A New Love

A meet and greet that becomes so much more for two young girls. Together they find a new love with the boys.


2. Journey to Jessica

“Jess what's wrong?!” I calmly asked my best friend over the phone.

“I can't really say, but I think I'm in trouble. I don't know how to get out of it. I need money, lots. I hate asking you but I don't know what else to do.” She said. I could hear her voice shaking. I knew there was something very wrong. I had to figure it out. What could be wrong? Was she pregnant? But then why would she need to get out of it? Her boyfriend loves her. If he got her pregnant, I'm sure he would be a reasonable man.

“Jess, don't take this offensively dear, but are you pregnant?” I said as I motioned for Virginia to come over and listen to the phone call.

“No! Being pregnant would be amazing compared to this! I...I just can't tell you. I'm sorry” Now she was crying. “I know you and V are in England, but please help...” Just then the phone disconnected.

“Oh my God, Nicole! We have to help her! I don't care why but we need to go back to America tonight! I'll pack for both of us, you book the tickets!” Virginia shouted as she was running around her house. I picked up my phone again, I had to tell Louis that we had to make a trip to America. It wouldn't be right to just leave him and not tell him.

“Hey, Louis. I just wanted to remind you how great of a time I had tonight. Thanks for asking!(:” I was giddy for a response, the sooner I took care of this the sooner I could go help Jessica. She had been my friend since 8th grade! I wanted to help her, no, I needed to help her. I loved that girl, she was always there for me. When I had my first bad breakup she was there to comfort me. My phone buzzed, Louis responded!

“Hey love, I had a perfectly perfect night too! I'm glad you did! How about we do this again soon?!” Ugh. How was I supposed to tell him that I am leaving! I didn't even know how long I'll be gone. This went from the best night, to one of the worst.

“I'd love to, but here's the thing. One of my best friends, from America, needs my help. So Virginia and I are leaving tonight. I didn't want to leave without telling you first. I'm so sorry. I'd love to get together though once I get back. Xoxo, Nicole” My heart was pounding. What if he never wanted to see me again? I couldn't believe this was happening. But back to what was really important, Jessica. Why did the phone disconnect? Why didn't she call us back? Why, why, why? I just finished booking the tickets so V and I were ready to go. Louis had just texted me back.

“Oh my God. Is she going to be alright?! Niall and I are coming with you two. You have no say in the matter. We're leaving for the airport now. See you there girls! Xoxo Lou.” Was this really happening? Did Lou and Ni really want to come with us, after only one date?

“V, the boys are coming with us. I wanted to tell Lou that we were leaving and he said that him and Niall were coming with us and there's nothing that we could do about it. They're gonna meet us at the airport. Are you all packed? I have the tickets printed. And my passport is in the car. Do you have yours?” I said going through my mental checklist and running to find where V went.

“Nicole, I think I may have figured out what was wrong with Jessica. And the boys are coming? Is that even a good idea? Yes, we're all packed, and I've got my passport.” Virginia said coming out of the guest room.

“What? What do you think is wrong with her?” I said frantically.

“Think back to about a year ago. Remember when she said about that man she was dating? Then they had that really bad breakup. Well about a month ago she called me and said that guy was starting to show up at random places. She wanted to tell you too but you were stressed out with finals and graduation and getting a job. Well anyway, she said that she was kind of scared that he was randomly showing up. Especially since she had just gotten together with Mac. She said that each day he would show up more and more. So one day she told Mac about what was going on. He said she should call the police, but Jess being Jess, she didn't. She told me she wanted to talk to him, I obviously told her to call the cops and don't go near him, at all. And again, Jess being Jess, she didn't listen to me either. I think she probably confronted him, and something bad is happening now.”

“Oh my goodness. Let's go, now. We have to help her.” I said as I grabbed the keys and ran to my car.

*At the Airport With the Boys*

Louis POV

“Is this really happening Lou? Are we really going on a trip with Virginia and Nicole?” Niall said playing with his fingers while waiting for the girls to arrive.

“Yes! But seriously Niall something is wrong with their best friend. Until they save her they aren't going to be in a happy. We need to be here for them. Yeah, it's sudden, but I talked to the other guys and they understand. And I mean Zayn is preoccupied with the wedding plans with Perrie. Liam is planning a proposal for Danielle, and Harry is just being Harry. It's fine, we don't even have stuff to do right now, I mean we all have like 3 weeks off, if they need us they can either get over it or come to us.”

“I guess it makes sense. I mean I could hardly be with her for a few hours without making a fool out of meself let alone a few days, at least!”

“Niall, you'll be fine and I mean did you hear her nickname from high school? Vagina. I don't think you have to worry about making a fool out of yourself. You two really are good for each together.”

“Thanks lad! You and Nicole are really good together too. I can't believe how normal we can be with them. My favorite thing is that they don't fangirl around us!”

“Thanks pal! And I know what you mean!” I said laughing. “Oh! Look the girls are here!” I got up and gave Nicole a quick kiss.

