A New Love

A meet and greet that becomes so much more for two young girls. Together they find a new love with the boys.


56. Pinky Promise

Nicole's POV

We had a free day in Huston so Louis and I were going to visit my Uncle Don and Aunt Erica. I hardly ever got to see them growing up, as they lived in Huston, and when I moved to London, I saw them even less.

“Did you ever tell Don you're pregnant?” Louis asked me.

“No, but I wouldn't be surprised if my mom or someone else told him. My family talks.” I said laughing.

“If he doesn't know I might piss myself from laughing!”

“That'd be awkward. Because I'm the pregnant one.” I said laughing.


We arrived at my Aunt and Uncle's house and knocked on the door. About 30 seconds later my Uncle Don arrived at the door.

“Nicole! Oh my God! You-You're-You're pregnant?!” He said looking at me.

“Um yes?” I said with a smile. “I thought Grammy or Mom would've told you!”

“They most definitely did not tell me!” He said before giving me a hug.

“Well I'm sorry. And Uncle Don, you remember my husband, Louis.”

“Right! Good to see you again.” He said shaking Lou's hand.

“You too, sir.”

“Louis, this isn't my dad. Sir isn't necessary.” I whispered as we made our way into the living room. “Uncle John! You're here too?” I shouted.

“Yes! And you're pregnant?!” He shouted before giving me a hug.

“Looks like it! I can't believe my mother didn't tell you guys! I'm like 4 and a half months pregnant!” I said laughing.

“Wow.” They both said looking at me.

“Anyway! Aunt Erica!” I said giving her a hug.


“Uncle John, Aunt Erica, you remember my husband Louis, right?”

“Right! Good to see you.” John said shaking his hand.

“You too.”

“Welcome!” Erica said kissing his cheek.

“I'm going to have to have a talk with our sister John.” My Uncle Don said.

“I know! Not telling us that our little grown up niece is pregnant! That's not ok.” I saw my Uncle John even less than my Uncle Don. But I loved them just as much as my Uncle that I saw all the time growing up.

“Well I'm here telling you.” I said smiling.

“So Louis, you're a famous singer.” Aunt Erica said changing the Topic.

“Yes, I'm part of the band One Direction.”

“How nice!” She said smiling. “So you're on a tour here in America?”

“Correct, we have what? About 3 and a half more months here?” Louis said looking at me.

“Something like that.” I said with a smile.

“Well you'll be very pregnant on the way back to London!” Uncle John said.

“Yes. I know.” I said flatly. “But! I couldn't let Louis miss all the important things during my pregnancy, and they couldn't cancel their tour because I'm pregnant. So this was just the best option.” I said happily.

“I would've done the same.” Aunt Erica said smiling.

“I wouldn't have!” Uncle Don said laughing.

“No uterus, no opinion.” I said quoting 'Friends.'

“That's the best thing I've ever heard!” Aunt Erica said laughing. “I'll be using that one from now on!”

“I'm so sorry.” Louis said laughing.

“Thank you.” Uncle Don said with a sympathetic nod.

“Oh don't even act like you never have an opinion.” I said laughing.

“I want to name her Delilah! And you don't like that.”

“Oh excuse me? I have to give birth to her. I have to do the hard part. You only had to do the fun part.”

“Not in front of you're Aunt and Uncles!” Louis said with some blushing.

“They all have kids. They know that we have sex Louis. That's usually how babies are made.”

“I like the name Delilah, and you know how far that name has gotten me.”

“Elizabeth Delilah doesn't sound right!”

“Delilah Elizabeth sounds lovely though.”

“I don't like that name!” I said frustratedly.

“Can we talk about this later?”

“Fine.” I said frustratedly.

“Sorry about that.” He said to my Aunt and Uncles.

“Hey we all have kids, we've all had the name fights. And it's a girl?! Congratulations!” Uncle Don said giving us both hugs.

“Thank you. And I want her name to be Elizabeth because one, I love that name, two, it's a family name! It's been passed down through so many generations! And three, I always wanted to name my daughter that.”

“It has been in our family, but even with it as the middle name, it's still continuing.” Uncle John said.

“True. But Elizabeth Delilah Tomlinson sounds ok. Right? Like when you add the last name?”

“I think that would be cute.” Aunt Erica said smiling.

“Thank you!” I said sticking my tongue out at Louis.

