A New Love

A meet and greet that becomes so much more for two young girls. Together they find a new love with the boys.


44. Mrs. Tomlinson

Nicole's POV

“So our rehearsal dinner's tonight, excited?” I asked as I braided my hair.

“Very!” Louis said hugging me from behind.


“What are you doing with your beautiful hair?”

“I'm braiding it and then it's going to get pinned up. It'll look nice, this is just a process!” I said laughing.

“Good, because it looks like a mess now!”

“Oh shut up.” I said playfully pushing him.

“Well we're leaving here in an hour, so I hope you're done by then.”

“Go get ready with Harry.” I said laughing. I picked up my phone to get V, Nic, and Dani over here. We might as well get ready together. “Hey girlies, come to my room, we can finish getting ready here!” I heard laughter and figured it was just the girls coming in.

“Hey Bitch!” I heard V say as she walked in with the other girls behind her.

“Hey Loser.” I said continuing to do my hair.

“So rehearsal tonight!” Nic said looking through my makeup.

“I know! It's really strange that this time tomorrow I'll be MARRIED.”

“I can't believe it either!” V said laughing.

“Nic, you're the only one not even engaged!” I said laughingly.

“Finn and I have only been together for 5 months. We're taking it slow, unlike you two, who insist on rushing everything.” Nic said pointing to V and I.

“Do we seem to mind the rush?” V said as she applied eyeshadow.

“No, but I did the whole rushing thing with Jimmy, and look how that turned out for me.”

“Jimmy was just fucked up.” I said trying to reassure her. “And you we're also young when you guys got married. I mean 23 isn't exactly old, but 21 is really young.”

“I know. But I'm having a lot of fun just dating Finn. There's no pressure, it's just fun!”

“Well as long as you're happy.” I said finishing my hair. “There!” I said happily.

“Nicole, that looks kick ass!” Dani said happily.

“Why thank you.” I said with a fake curtsey.

We all finished our makeup and put on our dresses. We all walked down into the lobby. We saw our boys standing with their backs facing us.

We all whistled at our boys, who all had fantastic asses. They all turned around and their jaws all dropped as their face broke into a smile.

“You look so beautiful!” Louis said giving me a kiss.

“Tell me about it, stud.” I said quoting Grease.

“Have I ever told you just how much I love you?” He said giving me another kiss.

“Come on love birds! You two have an aisle to practice walking down!” Nic said pushing us out of the hotel to the limo.

“Guys. I'm getting married tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll be a wife.” I said freaking out.

“Nicole, you love Louis, Louis loves you.” V said, everyone nodding in agreement.

“Darling, it's ok!” He said rubbing my back.

“Louis, I don't believe in divorce. I won't be another statistic. My marriage will last. So please don't do anything to make divorce an option, I promise I won't.”

“Nicole Elizabeth, divorce isn't an option for me either, and I wouldn't be marrying you if I had a doubt about us.” He said giving me a kiss.

“You're right. Ok! Crisis averted. Freak out over!” I said laughing. We arrived at the church and we all got out of the car. We went through everything that would happen tomorrow, everyone knew their matches, and when they walked. When we finished there we made our way to the reception hall, where we decided to have the rehearsal dinner.

I stood up to say a quick thank you. “Hey guys! I want to thank everyone for coming out here to see a rehearsal.” I said laughing. “We've decided to let people give speeches tonight if they'd like too. The main speeches will be tomorrow though!” I said before sitting down.

“Hello everyone, I'm the maid of honor, Jess. So I think I'll save the really embarrassing speech for tomorrow, and give the sweet one tonight. When Nicole told me who she was dating I didn't believe her. I thought she was playing some joke on me because I wasn't there. Then I saw on MTV pictures of her and Louis and I remember thinking 'Wow. She really is dating him.' Little did I know that I would get kidnapped and need her rescuing. It was the night of their first date, and he was by her beside the entire time even after one date. That's when I knew what they had was special. So enjoy it! Congratulations to the Bride and Groom!” She said raising her glass. “Here here!” Was heard from different people around the room. Then Harry stood up.

“Hey everyone, I'm Harry, the best man. I feel like the main reason Jess gave a sweet speech tonight was because she doesn't have any embarrassing stories with Lou, so since Nicole's getting embarrassed tomorrow, I'll embarrass her tonight.” Harry said. I shot him a subtle glare, so nobody else would catch it, except Harry who just looked at me and smiled. “Nicole here is very clumsy. I've known her for what? Not even a year, and I've seen her sprain things, fall, trip, cut herself and even break a bone. But it's what make Nicole, Nicole. You just can't help but love her. She's changed Lou, for the better. And I know I said this would be embarrassing, but I can't. Nicole and Louis truly are the best couple. And I unfortunately tried to ruin that. And I realized I never apologized to you, Nicole. And that's not ok. So here I am. I am sorry for trying to interfere with what you and Louis have. Because it really is perfect. So here's to them. Congrats Cole and Lou.” I was actually a little teary eyed. I stood up and gave him a big hug.

