A New Love

A meet and greet that becomes so much more for two young girls. Together they find a new love with the boys.


4. Lies

Virginia's POV

As I was packing for where ever Niall was taking me, I got a text from Nicole. I picked up my phone and read the message. “Hey! So BIG BIG BIG news for you! Call me ASAP!!!” She was probably just being a drama queen, but me being the good friend I am I called her.

“Hey Nicole, what's so important that I just HAD to know?” I said putting emphasis on had.

“Louis told me he loved me! Ahh!” She gets so excited! Her scream hurt my eardrum, but I figured I'd continue to 'listen.' “It was sweet, not romantic, but sweet! Get what I'm saying? Anyway, I bet Niall's going to tell you soon, he just has to! All the time you to have spent together, it's a wonder you're not pregnant!” She said laughingly.

“That's great Nicole! And hey now! I'm guessing you'll get knocked up before me!” I said laughing along with her.

“Ha. Ha. Ok.” She said in her sarcastic tone. She had said this ever since I can remember! She would pause between her ha's and just say ok. Flat out ok. It was like Nicole's signature thing, well maybe not, but whatever, that's beside the point. “So, what's up, babe?”

“Not much, just cleaning the house. And packing for my trip with Nialler!”

“Ooo! Where's he taking you?” Nicole asked.

“I don't know, but he's gonna tell me he loves me, I can feel it! “

“I'm sure you can! But seriously, I think it'll happen! How could we in a million years, have gotten this lucky?!”

“I know. We have it all too perfect.”

“Oh my gosh! Did you hear about Jess and Mac? They're engaged!”

“What?! Why didn't she tell me?! I tried calling her today, but I got no answer!”

“She was probably on the phone with me, that's why we didn't answer your calls, dear! But anyway, yeah! He got done on one knee and everything! Uhh! So romantic!”

“Very. Well I should finish packing and go to bed, long day ahead of us tomorrow! Bye Nicole.”

“Bye Virginny!” With that I hung up. I can't believe Jess hadn't told me about her engagement. She had only been dating Mac two months longer than Nicole and I had been dating Louis and Niall. I wonder if that means Niall would be proposing to me soon! We are going on a romantic getaway, just the two of us. Niall might be proposing to me! “Ahh!” I screamed quite loudly. I looked around the room just to make sure I was alone and nobody heard my freak out. I shouldn't get my hopes up though, because what if he doesn't ask me? Then I'll be disappointed. So yes, Niall is only taking me on a romantic trip because we care a lot about each other. That's was all. If something else happened, great! If not, well whatever, I wasn't expecting anything else to happen!

Nicole's POV

After I hung up with Virginia I realized how bored I was. I honestly couldn't wait to start working. I had just graduated college with a teaching degree. It was August, which meant I would have to start going into school soon and get my classroom ready. I had gotten a job at the local elementary school as a second grade teacher. I was so excited when I found out I got the job, I'm pretty sure I passed out! I texted my good friend, Emma. I met her at college and we had applied for jobs at the same schools, and we both got one at Central. We had even student taught at the same school! We had obviously grown pretty close. I had realized that we had hardly talked since we graduated and I started dating Louis. “Hey girl! I miss ya! We need to hang out ASAP! We can talk and do fun girly stuff. Hahaha. Anyway text me a time and place and I'll see you there. Xoxo- Nicole”

“Hey there stranger! I thought since you became Louis Tomlinson's obsession you became to good for me. Haha anyway, tonight works for me, if it's good for you? How about the pub? Xoxo- Em.”

“Works for me! How about 5:30?”

“See ya then!”

*At The Pub*

“Nicole! Hey girl!” Em said giving me a big hug. “I've missed you sooo much! Where have you been, what having you been doing? I would ask who, but we all know the answer to that!” She said nudging me with an obnoxious wink.

“Oh stop!” I said giving her a playful push. “I've been around, I did take a trip to America about a month ago. I've been bored out of my mind! I love Louis and all, but I still get bored. But other than that it's been pretty great! I've gained followers on twitter! A lot of followers actually...I get hate, but it make Louis and I even stronger, so whatever! How about you? What have you been doing, or should I say who?” I said with a wink. “And where have you been!?”

“I've been great! I've been ordering stuff for the classroom and what not, and just my fiance!” She said flashing a huge ring in my face.

“WHAT?! You're engaged? You're just now telling me this too? Emma! Ahh! It's gorgeous!" I said as she showed me the ring "Jessica got engaged too. She's only been dating Mac for two or three months too....”

“Wow! And yes, I was going to tell you at school, but you asked to hang out so I thought what a perfect opportunity to tell her!”

“That's great. Really, I'm super happy for you! Have you set a date yet? When are you going wedding dress shopping? What do you want the dress to look like?”

