A New Love

A meet and greet that becomes so much more for two young girls. Together they find a new love with the boys.


67. First Picture

Nicole's POV

I woke up the next day to see Lou asleep in a chair next to me, Harry sitting against the wall asleep, with Nic lying her head in his lap. Niall was sitting against the foot of my bed, with V resting her head on his shoulder. Zayn was lying in the middle of the floor, and Liam was sitting in the other chair in the room.

“They never left you.” The nurse whispered walking in the room to check my vitals.

“We're one big family.” I said laughing quietly. When she was finished I decided to wake up Lou. “Louis, wake up dear.” I whispered kissing his forehead.

“Huh, what? Is everything ok?” He said sitting up, and looking around.

“Everything's fine. I just needed someone to talk to!” I said smiling.

“Oh ok.” He said kissing me.

“Can you believe we're parents?”

“Not really, and I can't believe her name is Delilah!” He said happily.

“Yeah, yeah.” I said laughing. “Let's go visit her!”

“I'll just go make sure it's ok. Do you need a wheelchair?”

“Probably.” I said laughing a little bit. After about a minute Louis came back in with a wheelchair. He carefully helped me into the chair then maneuvered the chair around Zayn.

“So love, yesterday, when you were in labor, you said you hated me. That's not true right?”

“Louis, I said I hated you because you did this to me. But honestly love, I love you more for doing that to me.” I said smiling. “Yeah it hurt like a bitch, but we have a baby now! I can't believe you thought I was serious! How often do I say stuff I don't mean?”

“A lot, I just really wanted to make sure you didn't hate me!”

“Louis, I love you. I love you more everyday. Now let's go see our daughter.”

When we got to the nursery Delilah was sleeping.

“She's perfect.” I whispered, in awe of our daughter.

“Just like her mum.”

“Oh stop.” I said laughing quietly.

“We can bring her to your room if you'd like.” The nurse said smiling.

“I'd love that.” I said happily.

“We'll bring her shortly, if you'd like to go to your room.”

“Thank you!” Louis said before pushing me out of the nursery.

“I just realized Edward and Delilah were born on the same day.” I said to Louis while laughing. “OH MY GOD! EMMA! I DIDN'T TELL HER!” I said stopping the chair.

“Want me to take you to her room?”

“Let's go back to my room first, then we'll go visit her when I have Delilah.”

“If that's what you want!”

When we got back to my room Niall and Liam were awake, but everyone else was still asleep.

“Nicole!” Liam said excitedly.

“Hi Li.” I said kissing his cheek.

“How are you feeling?” He asked, Niall nodding in agreement.

“I'm good, a little sore, but I'm good. They're bringing Delilah to the room for me.”

“YAY!” Niall said excitedly.

“When do we get to post a picture on twitter of her?” Liam asked.

“We haven't really talked about it. But we wanted to tell you guys this, so we'll just say it now. We're gonna call her Lila as a nickname. I mean you would've figured that out, but Delilah is a mouthful.” Louis said laughing.

“That's fine.” Niall said laughing. “But back to the picture!”

“Ugh! Niall! Louis and I will think about it.”

“Just remember, the fans are expecting it. Niall and I got 1DBaby, BabyTommoIsHere, CongratsTomlinsons, and DelilahAnneTomlinson trending.”

“We'll get a picture, but I want to at least look pretty when we get it.”

“You're per-fect!” Liam said imitating himself from the Best Song Ever music video.

“Oh my God.” I said laughing. “You know, I watched that video at least 50 times, like actually watching it, I played it so many more times than that though.”

“Aww my babe helped us break the record!” Louis said smiling.

“I know, I'm great. Or should I say per-fect?!”

There was a knock on the door, it was the nurse bringing Lila in.

“Mr. and Mrs. Tomlinson? Are you ready for your daughter?” The nurse asked smiling.

“Yes!” I said happily. “I have a friend who just had a baby also, would it be ok if I went to visit her?” I asked the nurse.

“As long as it's not for too long.”

“Thank you!” I said happily. Lila was awake now, and she was just observing the world around her.

“Can I hold her Nicole?!” Liam asked.

“I'm gonna visit Emma, but I promise when I get back, you can be the first to hold her.”

“Then me?!” Niall asked.

“Yes, then you Ni.”

“Good.” They both said happily.

I was still in the chair, as I picked up Lila and Louis and I headed over to visit Emma. Lou parked me outside the room first and walked in and started talking to Emma.

“So how's Edward?” Louis asked.

“Eddie, he's great. Where's Nicole?”

“She's coming.”

“Oh good. She needs to have Baby Tommo soon, Eddie needs a friend!” She said laughing.

