A New Love

A meet and greet that becomes so much more for two young girls. Together they find a new love with the boys.


57. Kidnapped!

*2 Weeks Later*

Virginia's POV

We were in Minnesota, so obviously we were going to Mall of America. Nic wasn't feeling well because she said she didn't want to come. It was the biggest mall in America, and she didn't want to come! She obviously was sick. So it was just Cole and I.

“Let's get something for Baby Tommo!” I said pointing to a baby store. “Which by the way, you and Lou need to come up with a definite name for her.”

“Let's not talk about names.” She said sort of harshly.

“Whoa. Harsh missy!”

“I'm sorry, I just really don't want to talk about names.”

“Alright!” We went into the store and bought a few cute baby things. After going into a few more stores we were both hungry.

“Let's get something to eat.” Nicole said.

“Alright, well what should we get?”

“I don't care. But Baby Tommo doesn't really like Mexican food. Or Italian food.” Nicole said as we walked to the food court. “Oh Baby Tommo wants some wings! Or Chinese!”

“Well Baby Tommo needs to make up her mind.” I said with a small laugh.

“Chinese.” She said smiling.

“Then we'll get Chinese.” I said laughing.

“Will you be my best friend and get it for me! I need to sit. I'm flipping 20 weeks pregnant.”

“Alright, but you only have 20 more weeks to milk this, at most!” I said before turning away.

“Wait! You didn't get my order!” Nicole shouted to me. She made a note on my phone of what she wanted and then handed me a twenty. I walked up to the counter and placed the order.

“Are you Virginia Hillman?” A male voice asked.

“Yes.” I said as I cautiously turned around.

“Come with me. I'm an undercover officer. I'm investigating a case and I need your statement.” The man said.

“Um? What case? And do you have identification?”

“Right here.” He said pulling out a badge. “And I can't speak about it here.”

“Alright, well can I at least tell my friend I'm leaving?”



“I said no.” He said as he took my arm and took me to his car. I suddenly got a very very bad feeling.

Nicole's POV

Virginia was taking a long time with the food so I walked over to the counter, but she wasn't there. I looked around, but I couldn't find her.

“Virginia?” I shouted looking around frantically.

“Yes?” Some random lady behind me responded.

“No not you. You don't even know me. Why the hell would I be shouting your name? And I'm sorry. That was really mean. I'm pregnant and I can't find my best friend.”

“Sorry.” She said with a frown. I pulled out my phone and dialed her number. No answer. So I called Louis.

“Hey love! How's the shopping trip?”

“Virginia-gone-I don't know where-kidnapped-help-sorry-my fault-I lost her.” I said as I bawled.

“Whoa! Nicole! Calm down, what happened?” Louis said calmly.

“Virginia was getting the food for us, and she took forever so I went to check on her, but she's gone and I think she might be kidnapped. And it's all my fault because I made her get the foo. I'm so sorry. I lost her. I lost my adult best friend. How am I supposed to be a mom? It's all my fault. Help me please.” I said through the tears.

“Nicole, it's not your fault. And she's an adult, you don't have to look after her. And go to the security. I'll make some calls. We're on our way.”

“I'm so sorry.” I said still crying.

“I love you. Stay safe!” Louis said before hanging up.

I went to the mall security and told them what happened.

“We can't help you ma'am.” The man said.

“Do you know who my husband is? Do you know who this girl's fiance is? Do you know who helped them become famous? I'll give you the answers. Louis Tomlinson. Niall Horan. And Simon Cowell. So tell me what you're going to do.” I said slamming my hand down on the desk like they do in the movies.

“Mrs. Tomlinson, I can't do anything.”

“You are going to look at those fucking security videos. And you're going to find the son of a bitch who took my best friend. And if YOU won't help me find her, get me someone who will.”

“Ma'am, we can't just look at those videos."

“You are a fucking liar! MY BEST FRIEND WAS KIDNAPPED. FIND THE S-O-B THAT TOOK HER. NOW.” I was starting to get light headed. I needed to calm down, but I couldn't do that until this stupid man helped me.


“My husband is on his way. Along with her Fiance. They're bringing the police. Should I mention how you're refusing to do your job and help me find my friend?”

“No ma'am.” He said hanging his head in shame.

“That's what I thought. Now go find out who took her.”

“I'll do my best Mrs. Tomlinson.” He said before going into a different room. He returned with some photos. “Have you ever seen this man?”

“No. I have no idea who he is.”

“Well here's a tape. You can give this to the police when they arrive. Here are the photos, give them to them as well. If I notice anything else, I'll get a hold of you.”

“Thank you. And I'm sorry about before.”

“It's completely ok.”

“Thanks for understanding.” When I left the office I noticed Louis and Niall running towards me.

“Do they know who did it?” Niall asked when he got to me.

“This guy.” I said holding up the picture.

“Who is he?” Louis asked.

“No idea. I was hoping one of you knew.”

“No.” Niall said.

“I'm so glad you're alright.” Louis said giving me hugs and kisses.

“Thanks, but I won't be alright until V is back.” I said holding back my tears.

“Nicole, this isn't your fault.” Niall said giving me a hug. “It could've easily been you kidnapped.”

“I should at least be with her! I didn't feel like going to get the food because I was tired. I was sitting at a table while she was taken!” I said putting my face in my hands.

“Nicole, you can't be like this!” Louis said looking me in the eyes.

“They got a picture of his license plate. When the police arrive they can track it.”

“Good.” Niall said with a smile.

“I'm so sorry Niall.” I said looking down.

“Nicole you love her as much as I do! It's just as hard on you. Don't apologize to me!” I gave him a nod as an 'Ok, I won't.'

The police finally showed up and we gave them all the info we had. I really hoped the found her.

Virginia's POV

“Where the hell are you taking me?” I shouted to the man in the drivers seat.

“That's for me to know and you to find out.”

“Who are you? And why the fuck are you doing this to me?”

“My name is Parker Wallace. And I'm in love with your fiance.”

“You've got to be kidding me.”

“What? Because I'm a man I can't be in love with a man?”

“That's not what I'm saying. I said that because you don't even know him.”

“So? I know all I need to, to be in love with him.”

“Really? So you know why he has a scar on his right ring finger?”


“He doesn't even have a scare there.” I said stating the obvious.

“Just because I don't know all his scars, does not mean that I can't be in love with him.”

“I know. But you don't know him. And now you're kidnapping his fiancee, whom he loves very much, because you're in love with him.”


“If you loved Niall, truly loved him, you'd let him be happy with him. Because his happiness is all that should matter. Not your own. You can't kill me because it would kill Niall. I care about his happiness. And so should you.”

“I do.” He said quietly.

“Well then let me go!” I shouted.

“I can't do that!”

“Why the hell not?”

“Because then I did all of this for nothing!”

“Niall would be extremely happy to sign something for you if you let me go safely.”

“No he wouldn't. He'd be pissed that I took you in the first place.”

“He'd be happy I'm safe. I know him.”

“Shut up. I have a plan, and you're not going to ruin this plan bitch!”

“You're a fucking asshole. You don't love Niall. Niall doesn't love you.”

“But he knows I exist now.”

“SO WHAT?!” I shouted.

“You need to shut the hell up.”

“Don't speak to me that way.”

“You don't speak to me that way!”

“AND YOU DON'T FUCKING KIDNAP PEOPLE!” That's the last thing I remember before being knocked unconscious. 


A/N: So it's kinda short, but I need sleep because I take my drivers test tomorrow!!! Yay! But for really keep commenting!!! They make me SUPER happy. Like literally I look forward to checking the comments. Love you all! <3333

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