Nicole's POV

I felt sorry for Jess, but I was really happy. Lou and Niall were coming with V and I to America. I just wished that we were going to America on better terms. “Hey Louis! Thanks again for coming with us. You too, Niall. So we think that her ex-boyfriend is after her. We don't know why or how, but we are almost positive he is. When we get to the States V and I are going to go to Jessica's apartment and see what we can find out. You and Niall can go to this hotel,” I said handing him a slip of paper. “we've already checked in, so just give them our names and you should be good, we told them you'd be with us.”

“Are you sure you don't want us to come with you, I don't really feel comfortable letting you two get into a potentially harmful situation without us to protect you girls.” Lou said, trying not to show any fear.

“Louis, don't worry about it. Unfortunately, we don't even think that she's there. We just have to check, and we're calling the police.” Virginia said trying to defend herself.

“Ok, let's just get on our plane.” I said trying to keep the peace.

*In America*

“Ok V and I are gonna to to Jess's apartment now and see what's going on. If we need you or Niall we won't hesitate to call you!” Just like like that I gave him a passionate kiss. “See ya later, Lou.” I turned to see Virginia and Niall saying goodbye too. Only theirs was a little more of a PG-13 rating. “V, come on, we need to go now!”

“See ya soon, Ni.” She gave him a quick peck and then we were off.

*Jessica's apartment*

When we arrived at Jessica's apartment we saw Mac sitting there, crying. “Mac what's wrong?” I asked hoping for some answers.

“Jess is gone. She texted me and said that she was done with me and she never wanted to see me again. I don't know what I did! Was it because I told her to go to the police about this creep, Broody? Because if it is, I'm sorry! I thought it was what was best for her!” Mac said while trying to catch his breath.

“Mac, calm down. If we're right, we think Broody probably sent you that message, not Jess. We came to find her. Now, has Broody said anything to you in the past few days?” Virginia wanted answers. Now.

“No! I don't even know who Broody is. Jess told me what he looked like, but I mean I have no idea who he is! What does he want with Jess?”

“I don't know Mac. But we're going to find her. Her and Broody have a bad past. When she decided she wanted out of the relationship he got angry. He was pissed. He said that she would regret this decision, but she didn't know this is what he meant. None of us did. Listen Jess will be ok! Hopefully.” I whispered under my breath. “Let's call the police, V.” I was growing more terrified by the second. I was just thinking of how good Broody used to be. I mean sure he used to lie to everyone, but he was good to Jess. I never thought Broody would be able to do something so horrible to Jess. But then I remembered she said she needed money. Why?

*At the Hotel With the Boys*

Louis POV

I'm so nervous about her. I know she's an adult but I can't shake this feeling that something bad's going to happen. I know I just met her but I care about her so much. I bet Niall feels the same way too. “Hey Niall, are you freaking out about the girls?”

“You too? Thank God I'm not the only one! I have this horrible feeling that I just can't get rid of. I try and think about how they were competent before us, but now that we're in their lives it's just...”


“Exactly! Is it bad to think that I might already be in love with V?”

“Not at all. I was just thinking that about Nicole. I just want to keep her safe.” I was debating whether or not I wanted to go help her. “Dammit!” I said accidentally out loud.

“What's wrong bud?” Niall asked me.

“Well I was considering whether not I wanted to go to Jessica's apartment and help Nicole, but then I remembered I don't even know where Jessica lives!”

“Maybe we could find out?” Niall suggested.

“No. We shouldn't. Maybe we should just go to bed see them in the morning?”

“Sure bud. Goodnight!”

“Goodnight!” I walked off to my room. I wanted to sleep so badly. But Nicole was all that I could think about.

*Back With the Girls*

Nicole's POV

“Yes...I understand....I'll tell her...thank you.” V hung up her phone and gave me a somber look.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Because she's over 18 and hasn't been missing for over 48 hours, they can't consider her missing yet.” V said holding back her tears.

“Hello girls.” Broody was here. Oh no. What did he want? Where was Jess? I did the only thing I could do, I called Louis and sent him a text with Jess's address. All my years of texting and typing without looking had finally paid off. “I'm glad you're both here. You see whenever I got here I saw Jess on the phone. I told her exactly what to say to you to get you two over here. I see I was successful!”

“What did you do with Jessica?” I was demanding answers. Broody was not getting away with this.

“HA! She should be the least of your worries, and I can see you've never met Jess's new boyfriend! This isn't Mac, I don't even know who Mac is, but this is my good friend, Joe. Remember him? From high school? I know he's changed a lot. For the better I believe!”

“What do you want Broody?” I asked almost in tears.

“I want revenge. I know you both told Jess to leave me. It wasn't your place.”

“We didn't do that, maybe you were the problem.” Virginia said defending us.

“I don't care! Got that? You better listen or this will be your last day. I want $500,000. No less. If you pay that, you'll get Jess back. If you don't you, Jess and Virginia will be goners.” I knew Lou was coming for me. I could feel him getting closer and closer.

“I'm not going to pay that. You don't deserve it, you piece of trash.” He was running towards me. I felt his fist hit my head. I remember falling to the ground. Then darkness.

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