A New Love

A meet and greet that becomes so much more for two young girls. Together they find a new love with the boys.


36. Speeches

*Rehearsal Dinner*

Nicole's POV

“So the Rehearsal went pretty well.” I said leaning over to Emma.

“Yepp.” She said shortly.

“Wanna go talk?” I whispered.


“Emma. We've been here almost an hour and you've hardly said five words.”


“That's it. Come on. We're going to go talk.”

“I don't really want to.”

“Now Emma.”


“What exactly happened when you talked to Ryan?”

“He apologized.”

“Well that's a good thing right?”


“Emma. You're one of my best friends, but don't you dare think, for even a second, that I'm gonna let you give me short answers. What the fuck is up?”

“I told him we're going to put on fake smiles and get over this.”

“Well Ryan's doing a good job of it. You on the other hand...”

“It's not that simple!”

“Emma! You love each other. I know it, you know it, hell, Louis even knows it! Don't throw that away over one fight.”

“It's not that simple Nicole.”

“How the hell is it not that simple? He apologized, he showed up. He's obviously sorry. And he's excited about being a dad right? So be happy. You shouldn't be upset the night before you're wedding!”

“Nicole, I'm scared.”

“I know. I'll be in your shoes in a week. I completely understand, but he came back. He's not going to leave you. He loves you.”

“I guess you're right.”

“Damn right!” I said laughing.

“We should probably get back out there. You have a speech to give, and how's your speech for tomorrow coming?”

“Yeah, and it's coming.”


We left the back room and went back to our table.

“What was that about?” Louis asked.

“I'll tell you later.” I said before kissing his cheek.


“So everyone, I know speeches are normally done at the wedding reception, but Ryan and I decided to do them both nights. We liked putting pressure on our Best Man and Maid of Honor. So the Best Man, Oliver is going to start.” Emma said.

“So I hate making speeches, I'll tell you that right now. But for Emma and Ryan, I guess I'll make an exception. So I've known these two love birds for years. I don't even remember meeting you two. But I do remember having a huge crush on Emma here. Yeah...She laughed at me. Literally I said 'Emma I like you.' All she could seem to muster up was laughter. It hurt. Then my best friend, Ryan, told me he liked her. I said it'd never work, she'd just laugh at him. Little did I know they'd be getting married. I'm happy for you two, but I hate you for making me give another speech tomorrow at your, and I can't believe I'm saying this, Wedding.”

There was a round of applause. Emma and Ryan both gave Oliver a hug. Oliver had become my friend during University. He was a pretty cool guy. We actually dated for about three months. It wasn't to serious, and we ended it as friends.

“Now it's the Maid of Honor's turn, Nicole.” Ryan said.

“Hello. So I don't mind giving speeches unlike this lame excuse for a Best Man. But really congratulations Emma and Ryan. You two really are a great couple. And I might not have any embarrassing stories about us from when we were younger, but I do have this note from Emma. I think you'll find it quite interesting. And you might hate me for this Emma, but just remember. I didn't use it at the reception. So here it goes.


OMG. Ryan just asked if he could spend the night at my dorm. SPEND THE NIGHT! What do I say to that? We've been together for 5 years and never has he ever asked to spend the night with me. I'm freaking out Nicole. I'M FREAKING OUT!!! And I know you'll tell me to calm down, but I can't. NICOLE HELP ME!!


Pretty cute, huh? And as I recall, you said no, because you had to much studying to do? Studying for what? We had just finished all our midterms that day. So I'll leave it up to you to figure out Ryan. But anyway. Congratulations! You two really are perfect together!” I finished up and gave them both hugs.

“Well thank you for both of those stories Oliver and Nicole. I'm sure they sparked some interest.” Ryan said laughing.

“And for the record Oliver, I giggled, said 'oh' then walked away!”

Everyone talked about our wonderful speeches and asked us questions and what not for awhile. Once it became about 9:00 everything died down and Louis and I said our goodbyes.

We arrived home and got changed.

“Are you up for a movie?” Louis asked while holding Grease.

“Sure, but I won't last through the entire thing!” I said laughing.

“When do you ever love?”

“Good point.” We got settled in and started the movie.

“I love watching movies with you.”

“I love watching movies with you too. Even though I don't finish most of them!” I said laughing.

“Oh well!” Within 30 minutes of the movie I fell asleep. I woke up when Louis carried me to bed, but was to tired to say anything.

*Next Day*

Nicole's POV

When I woke up Louis was still sound asleep so I hopped in the shower. After my shower I put on some sweats and put my hair in curlers.

“Louis, wake up sweetheart.” I whispered as I gently shook him.

“Mmmm.” Lou mumbled before turning over.

“Louis, wake up!”


“I'm naked?” I said trying not to laugh.

“What?” He said waking up real quick. “Lying isn't very nice.”

“It worked didn't it?” I said dying of laughter at this point.

“Shut up.” He said while pouting.

“I'm heading to Emma's now. Remember you have to be at the church by 11:30. Wedding starts at 12:00.”

“I know!” He said giving me a kiss before I left.

“And don't go back to sleep!” I yelled as I walked down the stairs.

I arrived at Emma's house but Zoey wasn't there yet.

“So where's Zo?”

“She's coming. She woke up late!”

