A New Love

A meet and greet that becomes so much more for two young girls. Together they find a new love with the boys.


86. Good Things Come in 3

Nicole's POV

“So Nic and I went shopping today!” I said excitedly to Louis.

“Uh oh!” Lou said laughing.

“No! I got an outfit for Lila that says 'Big Sister' and Nic got an outfit for Jake that says 'Big Brother.'”

“That's cute. Wait does Harry know you're pregnant?”

“I don't think so, I think only you and Nic know.”

“Ok! Good!” Louis kissed my cheek. “I've got to go love.”


“I have a signing today.”

“You didn't tell me that?”

“But I did...”

“Oh? Ok, well I'm putting Dee in her outfit, can't you stay and get a picture, just for two minutes?!”

“Two minutes, then I really have to go!”

“Yay!” I kissed his cheek as I pulled him up the stairs.

We put on her onesie then I added the little pink tutu. I had the camera on a tripod ready to go for the picture. I held Delilah so you could read her shirt and Louis was behind me with his arms wrapped around Lila and I and kissed my cheek. It was so perfect!

“Now I really have to go!” He kissed Dee's head and kissed my lips before running out the door.

“Love you too.”

Nic's POV

“Come on Jake, smile for the picture please!”

“No!” He said giggling.

“Mommy's going to send this to all her friends, and they're going to wonder why my little man isn't happy!”


“You want me to call your daddy?”

“Yes!” I dialed Jimmy's number and he picked up right away.


“Hey Jimmy, it's Nic.”

“I know, caller ID remember?”

“Right, right. Anyway, Jake wants to talk to you.” I put my phone up to Jake's ear so he could talk to Jimmy.

“Hey buddy! How's my little guy?” Jake threw my phone on the ground and ran away.

“WRONG DADDY!” He shouted from the stairs.

I picked up my phone and put it to my ear. “Sorry about that...He doesn't understand the difference between my husband and his father.”

“It's ok. Terrible two's right?”

“Right. Well I'm going to try and calm him down, talk to you later!”

“All right, bye.”

“Jacob! Come here.”


“If you don't come here I'm going to take away your toys.”


“And Harry won't give them back!”



“Mommy!” He screamed running over to me.

“That's what I thought, now, will you please smile for the camera.”

“Where's Daddy?”

“Harry's off being famous.”


“Harry as a lot of friends, and he has to do a lot of stuff to make his friends happy.”

“I his friend?”

“You're his best friend! And I'll send him this picture if you smile.”

“Ok!” We went outside and he started playing with leaves. He thought it was so funny. He started giggling and I got the best photo of Jake ever.

“Perfect!” I sent Harry and Cole the picture, and they loved it!

Nicole's POV

“Virginia....” I said hesitantly.


“What are the chances that you are pregnant?”

“Slim to none.”

“Are you sure?”

“Well I am a little late, but it's normal for me.”

“You're pregnant. It's a fact.”

“I'm not pregnant Nicole.”

“You are.”

“Why are you so anxious for me to be pregnant?”

“I just am! Don't worry about it! But I have some cute ideas for you to announce your pregnancy.”

“Well how about we just wait and find out if I am pregnant before we go planning anything.”

“Well as soon as you find out, you tell me!”


“Anyway...We're all going to have a get together tonight, you're coming right?”

“Of course!”


“Nic, and I have some news to tell you.”


“Don't get to too excited, it's nothing spectacular.”

“So you two aren't pregnant?”

“No, but I think I hear Dee crying. I'll see you tonight!”

I put together a short little video for Nic and I, she sent me the pictures of Jake wearing his shirt, he was absolutely adorable! When I finished the video Louis returned home and brought the boys with him.

“PERRIE!!! I'm so glad you're here!” I ran down the stairs when I saw her and attacked her with a hug.

“Nicole! I'm so glad to see you! You look wonderful!” Perrie said looking me up and down.

“Why thank you! Hello boys.” I said hugging the other boys. “And Hilary!”

“Hey Cole!”

“I'm glad you're here too!”


I saw Nic get out of her car, struggling to get Jake out. I decided to go help.

“Jake! Come see Aunt Cole! I missed you big boy!” I said opening my arms, and just like that he ran out of the car into my arms.

“Aunt Colie!”

“Hey Jakey.” I leaned down and whispered in his ear, “I have sweets inside for you!” His face lit up like a light.


“Really! Let's go see what we can find.”

“Please don't tell me you're going to sugar up my son.” Harry said watching Jake run past him.

“I'm his aunt, it's my job!” I said laughing. “Let's all go to the living room while we wait for V.”

“Sounds good love.” Louis said kissing my cheek. “I'm gonna go get Dee though.”

“No!” I shouted. Everyone looked at me like I was insane. “She's sleeping.” I laughed a little.

“Oh well I want to go check on her.”

“I'll come with you! And if V gets her, she'll let herself in.” I said laughing. Louis and I made our way up to Lila's room.

“So are you ready to start again.” He said placing his hand on my stomach.

“Only because it's with you. You know I really wasn't ready for another baby, but what can I do?” I said laughing. “And because I love you, and we make the perfect babies, I'm thrilled.” I said kissing him passionately.

“If you two keep this up, you're going to have another baby to check up on.” Liam said laughing. “I just wanted you to know that V's here.”

“Thanks!” Louis said sarcastically.

“Ready? It's going to be real from here.” I said taking his hand.

“So ready! You?”

“As I'll ever be.” We made our way down the stairs and saw everybody sitting on the couches or the floor. “So we have a little home video to show you, and Nic has somethings in it too.”

It all started with a meet and greet. Progressed with a kiss, then the 'I love you's.' It turned into an engagement, then a marriage. With their honeymoon came a child. And 9 months later they were blessed with a beautiful baby girl.” The screen went black and everyone was pretty confused. “Their story was a little different. After the joining of their best friends they found love in each other. With a recent wedding came a new family.” The screen went black again. “Now what do these two stories have in common?” The photo of Jake wearing his big brother shirt came on the screen and everybody aw'd. Then they realized what it meant. Then the photo of my family came on. Everyone aw'd again. “Now we know someone else here has a secret to share, but who?” Then a photo of Virginia and Niall came on.

“How'd you know Nicole?”

“You could say I'm psychic, or mother's intuition.”

“Wait! So Virginia, Nicole, and Nic are all PREGNANT?!” Liam said in shock.

“Yes!” We all said happily.

“Whoa.” Everyone said in unison. 

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