A New Love

A meet and greet that becomes so much more for two young girls. Together they find a new love with the boys.



Nicole's POV

I went down to the lobby and found V, Dani, and Nic sitting on the bench talking. V was wearing a strapless sparkly light blue cocktail dress paired with silver heels, and he signature necklace that Niall got her. Nic was wearing a dark blue sparkly cocktail dress paired with matching heels, and her signature heart necklace. Dani was wearing a one sleeved lace blue cocktail dress paired with silver heels.

“Hey girlies!” I said walking towards them.

“We have something for you!” V said with her hands behind her back. It was a tiara with a veil attached to it. She placed it on my head and then Nic gave me a sash that said bride on it.

“Why thank you.” I said laughing. “Oh and I stole Carl from Lou, so he has to find a different driver, because let's get real Carl loves me!” I said still laughing.

“Ms. Bonsell.” Carl said smiling.

“Hello Carl! How are you tonight?”

“Fine thank you. And you?”


“I can imagine.” We all got in the limo and got situated. “Where to first Ms. Bonsell?”

“Carl, I told you, you can call me Nicole and this address.” I said handing him a piece of paper with Jess's address.

We arrived at Jess's where we were meeting up with her. Emma was supposed to come with us, but something came up and she couldn't come to America until Wednesday. And Hailey didn't feel like coming.

“Hey Jess!” I said walking in her apartment.

“Hey stranger!” She said giving me a hug. “Ready to get your kick ass party on the way?”

“Of course!” I said taking her to the limo. “Carl, this is Jess. Jess, this is Carl.”

“Caaarrrrllll.” She said quoting Llamas With Hats.

“Ms. Jess.” He said with a head nodd. “Where to now Ms. Bonsell?”

“Nicole! And ask Ms. Biggans.”

“Alright, Ms. Biggans, where to?”

“Here's an itinerary. They have the addresses beside them.”

“Thank you Ms. Biggans.”

“Not a problem Carl.”

He drove us to the first bar. Jessica gave him my name and we were lead to a table in the back.

“Jess, I don't think you've met Danielle, Liam's fiancee.”

“Hey! I'm Jess” She said smiling.

“Hello!” Dani said smiling.

“Alright! First game, for the first bar, Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt. Our bride here has to finish ALL of them, but us, as bridesmaids should finish as many as possible. But we cannot leave until Nicole finishes all the tasks. Here's your lists, and the points. (Disclaimer: I did not come up with the items on the list. Credit goes to Beistle.)

Do a body shot off a guy. 15 points.

Get a piggy back ride from a stranger. 10 points.

Dance crazy by yourself on the dance floor. 20 points.

Stand in front of a cute guy and make fart noises. 20 points.

Find a guy to show you his bellybutton. 15 points.

Order a blow job shot with whipped cream; drink with no hands. 10 points.

Sing a song in front of a group of guys without laughing. 15 points.

Take a photo in the Men's restroom. 20 points.

Find a guy who will let you put lipstick on his lips. 15 points.

Find the oldest guy in the place and ask him to dance with you. 10 points.

Nicolette's POV

Watching Cole do some of these thing was hilarious. She didn't care if she made a complete fool out of herself. My favorite was watching her make fart noises in front of a cute guy. I almost peed myself. On the list I completed all but 1, and 4. My score was 115. According to the scale my amount of points got me a 'You rock ladies.' Everyone else completed their list, earning a 'You are the ultimate bachelorette!'

We went to the next bar, again getting seated in the back.

“So this game is called 'Finish His Sentence.' You all get a whiteboard, and I'll read a sentence that the groom has given me, but I'll leave out the ending, and you have to finish it. If you get it wrong you take a shot. I have ten sentences. My hopes are for some of you to be trashed after this!” She said laughing. “Alright here we go. 'My favorite thing about Nicole is....' Now write your answers.” I had written down eyes, Dani; sense of humor, V; smile, and Cole; how she sleeps. “One of you has the correct answer. 'My favorite thing about Nicole is how she sleeps.'

“What now bitches! I don't have to take a shot! Drink up ladies! I know my man!” Cole said celebrating.

