A New Love

A meet and greet that becomes so much more for two young girls. Together they find a new love with the boys.


54. Sing Off

*4 Weeks Later*

Nicole's POV

Today we were in Chicago. I had only ever been to Chicago once, but I liked what I saw. Nic and V had never been there, but we didn't have a day to just hang out there. Baby Tommo, as everyone, including Lou, had been calling it, was getting bigger. I was showing a little bit. Some of my clothes fit and some were horrible. Trying to find cute outfits was definitely not an easy task. At the show tonight TOW was singing 'See You Again' by Carrie Underwood. The girls and I had practiced this song so many times, I think I know it better than all of One Direction's songs! 

“Whatcha wearing tonight?” Louis asked as he hugged me from behind.

“I have no idea.” I said as I rested my head on his shoulder.

“You always know what to wear!” He said laughing.

“Yeah but 'Baby Tommo' likes to make it difficult for Mommy to find clothes to perform in.”

“Mommy will look beautiful in anything she wears.” He said kissing my cheek.

“And Daddy is a liar!” I said laughingly.

“Daddy doesn't lie!”

“That right there was a lie. But seriously! I can't find any clothes I want to wear tonight that look good on me!”

“What about this dress?”

“I don't want to wear a dress!”

“Then let's go shopping for maternity clothes.”

“No! I'm only 14 weeks, some of my clothes still fit!”

“Babe, none of your jeans fit. You've been wearing sweatpants and skirts for the past week and a half.”

“I'm sorry, it's just really tough.” I said trying not to cry.

“Don't cry, I love you in anything and everything! But why don't we get clothes you feel comfortable in.”

“No, it's ok! I'll wear the dress.” I said going into the bathroom to try it on.

“That's quite a bit of cleavage.” Louis said as I walked out of the bathroom.

“These things are getting huge. I can't control them.” I said with a laugh.

“I like it, but I don't think I want guys to see that much of you!”

“Babe, I've shown more skin that this before.”


“Louis. I'm ok in this dress. It's one song. Then I'll be back in sweatpants and one of your hoodies.” I said giving him a kiss.

“Fine.” He said rolling his eyes.

“You know that I'm in my second trimester now?” I said trying to change the subject.

“That's good I think?”

“It is! It means I'll get sick less often, which is always a plus for me!” I said laughing.

“And if you're happy I'm happy!”

“I love you.” I said with a smile.

“I love you most!” He said.

“Whoa! You can't change our thing! That's not how it goes, you're supposed to say more not most!”

“Babe it's ok, calm down.”

“You can't change our cute little couple thing! Nobody is as cute as we are, but if you start changing our cuteness they will be!”

“If it really means that much to you. I love you more!”

“The moment's ruined now.” I said walking away.

The girls and I were getting ready for the concert while the boy rehearsed.

“So V, when are you and Niall going to just get married?” I said laughingly.

“We haven't decided. We're in no rush, and we just want a small simple wedding, family and friends.”

“That's fine, but you should at least pic a date!”

“Ok! It's what? August 27th. How about June 18th?”

“That's not how you pick a wedding date V.” Nic said laughing.

“Well it's how I pick a wedding date. And Niall and I are in no rush to be married!”

“I like it V!” I said smiling.

“Thanks.” She said smugly.

“So anyway, you girls are wearing dresses tonight.” I said.

“Umm, why?”

“Because it's what I'm wearing because Baby Tommo is getting bigger.”

“Ok?” Nic said laughing.

“But anyway!” I said clasping my hands together. “Lou and I have decided to find out the sec of Baby Tommo, so he or she can get a real name.”

“But we love Baby Tommo!” V said frowning.

“Whatever!” I said laughing.

The boys came back to get us, which meant the show was starting soon. The boys did their songs, then motioned for us to come on stage.

“Chicago! Put your hands together for our lovely girls, The Only Way!”

“Hey everyone!” V said waving.

