A New Love

A meet and greet that becomes so much more for two young girls. Together they find a new love with the boys.


87. Multiples

Nicole's POV

“Nic! Come on! We have our appointments today! Virginia is waiting for us!” I yelled up the stairs to Nic.

“I'm coming. Geez. I'm two minutes late. Calm down. I had to get Jake ready for Jimmy's.”

“Are we dropping him off there or?”

“No Jimmy picked him up, but I was running late because I had to get him ready.”

“Oh ok, well come on we have to go!”

It was time for our first doctor's appointment together. We were all about 8 weeks pregnant. It was still mind blowing that we were all pregnant at the same time. Must of been something in the water.... Anyway, when we arrived at the Doctor's office and found Virginia on her phone. We can only assume she was playing Temple Run.

“V!” I somewhat shouted.

“It's about time you two get here!”

“Sorry, it's Nic's fault.”

“Blame it all on me!”

“I will.” I said with a sarcastic smile.

“Nicole? Nicole Tomlinson?” The nurse said to the people in the waiting room.

“Well here I go.” I said to the girls as I got up.

“How are you today Mrs. Tomlinson?”

“Wonderful. How about you?”

“Good. You know my daughter is such a big fan of yours.”

“She's a fan of ME?” I said in awe. Normally I only hear about how big fans the kids are of Lou's or 1D in general.

“Yes you! I mean she loves your husband but she adores you and the girls.”

“I'm flattered!”

“Could I get a picture with you?”


“Oh thank you so much!” I posed for the picture when the doctor knocked on the door.

“Oh hello! Um Jen, let me just remind you, everything that goes on here stays confidential, so until she announces her pregnancy that photo cannot be seen by ANYONE.”

“I know.”

“Just reminding you.” The doctor said with a smile. The nurse, Jen, left the room as the doctor proceeded to examine me. As she did the ultrasound a look of concern crossed her face.

“What is it?” I asked now in a panic.

“Is your husband with you?”

“No, he had a photo shoot with the band. Why?”

“Nothing's wrong per say. I just see two heartbeats.”

“I have a mutant baby?”

“No! You're having twins, Mrs. Tomlinson.”

“I'm having what?”


“See, I don't think I'm hearing you correctly, I thought you said twins.”

“I did Mrs. Tomlinson.”

“Oh my gosh. Is this some practical joke? You have got to be kidding me.”

“I'm not. See right here?” She said pointing to the screen.

“Louis is going to be so excited....”

“And you're not?”

“No, I am, just in shock.”

“Alright, well I'll get these pictures printed for you, and you can be on your way. We'll just briefly go over the rules again.” About 10 minutes later I went back to the waiting room to wait for Virginia and Nic. Nic was already out there on her phone.

“So how was that?” I asked, anxious to share my news.

“It was most definitely interesting.”

“Mine too...” Virginia came out about two minutes later, mumbling under her breath.

“What's wrong?” I asked the obviously frazzled Virginia.

“Fucking TRIPLETS! It's like the fucking Game of Life all over again!”

“You're pregnant with triplets?” I asked in shock.

“Yes! Fucking Niall....”

“I do believe fucking Niall is what got you into this mess love.” I said smiling. “But anyway, I'm having twins!”

“Twins?!” Nic gasped. “I'm having twins!”

“Guys....” Virginia said in shock.

“What the hell?! I guess there really was something in the water.” I said jokingly.

“The boys are going to freak.” Nic said laughing.

“Meeting of the husbands!” I shouted on our way out of the doctor's office.

“And fiance...” Virginia said sort of shameful.

“Shit! I forgot you weren't married....” I said awkwardly.

“You forgot?”

“Well it just seems like you are.”

“I know.”

“So forgot the fact that you're not married. How do we tell the boys we're pregnant with multiples?”

“Well I plan on looking hot and telling Lou, then having hot sex.” I said laughing.

“Ew.” Nic said covering her ears.

“Niall doesn't even want to touch me because he's afraid he'll hurt the baby. I'm fucking horny. I need sex.”

“Just tell him how it's going to be. Go the lingerie route.” I told V simply. “Let's go to lunch, then shop for some announcement outfits. You're coming Nic.”

“I'm not buying lingerie with you two.”

“Listen, you had a spur of the moment wedding, so I wasn't able to get you your lingerie for you're honeymoon. So you are coming with us.”

“You're a freak.” Nic said rolling her eyes.

“Please Nic, not in front of my children.” I said dramatically placing my hands on my stomach.

