A New Love

A meet and greet that becomes so much more for two young girls. Together they find a new love with the boys.


74. Paintball

Nicolette's POV

“Good morning love.” Harry said smiling.

“Good morning!”

“So what's on your schedule today?”

“Well I have to pick up Jake from his Dad's house in about 15 minutes, but after that I don't think I have anything.”

“I thought you didn't get Jake until next weekend?”

“No. I get him this weekend.”



“Well I wanted to have a date with you tonight!”

“We have one tomorrow, I hired a babysitter for tomorrow.”

“Well I'll call Liam, I'm sure he'd love to babysit Jake, he's babysitting Delilah.”

“Where are Lou and Cole?”

“They had a date tonight as well.”

“Oh? Well I'm already missing a night with my son. I don't want to miss two. It's bad enough that I don't have him everyday.”

“We're gonna get him Nic. He's gonna be our son.”

“I hope.”

“Think positive! But Nic, I really want a date tonight.”

“Ugh. Ok, but I don't want to be out late. I want to be able to tuck Jake in.”

“You will. I promise.” Harry said kissing me.

“Ok, well let me go get ready then we can pick up Jake. What time is our date?”

“How about 6? We'll get to Lou's around 6:10 and then drop off Jake and off to our date!”

“Alright, works for me.” I said kissing his cheek.

We should probably get going. Gotta get Jake.”

“I'm going!” I said running up the stairs. I threw on a t shirt and jeans paired with some sparkly TOMS. “Ready!” I said walking back down stairs.

“Alright!” We drove about half an hour before we arrived to Jimmy's house.

“Let me go.” I said getting out of the car.

“I can come with you!”

“Let me go in by myself please.”

“Alright, if you need me text me! I'll be here.” He said smiling.

“Ok! Love you.”

“Love you too.”

I walked up to the door. Jimmy lived in an average size house. It wasn't anything extravagant like the houses that the boys had. I loved getting Jake, but I hated seeing Jimmy. Jake was now about 2 and a half. It was hard to believe. He was talking a little and walking. It was precious. I knocked on the door and was greeted by Jimmy's whore. Or should I say the nanny?


“Hi, I'm here to pick up Jake.”

“Come in.” She said steeping aside. “JIMMY!” She shouted. Ugh. Could this girl get anymore annoying?

“Coming.” He shouted back. He walked down the stairs wearing a black t shirt and cargo shorts. He looked cute. That's one thing I will say, Jimmy was cute. He wasn't hot, and he didn't give me sexual frustrations like Harry, even though I never wanted to admit that. “Nikki.” He said somewhat confused.

“Hello.” I said somewhat shortly.

“Can we talk before you get Jake?”

“I suppose.” I said running my left hand through my bangs.

“Oh.” He said noticing my ring.

“Yeah. It just happened about three weeks ago...” I said playing with my ring.

“Well congratulations.”

“Thank you. So uh, you wanted to talk?”

“Oh, I just wanted to apologize. Everything ended really badly between us, and I shouldn't have taken Jake away from you. I think we should change the custody agreement. Since we both live in London, what if we did every other week? Then when he starts school he's still in the same district?”

“I would love that. But just out of curiosity, what made you say this?”

“Well quite frankly, I hate the way my life has been since we split up. And I'm not asking to get back together because you and Harry seem really happy, and I'm really happy for you, but I realized I needed some change in my life. I still love you, but not the way I once did.”

“I understand, and thank you. Really. Thank you for everything. And I still love you, just not the way that a wife should. More in the 'we have a kid together' way.” I said laughing.

“Can I hug you?”

“Yes!” I said laughing as he hugged me.

“Let's go get our son.”

“Sounds good!”

We walked up to Jake's room where he was playing with some cars on his floor.

“Mamama!” He babbled.

“Hi baby! How's my boy?” I said picking him up.


“Oh I missed you!” I said kissing his head.

“He missed you too. Why don't you keep him until next Friday? We can start the every other week now.”

“Thank you Jimmy.” I said kissing his cheek.

“And I'm firing/breaking up with the nanny.”


“It's not right. And honestly she's so stupid. She was hardly even a nanny.”

“Well good luck with that.” I said laughing. “But I need to get going. Come here big boy!” I said extending my arms for Jake to walk over.

“Here's his bag, packed for the week, and his bag of toys. Be good buddy. Daddy loves you!”


“That's right Jake! I love you.” He said kissing his head.

“Bye Jimmy.” I said kissing his cheek.

“Cya, Nikki.”

I walked out of the house and straight to the car where Harry jumped out of the car and helped me put the stuff in the trunk.

“What took so long?”

“Jimmy and I were talking...”


“We're changing the custody agreement. I get Jake every other week!”

“Nic! That's great!”

“I know! And basically he apologized for being mean.”

“I'm glad.”

“Me too. So I get Jake until Friday!”

“That's GREAT!”

“I love you.” I said kissing him.

“Love you too.”


“Come on Jake! Get in the car for Mommy please!”

“No.” He said sitting on the ground.

“Jake! Please help Mommy. Don't you want to go visit Uncle Liam?!”

“Unc Lem?” He said cocking his head to the side.

“Yes! Uncle Liam! And you get to see a baby! I know how much you love babies!”


“Mhmm! So will you get in the car now?”

“Mamama!” He said reaching out.

“Thank you buddy!” I said putting him in his car seat.

We arrived at Nicole and Lou's house where we dropped off Jake. Liam was so excited to babysit. It was adorable.

“So are you ready for some....paintball?!”

“I haven't played paintball since I was a teenager! With my brother!”

“Well it's always good to reminisce!”

“Definitely, but there's a spin to it. Every time you shoot me, I have to sing a song to you.”

“You're kidding right?” I said laughing.

“Not a chance.”

“Oh my gosh.” Harry and I played paintball for about an hour and a half I only shot him twice, his two songs were 'Classic' and 'Fall For You,' some of my favorite songs. When we left we decided to go get some ice cream.

“You know I'm really glad you chose paintball for our date tonight. I always feel like we do some many dates that I enjoy, but we don't do enough 'guy dates.'”

“Hey, if I'm with you I'm happy. Even if we were just walking, I'm happy. I love you Nic. You're my whole world. And to be honest I'm actually terrified of how much I love you. I've never been this happy. And to be honest again, when we started dating, I'll be honest it was because I was upset that Nicole was married, and to my best friend nonetheless! But then you became my best friend, and I realized you're my soul mate. I wouldn't want to, not I couldn't spend the rest of my life with anyone else. So thank you.”

“Don't thank me! I love you.” I said smiling.

“I do what I want.” He said before putting some ice cream on my nose.

“Ok Nicole!” I said laughing and throwing ice cream on his cheek.

“So that's how this is going to go?”

“Pretty much.” I said smugly.

“Ok!” He said before putting ice cream in my hair.

“No! Not the hair!” I said sadly. We continued our ice cream fight for about 5 minutes before deciding to call it quits. We arrived back at Nicole's house at about 8:30, and Cole and Lou still weren't back, but Liam was happy about that. We thanked Liam and talked for about five minutes before heading home.

“Thank you.” Harry said kissing my hand.

“Don't thank me.” I said smiling. “It just hit me.” I said looking in the backseat. “This is our family.” I said turning back to him.

“And I wouldn't have it any other way.”


A/N: So don't forget, when Virginia's date is up to vote for your favorite. And just an FYI my friend, AKA Nicolette's inspiration, requested a paintball date so yeah. Hope you enjoyed!! Xx -Nicole

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