“Thanks for having us!” I said over the screams. “How about we start singing now?”

“Sounds good to me!” Nic said smiling.


See You Again- Carrie Underwood


Said goodbye, turned around
And you were gone, gone, gone
Faded into the setting sun,
Slipped away
But I won’t cry
Cause I know I’ll never be lonely
For you are the stars to me,
You are the light I follow

I’ll See you again, oh
This is not where it ends
I will carry you with me, oh
Till I see you again


I can hear those echoes in the wind at night
Calling me back in time
Back to you
In a place far away
Where the water meets the sky
The thought of it makes me smile
You are my tomorrow

I’ll See you again, oh
This is not where it ends
I will carry you with me, oh
Till I see you again

Sometimes I feel my heart is breaking
But I stay strong and I hold on cause I know
I’ll see you again, oh
This is not where it ends
I will carry you with me, yeah yeah

I’ll See you again, oh
This is not where it ends
I will carry you with me, oh
Till I see you again
Till I see you again,
Till I see you again,
Said goodbye turned around
And you were gone, gone, gone.


When we finished we thanked everyone and left the stage.

“Can we get one more big round of applause for TOW?” Zayn said smiling. Everyone went crazy.

“What if we got them out here to sing with us?” Louis said with a sinister grin.

I was shaking my head no, but V and Nic loved the idea. So they ran out on stage. I casually walked out. I took Lou's hand.

“I hate you.” I whispered, while still smiling.

“You don't you love me!” He said kissing my cheek.

“Is that what the kids are calling it these days?” I said laughing. “So boys, what are we singing?”

“Well we've been practicing that song you guys did a few weeks ago in Maryland.” Harry said.

“Introducing Me?” Nic asked confused.


“Um ok?” V said.

We did a little sing off with the boys and TOW obviously beat 1D. We could tell that we beat them during the chorus, the second time. And they knew it too, so we just finished it for them.

“Sorry not sorry.” I said with a smile. “Bye guys! Thanks for having us again!” I said laughing before walking off. The boys finished up their songs and came back to the tour bus.

“Hey look! It's the losers coming now.” V said smiling.

“Oh shut up.” Louis said as he sat down on the couch next to me.

“Sore loser boo?” I said giving him a kiss on the cheek.


“Aww, well that's just your payback!” I said laughing.

“When do I get to feel Baby Tommo kick?” He said changing the subject.

“Umm I don't know? When Baby Tommo starts kicking maybe?” I said with a small laugh.

“You're obviously having a boy.” Zayn said looking at me.

“Oh is that so?” I said laughing.

“Yepp, and I'm thinking about Zayn as his name?”

“Wouldn't that get a little confusing?” Louis said laughing.

“Nahh. We would just have Zayn and baby Zayn.”

“I'm not feeling it.” I said laughing.

“What about Harriet for a girl! Because we've already established that a boy will be named Harry.” Harry said overly excited.

“Um no.” I said with a grimace.

“Fine.” Harry said pouting.

“Oo! How about Victor for a boy!” Virginia shouted.

“Oo! How about 'no.'” I said laughing.

“Well then.” V said pouting along with everyone else whose idea's we shot down.

“Guys we're not going to name our baby after any of you. Sorry, but no.” Louis said laughing.

“Aww!” The boys all said pouting.

“I'm starving.” I said changing the topic of names.

“Same!” Niall and V said laughing.

“At least I have an excuse!” I said also laughing.

“Let's order Pizza!” Niall suggested.

“Niall, it's like 11 at night.”

“So? I'm Niall Horan from One Direction. I'm getting my pizza.”

“And I'm Nicole Tomlinson. In TOW, married to Louis Tomlinson from One Direction, AND carrying Baby Tommo, child of Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. I'm getting my pizza.”

“She wins.” Harry said laughing.

“That's what I thought!” I said causing everyone to laugh. “I'm just going to sleep until my pizza is here.” I said resting my head on Lou's chest. 

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