We finally moved on from the topic of Baby Tommo's name and just talked for about an hour. But there was another show tonight, so we had to go and get ready for that. We said goodbye and made our way back to the tour bus. When we got back Harry and Nic were fighting.

Nicolette's POV

“Why would I cheat on you? And why are all the fights us girls have with you boys about cheating?” I shouted to Harry.

“Nicolette! I found this picture of you and some random dude.”That was my attorney!”

Oh so you're sleeping with your attorney?”

NO! We were meeting to talk about the Custody battle. Even though Jimmy won full custody, I can still file for partial. And I wasn't aware of this.”

Don't you dare lie to me.” Harry shouted.

I'm not lying! And besides we just had coffee. That doesn't mean I cheated!”

Doesn't mean you were faithful!”

Harry! I'm dating HARRY FUCKING STYLES! Why would I even consider cheating on you? Especially after what I went through with Zayn.”

I don't know! But I don't know if I can trust you anymore. You didn't even tell me about it.”

That's because I didn't want to get anyone's hopes up until I knew all the details of this.”

I'm involved with you Nicolette! I need to know these decisions in your life.”

Not when they concern my son!”

Yes! Even when they concern your son. What if he becomes my son one day?”

Well then we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.”

Then marry me! We can cross that bridge now!”

No! You just said you don't trust me, and you're only asking because we're fighting.”

Fine, but when I ask you for real, you better like it. And say yes.” He said with a small smile.

Ok.” I said with a laugh.

I trust you Nic. You've never really given me a reason not too. Don't make me regret it.” He said kissing me on the cheek.

I won't. But no more fake proposals! It's going to be one of those 'Boy Who Cried Wolf' moments when it actually happens. Don't get eaten by a wolf.” I said laughing.

I won't!” He said kissing me.

Well that took long enough!” Cole said laughing.

How long have you two been there?” Harry asked confused.

When did we get here love?” Cole said looking at Louis.

Somewhere between concerning your son and the marriage proposal.” Louis said laughing.

Really Harry? You really gotta stop with those until you mean it.” Cole said laughing.

That's what I said!” I said laughing.

That's what she said.” Harry said causing everyone to die of laughter.

@NicoleTomlinson: @HarryStyles' mind is always in the gutter(; #ThatsWhatSheSaid”

@HarryStyles: Don't act like you weren't thinking it! @NicoleTomlinson”

@NicoleTomlinson: @HarryStyles It's not acting if it's real. #WasntThinkingIt”

As I read Cole and Harry's tweeted I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe.

Nic, you should probably stop laughing for a minute to breathe.” I said with a smile.

@NicoleTomlinson: Hey @HarryStyles your girlfriend can't breathe. Stop tweeting me and help her. #Obvi.”

Reading Cole's last tweet made it even harder to breathe. Once I put my phone down I finally caught my breath.

So Cole, how was your Aunt and Uncle's?”

Good, my Uncle John was there to surprise me!”

That's good!”

I know, I was very excited. Except when Louis and I started fighting. That was awkward.” She said, raising her voice with the word 'awkward.'

I bet! What were you fighting about?” I asked.

Baby Tommo's name.”

Well you get final say right? You have to do the hard part.”


No uterus, no opinion.”

That's what I said!”

That's what she said.” Louis said laughing with Harry, while getting a glare from Nic and I.

But anyway.” She said rolling her eyes. “I don't like Delilah as a first name.”

Don't you want to name her Elizabeth?”

Yes! And Elizabeth Delilah only sound good when you had Tomlinson to it.”

Yeah, Elizabeth Delilah Tomlinson sounds cute.”

Exactly, I also like Elizabeth Amie Tomlinson, and Louis loves the name Amie, so I don't know why we can't agree on that!”

I just want her name to be Delilah.”

I'm not saying her name will be Elizabeth, but I don't want her name to be Delilah, but if you let me choose her name, with your input, I promise that our next daughter can be name Delilah. Or you can choose our son's name, whichever comes first.” I said sweetly smiling.


“Pinky!” I said giving him my pinky finger, which he happily excepted.

“I love you.” He said kissing my cheek. “And I love you Baby Tommo.”

“I love you more, and so does Baby Tommo!”

“Impossible!” And as Louis said that, Baby Tommo started kicking.

“Apparently she disagrees!” I said laughing. 

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