“You haven't been on Twitter lately have you?”

“Not since I've got here, why?”

“I'm gonna go check on Nicole, I'll be back in two seconds.” Louis came back out and then wheeled me in the room.


“Emma, meet Delilah Anne Tomlinson, 7 pounds 4 ounces. Born at 9:34 pm. February 26th.”

“Oh my gosh! Nicole! She's gorgeous! She looks like both you and Lou. Oh Nicole! She's perfect.”

“Thank Emma. Now I meet Edward?”

“Eddie! Yes! This Eddie, who I told you about already.”

“Oh Emma! He's adorable. Congrats.”

“Thank you!”

“And I hate to cut this short, but I'm not allowed to keep her out to long. So we're going to go back to my room, come visit though! Room 939.”

“Alright! Will do!” She said waving goodbye.

When we got back to the room I handed Lila off to Liam, Louis and Niall helped me back into bed.

“So Nicole, we have an interview later today. Maybe we should do a photo before the interview.” Louis said.

“Why do you have an interview?”

“Because we're famous.” Louis said laughing.

“Fine. I guess I can go get a shower and put on some makeup.”

“Want some help?” Louis asked smiling.

“I'm perfectly capable of showering by myself, but thank you.” I said laughing.

When I was done in the shower I saw Liam was still holding Lila.

“Liam, did you give Niall a turn with the baby?” I asked in my best mom voice.


“Pass her over, gently.”

“Ok...” He said handing Lila to Niall.

“Wow you're catching on to this mom stuff quickly.” Louis said laughing.

“I know.” I said smiling. “It's 11. Why are they all still asleep?” I asked.

“Good question. If Lila wasn't in here I would obnoxiously wake them up. So they're lucky.” Louis said shaking Harry, causing Nic to wake up. Niall woke V up, even though he was terrified. V was mean when you woke her up. Liam woke Zayn up. At first everyone thought something was wrong, but then when they saw nobody was panicking they all calmed down.

V did my hair and Nic did my makeup. Having a baby was fun if it meant other people would pamper me! I sat in the bed, Louis sitting next to me, and held Delilah. Harry took the photo for us and then sent it to twitter as Louis.

“@LouisTomlinson: Delilah Anne, perfect in every way. I have the perfect life and family. Xx”

I laughed when I read that. “That's so not Louis, but ok.” I said still laughing. “My turn!”

“@NicoleTomlinson: First look at the most perfect family in the world! @LouisTomlinson”

The boys and girls all got photos with Lila as well.

“@ZaynMalik: I'm in love with my niece.”

“@LiamPayne: Now youu all can seee what the fusss was aboutt! Perfect, right? Xx”

“@NiallHoran: Meet Delilah ! Ah ! Cutie !!”

“@HarryStyles: Babystagram.”

“@NicoletteJames: I want one!”

“@VirginiaHillman: Aunt V and little D ;)”

*At The Interview*

Louis' POV

“So I know you just became a father yesterday, but how is it so far?” Rose, the interviewer asked me.

“I love it. I'm sorry to everyone else who has had kids, but Nicole and I made the perfect one. She's my everything. And I can't even describe it.” I said smiling at the thought of Delilah.

“So boys, how do you feel about Baby Tommo?”

“I'm already in love with her.” Harry said, the other boys nodding in agreement.

“If she's this cute now, she's gonna be a heart breaker.” Zayn said laughing.

“Well she's not dating until she's 25, so...” I said laughing as well.

“Isn't that kinda of hypocritical? I mean, you're not EVEN 25 and you're married with a baby.” Rose said.

“Do as I say, not as I do, right?” I said laughing.

“And she'll listen to her father so...”


“So how did you guys get the idea of Delilah as a name?”

“Well a fan of mine, I believe her name was Danielle, suggested it because of my X Factor audition, and I really liked it. Nicole however wasn't sold on that name. We even made a deal that we would name Lila, Elizabeth. And then I could choose our son's name when we have one. And I agreed, but I kept mentioning it. And it was going to be Delilah Anne Tomlinson, or Elizabeth Charlotte Tomlinson, even though that was a long name, we really liked it. Then when Lila was born, Nicole just looked at her, looked at me and said Delilah Anne. I'm pretty sure I cried.”

“Aw! That's so cute, and you can always save Elizabeth for your next daughter, if you have another.”

“Yepp! That's what we decided to do.”

“So boys, did you contribute any name ideas?”

“We did. I suggested Harry.”

“Well Harry for a girl would have been a bit awkward wouldn't it have been?” Rose said trying not to laugh.

“Maybe.” Harry said pouting. 

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