“Thanks! And yes, May 16 of next year. I have an appointment in two weeks, and I have a few ideas. Anyway, will you be my Maid of Honor?”

“Ahh! Yes!!” I gave Emma a big hug and just sat there. Well there's three out of four of my best friends married or engaged. I was happy for them, I had someone I truly loved and he loved me back! If I didn't have Lou I probably would've been sad, but I knew it would happen. It just wasn't the right time. Anyway, Zayn and Perrie had a wedding in a month, Danielle and Liam had gotten engaged, and Harry was just casually dating, but in two months the boys were going on tour. Man how I'd miss Louis.

“Great! Now, let's talk about school!”

*Next Day*

“Nicole Elizabeth! You're making such a big deal about this! Will you please just calm down?”

“Calm down? Really Louis? You're telling me to calm down. No! I have every right to be mad!”

“Will you just tell me why you're mad? That's all I'm asking for.”

“I heard you tell Niall at the airport this morning that you have no plans for marriage, and if for some reason you do get married to me, we're not having kids! Like really? What the hell?”

“You didn't hear the beginning part of that conversation! You have no right to be mad, you don't even know the whole story!”

“I know enough.” I said fighting back the tears. “I'll just make this easier for you. We're done. I'm not going to waste my time with a man who doesn't have any intention of marriage.”

“No. Nicole, I love you. Would you please let me explain?”

“I can't. I believe people to easily. I don't trust, I just believe. It's guys like you who give girls like me trust issues.” By this point the tears were constantly flowing out of my eyes like rain drops from a cloud.

“Why won't you fuckin' believe me? I LOVE YOU.”

“Now you're just wasting both of our time. I really thought you were the one. I thought it was mutual. I guess not.” I said turning away. My heart was shattered. I've had a broken heart, but this time, it was shattered. It was like I just dropped a Christmas ornament on the ground and it shatters all over the floor. My heart was that ornament.

“You don't have to listen, but I'm not letting you walk away without hearing the whole story.” He said grabbing my arm. “Niall and I were playing a game we tend to play. We call it alternate ending! We talk about how are lives would be different in a parallel universe.”

“Whatever.” I said as I walked away. I didn't look back to see Louis. If he was crying I don't think I could handle it. I needed to do this.

Louis' POV

Why didn't she believe me. I feel so bad. I shouldn't have even played that game. I love her so much! Of course I wanted to marry her, and obviously I wanted to have kids with her. I knew what I was going to do to get her back. I'd get Niall to tell about our game, and then I'll write her a song. As I drove home I had the music blaring trying to facilitate in coming up with a song. I was listening to every beat, every note, every harmony, all of it.

“Throwback Thursday! Let's see who remembers the hit from, you guessed it...”

“One Direction.” I heard myself saying. My mind instantly went to Little Things.

“One Direction!” The announcer said the same time as me. “Let's see who can guess the hit! This song shows love isn't perfect, it looks past the imperfections!” I quickly dialed the radio stations number, and me being, me, got on right away. “Do you know the song?” The announcer asked.

“Ha! Do I know the song? I'm Louis Tomlinson! The song is Little Things!” I said laughing uncontrollably.

“That is correct! Thanks for calling in Louis! So are you guys coming out with anything new soon?”

“Um. Well we're all preoccupied right now, then we go on tour, so no. But! We're going to toss around some ideas while we're on tour.”

“That's right ladies and gentlemen! You heard it here first! Ok, one more question then we have to go to commercial. What's up with you and Nicole?”

“What do you mean? I love her, she's my world. That's what's up.”

“Alright! Don't let him go Nicole! Now for Little Things.” Why did he feel the need to bring up Nicole? It's not like we were a secret. With each chorus I turned the music up a little louder. Soon it was so loud I couldn't even hear my self think. Good. That's what I wanted. To escape. Nicole was worth all of my time, but the fact that she wouldn't even listen to me really pisses me off though. I did decided that I was just going to sing Little Things to her. She said it was one of her favorite songs that we ever sang. I just hoped it would make up for Niall's and my game. I swerved around an animal, I lost control of the car. I tried to stop. The car started spinning in circles around and around again. Bam! I collided with something, then I saw nothing, felt nothing. For all I knew, I was nothing.

Nicole's POV

“Hello?” I answered my phone suspiciously.

“Hi. Is this Nicole?” The voice at the other end of the phone asked.

“Yes. Who is this?”

“This is Nurse Amanda Liner from the hospital. I'm afraid I have some bad news for you.”

“No. No. No.” I said with a pause between each no. “Is Louis alright?” I knew it had to be something with Louis. Virginia and Niall were already in Paris by now. She texted me when they landed, and the lady didn't have a french accent.

“Well, we don't know exactly. It would probably be best if you get down here now. It's easier to explain in person, and you probably want to be here with him.”

“I'll be right there.”

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