“Thank you Harry.” I whispered in his ear. “And I've missed you.” I said kissing his cheek. Louis stood up and gave him a hug too. Everyone ate their food, and we all chatted for a while. At about 9 we left. I had to get my beauty rest. We arrived at the hotel and Louis went to climb in our bed.

“What do you think you're doing love?” I asked him.

“Going to bed?”

“Not in this bed you aren't!” I said laughing. “You're sleeping in Harry's room. We CANNOT see each other the day of the wedding. I'm semi-traditional.”

“Ugh. Fine.” He said getting all his stuff for tomorrow.

“Hey Louis.” I said grabbing his arm before he left.

“Yeah love?”

“I love you.” I said giving him a kiss.

“I love you more.” He said giving me another kiss.

“Impossible.” I said smiling.

“Good night sweetheart.” He said kissing the top of my head.

“Good night, sweet dreams. I'll see you tomorrow.” I said smiling. “I'll be the one in white.”

“I look forward to it.” He said before closing the door. I took off my hair and undid my hair, before pulling it up. I crawled into bed. It was so weird being in it alone. It took me forever to fall asleep because Louis wasn't there. I got up and sat on the couch. Next thing I know, my alarm on my phone was going off. I got up and got in the shower. It was my wedding day!

I had a wedding playlist on my phone for today. When I got out of the shower I put on my sweats. I went to Nic and Finn's room and pounded on the door.

“WAKE UP!!” I shouted as I hit her door.

“Would you shut up?” Nic said as she opened the door.

“Get ready! We have things to do today! This IS NOT A DRILL!” I said laughingly.

“I'm coming.” She said flatly.

I pounded on V's door and she came almost instantly.

“I'll be right there.” She said.

I walked to Liam and Dani's room and she said she'd be over in a second. I walked back to my room and got my stuff all ready to go. The girls came at once and we all walked down to the limo.

“It's the big day Carl!” I said happily.

“Yes it is Ms. Bonsell.” He smiled.

“Carl, if I have to tell you more time, I'll flip!” I said laughing. “Please call me Nicole!” He just gave me a head nod.

We arrived at the salon and met up with Emma, Lou's sisters, Jess and Hailey.

“Hello girls!” I said happily. “So this is all my treat! I'm paying for your nails, hair and makeup.” I said smiling.

“No!” A few girls protested.

“Girls, this is part of your bridesmaids gifts, and I've already paid.” I said laughing.

The girls got light pink french tips, and one nail on each hand completely mint green. I got mine opposite of them. Mint green tips with one nail being completely light pink. Then they started doing our hair. The girls got their hair curled and a section braided and then everything pulled into a pony tail. It looked very cute on Daisy and Phoebe. I got my hair put in a few braids and then they all got twisted into a bun. Then on either sides of my face were two single strands of hair. We got our makeup done and we were ready to go to the church to get our dresses on. And get the final touches.

We arrived at the church and went into the back room and got out shoes, jewelry and dresses on. For everyone's bridesmaids gifts I paid for their dresses, shoes, jewelry, hair, makeup, nails, and I got them all different gift cards. For Phoebe and Daisy I paid for everything and I also got them framed poems that say “You are so very young but the years will pass by, and you'll too be a bride in the blink of an eye. While you may not remember the day that I married, The part that you played or the basket you carried. There will be a day that will burn bright like an ember, The day you wed, you will always remember. So here is a hankie for the day you will say... “I need something something old for my wedding day.”” And in the frame, behind the poem, is a hankie. Then they also got Pandora style bracelets with a few charms. When we were done with gifts it was time for the wedding to start. We left the room and my dad was standing there waiting for me.

“Wait Nicole, do you have everything? The four rules!” Nic said before we started.

“Yes, the dress is new, my earrings are old and borrowed and my garter is blue.” I said smiling.

“Good!” Nic said.

“You look beautiful.” He said smiling. “But it's not to late to call it off!” He said smiling.

“Shut up Dad.” I said laughing. “Oh and don't let me fall.” I said smiling.

“Never.” The doors opened and I put my veil down. Mark and Hailey went first. Then Derrick and Felicity, Nic and Josh, Emma and Zayn, Dani and Liam, Niall and V, then Jess and Harry. The wedding march started playing and I told Daisy and Phoebe to go ahead.


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