A New Love

A meet and greet that becomes so much more for two young girls. Together they find a new love with the boys.


82. Funeral

Louis' POV

“I'm ready.” Nicole said, still sitting on the bed.

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Louis, they wanted me to speak. I have no idea why, but they wanted me to. It's the least I can do.” She said wiping away a single tear.

“Alright, well let's go.” I said taking her arm.

These past two days have been rough. I feel like she has been constantly crying. And I know it's tough on her, but it's tough on me because I can't do anything to make her feel better. How do I comfort someone who lost two of her oldest friends. I sighed and kissed he cheek where a tear had fell.

“I know I'm a wreck.” She said hanging her head in shame.

“It's ok. You're allowed to be. It's just you and I, you're allowed to cry, you're allowed to shout, to cuss, to hit something, to breakdown. You're allowed.”

“Thanks. But I think I just need to get through today. The viewing was rough, but at least with the funeral, I don't have to look at them. Lifeless. It's still seems unreal that they're dead, even though I saw them, I don't want to believe it.” She buried her head in my chest as we made our way to the limo.

“Hello Carl.” I said nodding my head.

“Mr. and MRS. Tomlinson.” He said causing Nicole to smile a little.

“Thank you.” I mouthed to him. Even though it was just for a short second, I loved seeing her smile.

We arrived at the funeral home and Nicole found us seats next to Jess.

“How ya holding up?” Jess asked Nicole.

“Well it's tough, and I'm still crying all the time, but I'm getting there. You?”

“I'm finally accepting it, and while yes, it's still tough, I'm getting there too.”

“Good.” She said hugging Jess.

The funeral started and Nicole and Jess began crying almost instantly. I had just realized that Mac wasn't here. I got lost in my thoughts, the time I realized I was daydreaming it was time for Nicole to speak.

“Dan and Alec. When I found out I was supposed to speak, I cried more than I already was. And I wondered, why me? What did I do? Other than turn Alec gay.” She said with a wink causing everyone to giggle a little. “But for real up until the funeral started I wondered what made me so special? Then I slowly started to realize. I'm going to give you some background info before I actually say what I realized, and I'm gonna see if you can figure it out as well. When I was in 8th grade, Dan and I dated, but how much can 8th graders really date? And then in my 9th grade year, Dan came out to me. I'll never forget it. It was during truth or dare. He wanted so much not to tell me, but a game's a game. So after about an hour of sitting there trying to get him to confess what we already knew, he did. And I was never more proud of him. Then in 10th grade I had a HUGE crush on Alec. I was too afraid to really talk talk to him though, so I asked my best friend Dan too. And Dan being my bestie, he did. And of course Dan started to fall for Alec, but Dan wouldn't act upon it because I liked him, and Alec wasn't sure if he was gay at this point. So Alec finally asked me out, and of course I said yes!” She took a second to breathe, and even though she was trying so hard not to cry, I saw a tear fall from her eye. “When we broke up, I found out that Alec used me to see if he was gay. And well I was the last girl he dated. I was so angry. But more than angry I was hurt. It hurt my self esteem, my mind, I was literally depressed. Not because he broke up with me, the fact that he used me. And I took my anger out of him. But we finally became friends again, and I'm glad, but I will never stop regretting how I treated Alec. And yeah we moved past it, but it still hurts me to think that it happened. So now the lesson part. Everyone you ever meet will be a part of your life, whether you were best friends for 5 years or 5 days.” She was really crying by now. “And yes, you may forget the ones who were there for 5 days, but if someone impacted your life, it doesn't matter how long you were friends, and it doesn't matter if you talk much anymore. All that matters is that they were there when you needed them. They made such an impact, that they will always be there in your heart. All along I thought Dan helped me that night I made him text Alec, turns out I helped him. I love you Dan. I love you Alec. I'll never forget the impact you've made on my life.” She stepped down and put her hands on each casket. “Why?” She said through her sobs. “Why you two?” She returned to her seat, and I'm pretty sure there wasn't a dry eye in the place.

When the funeral had finished Nicole said she didn't want to go to the burial. It was too much for her, and I'm kind of glad she want to go.

“Want to get some Dinner or something?”

“Sure.” She said quietly.

“Is it all seeming real now?”

“Yeah, but I'm kind of glad. I think it'll help me move on.”

“I understand.” She simply looked up at me and smiled. “So where do you want to eat?”

“I don't really care.”

“Well you know this area a little more than I do.” I said kissing the top of her head.

“How about Chinese?”

“Sounds perfect.”

“What's today's date?” Nicole asked in shock.

“May 17th. Why- Oh it's Virginia's birthday!”

“I have to call her. But I don't want to ruin her birthday or trip....”

“Just call and tell her happy birthday.”

“I'll put it on speaker so you can wish her happy birthday as well, even though if she knew what happened today, it wouldn't be so happy....”

“It's ok Cole.” I pulled her in closer to me and just hugged her.

“Hello!” Nicole said to V.

“Hey! I don't have much time to talk, what's up?”

“Happy birthday!” Nicole and I said simultaneously.

“Thanks guys! What are you too up to today?”

“We're just about to grab some dinner. How's Disney?” I said.

“Great! We're so thankful for this trip guys.”

“Good. I'm glad.” Nicole said frowning.

“Ok well we have to go now, thanks again!” She said before hanging up.

“I feel so bad not telling her.” Nicole said.

“But you think it's what's best for her.”

“I do. But I also think she'll be upset.”

“I know she will be, but after all she's been through, and besides, she wasn't ever very close with those two.”

“I know, but still.”

“I promise you, it will be ok.”

“I love you.” She said kissing me.

“I love you more.”

“I love you most.”

*Next Day*

Nicole's POV

“Delilah! Mummy missed you so much! Three days is way too long for Mummy to be without her little girl!” I said walking into the house. I saw Liam playing with Delilah on the ground, and I heard her sweet giggles.

“Lila missed Mummy too!” Liam said hugging me. “How ya doing?”

“Ok, better, but not quite there.” I said smiling. “Better now that I see Dee also.”

“Good. Where's Louis?”

“He's getting the bags, but he knew I needed to see Lila.”

“Oh well I'll go help!”

“It's too late for that Mate!” Louis said walking in struggling with all of our bags.


“You better be! Now it's my turn to hold Delilah!” Lou said taking her out of my arms. “Hi baby! Daddy missed his little girl so much! Did Lila miss Daddy? Did she? She did? Good!” He planted kisses all over her head making her giggle more. It was so cute.

“Well I'm assuming you two want some alone time with your daughter so I'll just get my stuff and get out of your hair.” Liam said going towards the stairs.

“Thank you so much Liam. I'm eternally grateful, and here's your reward.” I said handing him a check for $200.

“Nicole, you don't have to.”

“Liam, you watched my 3 month old for 3 days. Overnight. You deserve more than this, but I thought I could get you to take $200.”

“Nicole, Delilah is my niece, watching her is the highlight of my days. I love it! I'm not going to take your money.”

“Liam. Take the check. Spend it on Hilary! You have a date tonight!” I said smiling.

“Only for Hilary.” He said taking the check.

“Good.” I gave him a kiss on the cheek and went back to Louis and Delilah. “Louis, why don't you go help him get his stuff together?”

“Sure thing darling.”



A/N: Kinda short, but moving! Anyway, Next chapt is Lilary's date! Oh la la! Hope you enjoyed! And please keep commenting, I LOVE THEM!

-Nicole <3

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