that twitcam if you wanna watch!”

“We're watching Titanic, so that's probs gonna be a no.”

“That's fine. I love you! And I love Delilah!”

“We love you too. But Virginia and Nic aren't stopping the crying, so I have to go see what's up. Bye.” She said before hanging up. The girls quickly plugged in the laptop to the tv again so we could watch.  “Well that was rude!” Louis said putting his phone down.

“Louis, you made the baby start crying, what did you expect? Her to be happy?” Liam said laughing.

“Whoa guys. I still love Nicole! I don't want to see these tweets.” Louis said. All of our eyes shot to the side of the screen.

“@Louismne: @LouisTomlinson don't put up with her shit! DUMP HER OLD ASS!”

“@Boysin1dluv: @LouisTomlinson BITCH ALERT! You don't deserve her shit.”

Nicole was sick of these tweets so she picked up the phone and started talking as sweetly a possible.

“Hello?” Louis said.

“Hi BooBear!” She said extra sweet.

“You're watching aren't you?”

“You really think we would miss our boys make a twitcam?”

“I love you.”

“I love you more!”

“Impossible.” Everyone aw'd at that.

“But for real, we've been watching from the beginning we just wanted to hear your secrets!” She said giggling.

“I thought so! Anyway, I'm gonna get back to the twitcam now.”

“Ok! Oh! Wait before you go, when you gave Delilah her shout out she started crying when you said her name. I think she's Daddy deprived.” She said laughing.

“Aw! My baby!” He said laughing. “I miss her too! Definitely Delilah deprived! After the twitcam, think I can bring the boys over?”

“I'd be upset if you didn't! Bye babe, love you! See you soon!”

“Love you too!” 

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