A New Love

A meet and greet that becomes so much more for two young girls. Together they find a new love with the boys.


1. First Date

I took a deep breath. This was it, I was finally going to text Louis Tomlinson back. He had texted me earlier this morning asking if I wanted to hang out tonight. After my little freak out I texted my friend Virginia and asked if she wanted to come too. She said yes, so I had all the info I needed.

“Hey Louis, I would love to hang out tonight. And if it's all right could I bring a friend, maybe she an Niall could join us?” I texted quickly while my hands shook uncontrollably. Within a minute I felt my phone buzz, I looked down to see a message from Louis.

“Great! And Niall is super excited to see Virginia, he thought she was beautiful but he was afraid to ask for her number. Haha! Gotta love him :P” Seeing that he was already able to joke around I felt way more comfortable. I quickly called V and told her the great news. She was so excited that he said yes she almost passed out. Wanting to get ready together I grabbed my keys and drove over to her house.

“Oh my gosh, Nicole! We have dates with Niall and Louis! Can you believe it? It seems like only a week ago we were fangirling over them...” Virginia said with half of her make up done.

“V, that's because it was only a week ago...” I said trying to control my laughter. “Now, let's get pretty!”

*1 Hour Later*

“Virginia! The boys are here! Let's go, now!” I said as I grabbed my handbag and went to answer the door.

“Ok, I'm coming. Don't you dear answer the door without me! I'm serious, I'll bite you if you do, and don't think I'm kidding!” Virginia screamed from her bedroom.

“Ok, well you need to get over here, now.” I yelled, taking slow dramatic steps towards the door. “The boys are gonna leave soon if you don't get over here! Oh my gosh...”


“Louis, I'm super nervous, I couldn't even ask for her number and now I'm supposed to be able to talk to her all night? What did I agree to?”

“Niall, calm down. Virginia likes you, she genuinely likes you. If she didn't want a night out with you Nicole wouldn't have suggested it. And you think I'm not nervous? It took Nicole an hour to text me back this morning. Maybe she only said yes out of pity?”

“True. And Lou, don't worry about it! Maybe she was just asleep? Or maybe she fainted because Louis Tomlinson from One Direction asked her out! So we both need to calm down because we already rang the doorbell, so we should just stop talking before they realize how freaked out we are...”

*Back Inside*

“Ok, I'm ready. Now let's just hope that they are...” Virginia said as she reached for the doorknob.

“Oh! Uh, hey, Virginia. You look beautiful. I'm glad you came tonight!” Niall said as he looked down blushing.

“Thanks Niall, I'm glad I came tonight too.” Virginia said also blushing.

“Nicole, you look amazing! And these are for you!” He said handing me a bouquet of flowers.

“Oh my goodness Louis, these are beautiful! Thank you! How did you know peonies are my favorite flowers?!” I said smelling the big bouquet of flowers. “Let me just put these in a vase then we're ready!”

“Virginia, I forgot I have flowers for you too. I hope you like white lilies.” Niall said as he pulled the bouquet of lilies out from behind he back.

“White lilies are my favorite flowers! Thank you so much Niall.” Virginia said as she gave him a small kiss on the cheek. “Let me get a vase for these!” She turned away before she could see how hard Niall was blushing.

“Ok, well wanna go to dinner now?” Louis said as he grabbed my hand.

“Is that even a question?” V and Ni said in unison.

“Haha! Let's go!” Lou said as he opened my door for me.

*At the Restaurant*

“So Nicole, you and Virginia have been friends since 9th grade?” Louis asked me while eating his spaghetti.

“Well I was in 10th grade, but she in 9th grade. So I guess you could say that we've been friends since 9th grade.” I said trying to control my laughter.

“So Virginia, have any nicknames I could call you?” Niall asked while shoving his face with food. Virginia looked at me instantly knowing the nickname I was thinking of. She told me about it on like the second day I knew her. Virgina. She used to find it so funny when someone would call her that. Now, however, not so much. So since she was my best friend I kept my mouth shut and let her talk.

“Well some people call me V. In high school I got called Vagina. But I hate being called that, so if you could not call me that, that would be great!” V said still eye balling me. I got up and asked Virginia to come to the restroom to freshen up with me.

“Don't worry V, I'm not going to tell Niall that you got called Virgina, because I mean honestly, I think by you telling him you got called Vagina is way worse than if I would tell him about Virgina.”

“Oh my goodness! You're right...Ugh! He probably thinks that I'm a freak now! What do I do Nicole?! Ugh! Why didn't you kick me and tell me to shut up or something? I would do that for you with Louis! This was my shot!”

“Virginia, calm down. Niall probably had some stupid nickname in high school too! And I'm sorry I was distracted. Doesn't Louis look incredibly handsome? And he is being so sweet and perfect and...”

“Nicole, I get it.”

“Oh, sorry. Anyway we need to get back out there. Let's go.”

“Hey, glad you're back! I missed you!” Lou said as he kissed my cheek.

“Missed you too, Lou! So how are your sisters?”

“They're great! Charlotte has a boyfriend, and I'm not really sure I'm ok with it! But he is a nice boy, so that's good.” Louis said laughing.

“That is good! I know when I got my first boyfriend my brothers were flipping out! I'm sure that they would flip if they knew I was with you right now.” I said laughing really hard. I looked up to see Lou staring at me. I freaked out thinking maybe there was something in my teeth or something, so I looked to Virginia and did our secret motion asking if there was something in my teeth and she motioned back no. What was wrong? Did he hate my laugh? What?

“I love your laugh Nicole. I love how you're not afraid to be who you are.” Lou said not breaking eye contact.

“Thank you.”

“Oh geez, you too just met and you're already talking about your love!” Virginia said bluntly, causing everyone to laugh.

*Back at Virginia's House*

“I had a great time Lou. I'd really like to do it again sometime.”

“Me too Nicole. Maybe next time just you and me though?”

“Definitely.” And just like that Lou pulled me in and kissed me. Something about this kiss was different than any before. Better than any before. I knew that this was the start of something amazing. I walked in V's house and walked right by Niall and V “saying” goodnight. V walked in about 1 minute later. “HE KISSED ME!!” We screamed simultaneously. It was a good night. I knew neither Virginia nor I could ever forget that night. Just then I got a text from our best friend Jessica.

“Nicole, we have a big problem, we need to talk ASAP. Call me.”

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