“Alright, next sentence. 'I fell in love with her when...' ” I wrote she was asleep. V; While watching Cinderella, she was asleep. Dani; Watching her favorite movie as she slept. Cole; we were watching Cinderella and she was asleep. “'I fell in love with her when we watched Cinderella, she was asleep and I realized how perfect she was' So everyone was correct, except Nic! You needed something about a movie. Drink up!” Jess said handing me another shot. We continued this game for about half an hour. Cole only had to take two shots, I took eight, V four, Dani five.

Nicole's POV

I was kinda disappointed I wasn't drunk yet. But when we arrived at the next bar Jess informed us that we were playing Never Have I Ever. Maybe I'd get drunk now!

“So everyone know the rules? You have ten shots, every time you've done something, you take a shot. When you're out of shots, you lose. Last one with all the shots wins. How about our bride starts?” Jess explained. Then looked at me.

“Ok! Never have I ever done it on my period.” I said laughing. Jess took a shot. “Ya nasty!” I said laughing. “Virginia your turn!”

“Ok, never have I ever made out in a bathroom.” I took a shot, along with Nic, Jess and Dani. “Nic, your turn.”

“Never have I ever done it in a car.” Everyone except Nic of course, took a shot. “Wow. Dani, your turn.”

“I'm gonna do some targeting here.” She said laughing. “Never have I ever slept with Niall Horan.” She said, causing us all to laugh except V, who of course, took a shot. “Jess, your turn.”

“Never have I ever had a pregnancy scare.” She said. V, Dani and I all took shots.

“Never have I ever had a one night stand.” I said causing V and Jess to take shots.

“Never have I ever messed around in an elevator.” V said laughing. I took a shot along with Dani.

“Nic, you have an awful lot of shots still. Are you sure you were married?” I said. I could feel the alcohol working.

“Yes!” She was kinda tipsy from the last bar. “Anyway, never have I ever fooled around in a siblings room.” Dani was the only one to take a shot this time.

“Never have I ever had a hickey.” Dani said. Everyone else took a shot.

“Never have I ever had someone walk in on me and someone doing it.” She said laughing. Everyone else except Nic took a shot. Dani, V, Jess and I only had 5 shots left.

My turn. “Never have I ever fell asleep during sex.” Nic was the only one who took a shot. “Well that's embarrassing.” I joked.

“Never have I ever had sex with Liam Payne.” V said smugly.

“Fair enough.” Dani said laughing as she took her shot. “Nic your turn.”

“Never have I ever hooked up with a teacher.” Nobody took a shot on this one. Thankfully.

“Never have I ever fooled around in a plane.” Dani said laughing. I took a shot on this one. “Jess.”

“Never have I ever had sex on the beach, drink and the act!” Jess said, laughing. We all took a shot. Which made me curious whether they meant the drink or the act. I meant the drink! Dani and I both had two shots and it was my turn.

“Never have I ever dated someone and their sibling.” Jess took a shot. Not Dani. Dammit!

“Never have I ever played strip poker.” V said. Dani and I both took shots.

“Never have I ever had a fake ID.” Dani and I again both took shots. So did V and Jess. Dani and I were out.

“Whoo! We're the new rebels! Let's go DANCE!” I shouted. The others finished their game as Dani and I danced.

“Ok losers, next bar!” Jess said dragging us off the dance floor. It was about 10:30 at this point and Jess and V were the only ones who might be able to pass as sober. We arrived at the next bar and again, went to a table in the back. “This game is Drink or Dare. Pretty simple, you drink or you do a dare. I've ordered 30 shots. When their gone, we leave. So again we'll start with the bride. Nicole, drink or dare?”

“DARE!” I shouted.

“Alright, I dare you to to stand in the middle of the dance floor and sing 'Like A Virgin.' While dancing.”

“Cool cool. I said getting up. I walked to the center of the dance floor and started dancing. Then I added the singing. “'CUZ YOU MAKE ME FEEL! YEAH YOU MAAAAKE ME FEEL, SO SHINY AND NEW!! LIKE A VIRGIN! TOUCHED FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME!! LIKE A VIIIRRRRGIN WHEN YOUR BEATS NEXT TO ME!” I bowed and got a round of applause from the guys around me. We played that game for another hour or so and then left. I was drunk. Slurring my words, stumbling, telling secrets. On our way to Jess's house I told lots of secrets, but everyone else was drunk so maybe they wouldn't remember them.

