A New Love

A meet and greet that becomes so much more for two young girls. Together they find a new love with the boys.


88. Secrets

Nicole's POV


So girlies, how are we going to tell the others about the multiples?”


I imagine something like this 'Ello Boys, so they're having twins, and I'm having triplets. Surprise!'” Virginia said with her usual sarcasm.


How original!” I said with a smirk.


What if we just show them our ultrasounds and see if they can figure it out?” Nic suggested.


That's how I told them that I was pregnant though!” I said shooting that suggestion down.


So, they'll just think that we're just showing off our babies.”


Wait, do your husbands know about us having multiples?”


I haven't told Harry about you two.”

And I haven't told Niall.”


Ok, good. I haven't told Louis either, so they can be surprised as well.”


Good. But back to the original question, we tell them how? And how do we tell the fans?” V said.


Ugh! Hashtag Pregnancy Probs.” I said laughing.


Oh gosh.” Nic said covering her face.


You know what, let's just do the ultrasound thing for the boys. And I can edit that video and we can tweet it for the fans.” I explained.


At this point, I'm just going to agree.” V said getting up, as if to leave the room.


Where are you going?” I asked.


Does it matter?”


I'm just curious.”


I'm going to throw up, if you must know.”


Thank you. It made my day much better knowing that!”


Good!” She said before walking away.


You two are so gross!” Nic said in disgust.


It happens to the best of us!”




Louis' POV


So boys, I hear there's some special things going on in your lives? Who's going to clue us in on that?”


Well have a short European tour coming up, and we're just about down with our next album!” I said.


That's exciting! That's not exactly what I'm referring to though.”


What the babies?” Niall accidentally let out.


Babies?!” The interviewer shrieked.


Shit.” We all said at once.


Well that is what I was referring to!”


How'd you know?” Harry asked confusedly.


Well nothing is a secret from the paps!”


True, and Niall, you said babies? Virginia's having twins?” Liam questioned.


Not exactly.”


Weren't you just referring to the fact that Nicole and Nicolette are also pregnant?” The interviewer questioned.


I was originally, but since that got out, might as well finish it. Virginia's gonna be so pissed. Virginia's having triplets.”


TRIPLETS?” We all shouted.


Yes. Triplets.”


Well Nicole's going to hate me, but she's having twins.”


Nicole's having twins? Nicolette's having twins!”


Seven new babies?! SEVEN!” The interviewer said in shock.


Seems like it!” I said in complete and total awe.


Well everyone, it was confirmed! The girls are pregnant, and in about eight months or so, we'll have seven, yes, SEVEN new 1D babies! I'm afraid that's all the time we have left, but thank you so much for being here boys!”


Thanks for having us.” Liam said before we were ushered backstage.


Oh my God!” Zayn said when we were all in our dressing room.


The girls are going to be so pissed.” I said face palming myself. I felt my phone buzz, I knew it was Nicole. “Hell hath no fury like a pregnant woman scorned!”


She calling you lad?” Niall said.




You should probably answer that!” Liam said.


I figured he was right and answered the phone. “Hello love!”


Do NOT 'Ello Love me.' I am NOT happy with you.”


I take it you saw the interview?”


You couldn't just let Virginia be pissed at Niall? You needed me to be pissed at you?”


I'm sorry, but I got excited!”


I haven't even told my parents, and now the whole world knows.”


Do you really think they were watching the interview?”


No. But I know that people were watching, and they're going to tell my parents! And your parents, and the list goes on and on. You didn't just hurt me, you've hurt our family. Honestly, I was mad at you like two seconds ago, but now...now I'm just upset.”


Honey, I'm sorry, and I will personally apologize to everyone.”


It's too late Louis.”


Nicole, don't be like this.”


Be like what Louis?”




I'll see you later.” She said before hanging up. Great. It's like when your parents would say that they weren't mad, they were disappointed.


So Nicole's upset.”


Virginia's just pissed off.”


Nic too.”


Thank you Niall. You just had to say something!” I said frustratedly.


You know, you didn't have to say something yourself.”


Guys! Don't start this. You're all in the wrong. So you're all going to go home and fix this.” Liam said trying to play peace maker.


We have two more interviews today.” Harry said angrily.


We'll cancel.”


No we won't. We'll finish the interviews like we planned. Ok? Now get your asses in that car. And when we get to the next interview, you BETTER pretend to be happy.” Zayn said. Zayn was usually pretty calm, but something triggered him.


Ok.” The three of us said at once.


That's what I thought.”


Nicole's POV


Nicole, Love? I'm home.” I heard Louis call, but I ignored him. I was upset still, it wasn't fair that he got to tell the secret without me, and before our families even knew. I heard him come up the stairs, so I pretended to be asleep. I was sitting in the nursery holding Delilah, who was enjoying a nice nap. “Princess?” I heard him say walking into what I'm assuming was our room. “Nicole?” He whispered walking into the nursery. He took Lila out of my arms and started talking to her. “Mummy's very upset with Daddy right now. Daddy gave away Mummy's secret, and she didn't think that was very nice. Daddy's very sorry. Daddy also knows that Mummy's really awake!” I kept my eyes closed, knowing that he thought he was right. Ha. Joke's on him! “Mummy won't simply open her eyes, so I'm just going to put you in your crib, and carry Mummy to bed!” I heard him kiss Lila and start walking towards me. He picked me up bridal style and started walking. “I know you're awake love. And once again, I'm sorry.”


I love you.” I whispered.


I love you more.”




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