“What else is new?”

“Exactly. So I have my hair in curlers, you have your hair in curlers, you have your dress, shoes and jewelry?”


“And the makeup ladies are on their way. I have my dress, shoes and jewelry. What about my something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue?”

“I'm lending you my grandmother's antique sapphire earrings and necklace. And you're dress is something new.”

“Ok! Wow it's 8:30. We're making good time!”

“Great time!”

“I'm here!” We heard Zoey shout from the living room.

“In the bedroom!”

“So while we're here I'm giving you your bridesmaids gifts now.” Emma said smiling. “Since I only have two of you, I really get to spoil you! And I personalized them somewhat.”

“Em...” I protested.

“No! You deserve your gifts! No protesting!” She said matter of factly. “For both of you girls, I'm paying for your professional makeup, silk bathrobes and Coach handbags.”

“Emma! Those are too expensive!”

“Nicole, no protesting! And don't act like you aren't spoiling your bridesmaids! Anyway, for you Zo, I got a green monogrammed makeup bag, which is filled with some good makeup. I also got you a pound of fudge because I know you love it! For you Nicole, I got a blue monogrammed makeup bag, which also has good makeup in it. I also got you a bottle of wine, because I know you love it.”

“Thanks girl!” Zoey said giving Em a hug.

“Thanks Emma!” I said also giving Em a hug.

“No problem girls! I love you both, and you deserve it all!”

By the time we had finished the the gift exchange, the makeup ladies had arrived. We got our makeup done and I started doing my hair, Zoey did hers and Emma took hers out of the curlers and waited for us to finish. Once I was done I started working on Emma's. I was somehow really good at doing hair. I pinned it back and up and all sorts of things, but when I was done it looked gorgeous. We put on our jewelry. The last thing that needed to be done was to get in our dresses, but we were doing that at the church. By this time it was 11:00.

“Time to go to the church!” I said excitedly.

“Yes ma'am!”

We arrived at the church and instantly changed into our dresses and out on our shoes. We decided to get some pictures and have some fun. When we finished with pictures it was wedding time.

The ceremony wasn't too long, and it was cute. We got pictures, which took forever. When we left the church it was 1:30. We had arrived at the reception hall and talked for a little bit. At about 3:00 dinner was served. We ate dinner and then it was time for speeches.

“So before we let the Best Man and Maid of Honor give their speeches, Mrs. Lent and I would like to say thank you to everyone here. You've made a great impact on our lives and we couldn't imagine our lives without you. So we're glad we could share this special day with you! And now to the Maid of Honor, Nicole Bonsell.”

“Hello everyone! I would like to extend my congratulations to the bride and groom. You two are very cute together, obviously not as cute as Louis and I, but you're up there.” I said laughing. “But seriously, you both have become great friends. You've helped me through so much, both of you. But what kind of speech would this be if I didn't embarrass you guys? So for those of you who don't know, yesterday I embarrassed Emma, in my speech, so now I'm going to embarrass you, Ryan. I was a shy 18 year old, just moved over from America when I met Ryan. He was with Emma, they were cute, yeah, whatever. But the first night living in my dorm, there was this huge party. I ignored it, because I was shy. Well anyway, I went to use the restroom at about 2:00 a.m. And I saw Ryan. Lying on the ground wearing nothing but his britches. Passed out. And that was my first impression of him. So then of course I have classes with him, and I could tell he was hungover. So I went up to him. 'Hey, how's that hangover?' I asked him. His response was 'How'd you know?' I said 'I saw you.' And we were friends ever since. I always knew you and Emma would get married. That seems like something the naked drunk guy would do.” I said laughing. “But seriously congrats!” I said before toasting them.

“Wow.” Emma said laughing. “That was interesting! Now let's hear from our Best Man, Oliver Spiph.”

“So I don't know if this story will be as good as Nicole's but it'll be something! So like I said last night, I've known these two love birds forever. And it really bothered me that I couldn't remember meeting them. So I sat and, believe it or not, I thought. Then I remembered. Unlike my counterpart, Nicole, over there, I actually met Emma first. I was 7 years old. We were on the playground and she was on the swings. I ran over to her said these exact words. 'I don't like you! Girls have cooties! Cooties are G-R-O-double 'S'. So don't talk to me!' And if I remember correctly, you cried, kicked me, and then proceeded to run away screaming. Then Ryan here came over and said 'I don't like her either! Let's be friends!' I of course agreed. Then probably a day later Emma came up to us and said 'You weren't very nice! I asked my mommy if I had cooties and she said 'no!' So you have to be my friends now!' She was very demanding, but hey the friendship lasted. So here's to you Emma and Ryan. May your lives be filled with happiness and joy! Congratulations on FINALLY settling down together. And here's to having a cootie free life!”

Oliver's speech made everyone laugh. Both of our speeches did. When we were done with speeches Lou came running over to me.

“Lou? What's wrong darling?”


“What's wrong with Lottie?”

“She's in labor, we have to go!”

“Let me tell Emma.”

“Quickly! I'll bring the car around front.”

“Emma!” I said running to the head table.

“Cole? What's wrong?”

“Lou's sister's in labor, I have to go.”

“Yeah, sure go! Text me after!”

“Of course!”


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