A New Love

A meet and greet that becomes so much more for two young girls. Together they find a new love with the boys.


41. Go To Sleep cont.

“Louis...” I whispered shaking him slightly. “I'm pregnant!” I said at a normal volume.

“You're what?” Well that woke him up.

“I'm kidding! I just wanted to wake you up.” I said giving him a kiss.

“Not funny!” He pouted. “And that shirt looks awfully familiar.”

“Does it?” I laughed.

“But it looks better on you!” He joked.

“I know.” I said flatly.

“Oh do you now?” He laughed as he started tickling me.

“No! No! Stop!” I screamed.

“Never!” He said, continuing to tickle me.

“Ahh!” I screamed again. “There will be punishment for this!” I laughed. I kicked the air and tried to push him away to no avail.

“Not so funny now is it?”

“You can have your shirt back!” I said pulling it up, exposing my stomach.

“Now we're talking!” Louis said while laughing.

“Stop it! I can't breathe!” I screamed.

“You're talking, you're fine!” He said still laughing.

I knew the only way to get him to stop tickling me. I bit him on the arm.

“Bloody Hell Nicole!”

“That's your punishment.” I said pushing him off of me.

“Not cool!” He said.

“Neither is tickling. Now take 'your bloody shirt.'” I said throwing his shirt at him. “And don't you dare say anything about me not wearing a shirt right now.” I said walking to my suitcase.

“I'm sorry love.”

“Good.” I said grabbing a tank top to throw on.

“So what time's your party tonight?”


“Same here.”


“Nicole, love, are you really mad at me? It was just tickling.”

“And I hate being tickled, it's like a torture device to me.”

“I was tickling you when I told you I loved you.”

“Actually you were tickling me BEFORE you said it.”



“I love you, and I'm sorry for tickling you.”

“And I'm sorry for biting you.” I said giving him a kiss. “I love you.”

“I love you more!”


“Let's go see if anyone else is awake.” Lou said taking my hand.

We knocked on Dani and Liam's door, but they were either not there or alseep. We knocked on Zayn's door and he answered.

“Yeah?” He said sticking head out.

“Umm we were just checking to see who's up. Sorry bye.” I said walking away quickly. I had a suspicion that he had a girl in there. I felt Lou tug at my arm.

“Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Is there some reason you don't have the entire door open?” Louis said suspiciously.


“Lies. Come on Lou, let him gt back to the girl.”

“Dude! We got in a 2 a.m. Who would you have found to do?”

“Nobody. Goodbye.” Zayn said shutting the door.

“I never pegged Zayn as the man whore.”

“Yeah, me either.” Lou said rolling his eyes at the new Zayn. We knocked on Harry's door.

“Hey guys, come in!” Harry said opening the door.

“I'll let you two hang out, I'm going to check on V and Ni.” I said kissing Lou's cheek before walking away.

Louis' POV

“Is she ever going to hang out with me again?” Harry said shutting the door behind me.

“I don't know dude. I mean you proclaimed your 'love' for her and then she passed out. So I'm gonna say it'll take a while.”

“It's been almost 5 months!”

“Key word here is a while. She just needs to feel like you two can be friends without her feeling guilty.”

“Do you think the wedding will help that?”

“It's hard to say.”

“I just miss hanging out with her.”

“I know, but dude, we'll find you someone at my wedding.” I said laughing. “That still seems weird to me. Mywedding.”

“It's weird to hear you say that!” Harry said laughing.

Nicole's POV

At about 5:30 I started getting ready for my bachelorette party. I had packed a sparkly strapless black cocktail dress. I curled my hair which took about 45 minutes. I put on some makeup. I went a little darker with it, deciding to be bold. And bars are dark anyway! When I had finished my makeup it was about 6:35. I had twenty five minutes. I looked through all my jewelry and found a little silver bracelet with an infinity symbol. I slipped that on and put on my sparkly red pumps. These were my grown up ruby red slippers! I texted Lou trying to find where he went.

“Hey handsome, where are you?”

“Harry's room.”

“Well I'm leaving soon, so if you want to see how hot I look, you come to me.”

“On my way!” Reading his last text caused a small laugh.

“3...2...1.” When I finished my countdown our door flung open. “Hey there!” I said walking over to Lou.

“Wow.” He said, as he wrapped his arms around my waist.

“I know.” I laughed.

“I'm glad this is going to be mine soon.”

“Understandable. But I have to go now.” I gave Lou a kiss as I walked towards the door. “Oh and no strippers.” I said with a straight face.

“Same to you love!”

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