We went to lunch and went shopping. Even though Nic was embarrassed through the entire process we found some cute things for her.

V went home and I dropped Nic off at her and Harry's house. I made my way home and paid the baby sitter that was watching Lila. After a few hours Louis returned home.

“Hey beautiful.” Louis said kissing my cheek. “How was the doctor's appointment?”

“Good I guess.” I said smiling.

“I wish I could've been there!”

“I know, but we had a nice girls day.”

“Well I'm glad. So anyway, what's for dinner?”

“What's for dinner? Just because I'm a woman you expect me to make you dinner?” I said joking, but I don't think Louis picked up on that.

“No...I mean I guess we can order in?”

“I was kidding honey.” I said kissing his cheek.

“Oh ok.”

“Tough day?”

“Just stressful. But I'm here now with my beautiful wife, my baby is upstairs and we've got a bun in the oven.”

“Well if you come upstairs I might be able to help relieve some of your stress.” I said with an added wink.

“Sounds good to me.”

We went upstairs and I changed into my new outfit for Louis.

“Whoa.” Louis said looking me up and down.

“Well I have some news for you.” I said getting on the bed beside Lou.

“What's that?”

“Well as you know I had that doctor's appointment today.”

“Is everything ok?!”

“It's more than ok. Like two times more than ok.”

“What are you talking about?”

“It's like I'm seeing double.”

“Nicole, would you just spit it out?”

“You're oblivious. It's twins darling. We're having two babies.”



“And you thought that it's something you tell me before we do it?”

“I thought you'd be excited.”

“I am! But I'm not excited to have sex with you after you tell me that. What made you think that was a good idea love?”

“I'm sorry. I thought you'd like to see me half naked.” I started crying, forgetting how hormonal I got when I was pregnant. “Dammit.” I mumbled to myself.

“Don't be upset Cole. That was harsh. I'm super excited we're having twins, and I do love seeing you half naked. Even all naked.” He added a wink. “Now let me have my way with you.” He said laughing.

“Sure thing.”

Nicolette's POV

Cole dropped me off and about an hour later Jimmy stopped at the house with Jake.

“Is everything alright?” I asked when he had Jake in tow.

“Jake missed Mommy and Daddy.”

“Jake! You were supposed to have fun with Daddy this weekend.”

“I want other Daddy!”

“Harry and Mommy have stuff to do.”

“Mommy hate me?”

“Mommy loves you very much Jake. But Mommy and Harry have to get stuff ready for the babies. You know how I told you that you were going to have a little brother or sister? Well now you're going to have two! There are two babies Mommy's tummy, which means that Mommy has even more to do to get ready for them. We love you very much, but Daddy loves you too, and he wants to spend time with you. It's not fair that only Mommy and Harry get to love you. So let Daddy spend sometime with you and then when you get back from Daddy's house, Harry, you and me can go get some ice cream!”


“Ok! Bye Jakey! Mommy loves you!” I gave him a kiss on the cheek, to which he rubbed off.

“Ew Mommy!” He said giggling. He waved goodbye then went to Jimmy's car.

“You're pregnant?”

“Seems like it.” I said laughing.

“Well congratulations.”

“Thank you. You should probably get back there. Jake's anxious.”

“Yeah, well, I'll see you Sunday.” He said with a wave.

About 3 hours later Harry returned home.

“Hey Love!”

“Hello Handsome.”

“How was the appointment?”

“Well you're gaining two more children!”

“You're having twins?!”

“Yes! Cole wanted me to tell you in some creepy way, but I like this better.”

“How'd she want you to tell me?”

“She wanted me to get in lingerie, then tell you and then have sex.”

“What's so creepy about that?”

“She bought me lingerie.”

“Let's see it!”

“Umm no.” I said, my face getting three shades redder.

“Come on babe. It's just you and me.”

“Fine...” I said laughing a little.

Virginia's POV

Niall James Horan!” I yelled the minute Niall walked in the door.

What is it me Pregnant Princess?”

You're a dead man.”

Why's that?”

“I'm pregnant. Very Pregnant.”

“I know you're preg-”


“Aww I have such strong little swimmers.”

“Well your strong little swimmers are going to wreck my vagina. It's a good thing you're a pop star because I'm eating for 5 now.”

“You'll be eating for 4 babe....”

“Niall, have you met me? I basically ate for two already. Now make me food.”

“Or I'll just order us some food. How many pizzas do you want? 5?”

“Very funny. 2.” I said laughing.

“Alright.” He said kissing my nose. 

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