“When Louis was younger he wanted a show called Lou's Clues.” I said giggling. “And Louis talks about how amazing I am in his sleep.” I said still giggling. Everyone else was laughing too. “When Louis was away on tour, one night I was so upset I made a pie and ate it all myself.” I said still laughing. When I was drunk, I thought everything was funny. We arrived at Jess's apartment and I said goodbye to her. I told more secrets on the way to the hotel, but they became less and less. We arrived at the hotel and Carl had to help me up to the room. I fell on the bed and just laid there. “Thanks Carl!” I shouted!

“It's my job Ms. Bonsell.” He said before shutting the door.

“IT'S NICOLE!” I shouted. I sat up on my elbows and looked around. Louis wasn't back yet. I kicked off my shoes and laid back down on the bed. I turned on the TV on MTV. Hey it was about me!

One Directions own Louis Tomlinson in America to marry his Girlfriend of 11 months. Their wedding is this Saturday in her hometown. Quite a compromise isn't it? Getting married in America? But hey I guess he has the money to fly over everyone he wants there. Our sources say the boys are all in his wedding party along with Josh Devine, the drummer for 1D and her two brothers. Our sources also tell us that Lottie Tomlinson was supposed to be in the wedding party but cannot because she just had a son on Sunday morning. So much for Sunday being the day of rest, eh? More information to come later. And congratulations to the happy couple. I'm sure a lot of fans will be disappointed after Saturday.”

“You just think you're so clever don't you? I announce things on MTV I'm cool shit.” I said mimicking the announcer. I threw the remote and got some clothes to change into. I put on a tank top and shorts. I washed off my makeup, brushed my teeth and pulled my hair up. I crawled under the covers and fell asleep almost instantly. I awoke to the sound of a door being slammed shut. I checked my phone and the clock said 12:23.

“You're getting in late now aren't we?!” I said smugly.

“Mark's a pretty cool guy.” He said changing.

“Yeah...” I said rolling back over to sleep again.

“How was your night?” He said stumbling over the bed.

“Shh! I'm sleeeeping.” I said exaggerating the 'e' sound.

“Someone's pissed.” He said laughing.

“You're drunk too.” I said cover my face with the pillow.

“We'll talk in the morning.” He said turning off the light.

When I awoke in the morning I had the worst hangover I've ever had with the exception of a night or two. I took some ibuprofen and hopped in the shower. When I got out of the shower I made a huge pot of coffee and drank half of it. I woke up Lou so he could experience his hangover with me. “Louis! Wake up!” I said throwing a pillow at him.

“No.” He said getting under the covers.

“Feel the hangover!” I said pulling all the covers off of him. My hangover was actually going away. “Louis! Get up! I want to play!” I said jumping on top of him.

“What happened to the hangover?” He said laughing.

“Ibuprofen and coffee!” I said excitedly.

“Get me some!” He said covering his eyes from the sunlight that was peaking through the blinds. I got him ibuprofen and coffee and I closed the curtains for him.

“Better?” I said giving him a kiss.


“So how was your night?”

“It was great! We all got trashed.”

“Same. I got drunk during Never Have I Ever, which I lost thanks to you!” I said laughing.

“I'm so proud.” He said laughing slightly.

“Then it only got worse during drink or dare!” I said laughing.

“We didn't really play games, we just joked around.”

“Were there strippers?” I asked with a straight face.

“No! Your brothers respected your wishes.”

“Well that's good!” I said smiling.

“How about at yours?”



“But that's all I can say about the party. Remember, what happened there, stays there!” I said laughing.

“Correct.” He said smiling.

“So what are you doing today?” I asked.

“Whatever. I don't really have plans.”

“Alright, well my old High School is still in school, so I might go visit them, and then checking the reception hall to see how it's going there.”

“Can I come? I'd love to see where you went to High School!”

“Of course you can.” I said smiling. “We can even go to my elementary school if you want!” I said laughing.

“Perfect.” He said giving me a kiss.

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