A New Love

A meet and greet that becomes so much more for two young girls. Together they find a new love with the boys.


9. Dress!

*Next Day With Louis and Nicole*

Nicole's POV

I decided to wake up early and cook my fiance some breakfast. All he does is spoil me, I decided it was time for a change.

“Love, what are you doing?” Louis says. I turn to see Lou standing there completely dressed and ready to go.

“I was making you breakfast, but you're already ready? You were asleep when I left the room...”

“Maybe I was pretending!”

“Why would you be pretending to be asleep? That's weird and stupid.” I said trying to figure everything out. “Oh well, where are you going?”

“The boys and I have a charity event this afternoon.”

“But it's morning?”

“Yes, and I don't have to leave for another hour and a half. And by the way you look beautiful this morning!”

“Thanks.” I said blushing. “But I'm not wearing anything special?”

“You don't need to. You always look beautiful!” He said pulling me in for a kiss.

“Oh! Now I see what you want!” I said playfully. “Anyway, we have the rest of our lives for that! Now we need to pick a date for the wedding, and a location. V, Nikki, Em and I are going dress shopping!”

“Let me pay for it!” Lou said smiling.

“No. I don't want you to! Thank you for offering, but this is something I would like to pay for myself. Alright? Now a date. It's August 30th. School starts on Tuesday. What about May 23rd? It's my parents anniversary, and I think it gives us plenty of time for planning and I think it would be sweet to get married on their anniversary.”

“That sounds perfect! Now for a place? America or London?”

“Ugh. I don't know...I have a lot of people there. And you have a lot of people here..”

“Let's do it there.”

“Lou we don't have to. I have friends here too. Surely more than you have in America! Let's do it here.”

“No. I want to do it in the US. I want to see more of it anyways, we get to see our friends from here all the time. How often do we see your friends and family there? Hardly ever. Either place we choose there will be people who can't come. I want this to be your day. Your day, your country.”

“Are you sure Louis? I don't want us regretting it.”

“We won't. I'll have everyone I love there. So will you!”

“Ok, well if you change your mind, let me know.”

“Will do!” Lou said giving me a kiss.

“Alright, well I have to get to my appointment. I love you.”

“Ok, I love you too! See you later, love.”

*Dress Appointment*

V was the first to show up. “Hey there Blushing Bride!”

“Hey V!” I said giving her a big hug. “You know what I just remembered? The boys go on tour in two weeks. I don't know how I managed to forget it.”

“It'll be okay, at least it's just a European tour! It could be a lot worse!”

“True.” Em and Nikki came shortly after.

“Hey Em! I can't believe just a month ago I was finding out about your engagement and now here we are, shopping for MY wedding dress!” I said giving her a hug. “And Nick! I'm glad you're still here!” I said giving her a hug too.

“Yepp, looks like I'm moving here!”

“Ahh!” V and I said simultaneously.

“Oh! Emma, I don't know if you've met Nicolette. I know you've met Virginia before. Nicolette, this is Emma. Emma, Nicolette.” Hello's were exchanged, then a lady came over to me.


“Yes! That's me!”

“Hello, I'm Aurora, I'll be helping you find your perfect dress today!” I shook her hand as she led me and the girls back to a private viewing area. “So who do we have with you today?”

“Well this is my oldest friend, Nicolette. This is my best friend, Virginia. And my close friend, Emma.”

“Nice to meet you girls. So tell me about your wedding?”

“Ok, well obviously, I'm marring Louis Tomlinson. We're getting married next May, on the 23rd. It's going to be in America, probably somewhere near my hometown. And yeah.” I said laughing.

“That's nice. Now tell me what kind of dress you're looking for.”

“Alright, I like either strapless dresses, or off the shoulder straps. I like lace, but I love anything shiny more. I like slight sweetheart necklines, a-lines, ballgowns. Basically I want to be a princess!” I said laughing again.

“Alright, I'll go pull some possibilities!” After about 8 dresses I finally found THE dress. It was everything I had wanted since I was a little girl. I said my goodbye's to the Nikki and Em, V and I were going to grab lunch together.


“So, did you ever find out if you were pregnant?” I asked V while looking at the menu.

“I'm not. I'm glad, but I'm also sad. I didn't want to be pregnant, but the thought of carrying Niall's child was exciting to me. I didn't want to force Niall into a marriage because I was pregnant. I want it to happen when we're both ready. And I can tell you right now I am not ready to be planning a wedding. I love Niall, but I'm just not old enough for marriage. It'll happen when it's supposed to. I'm done rushing things.”

“Good! I feel like Lou and I are rushing things, but I'm not scared. If anything, I'm excited. Honestly, 3 months ago when we were at that concert and we were lucky enough to go the meet and greet, I never thought I would be ENGAGED to Louis. It's funny how one little thing can change your life so much!”

“Agreed. So how about you?”

“How about me, what?”

“Are you pregnant?”

“Am I what? I must have heard wrong. I thought you said Pregnant.”

“Nicole, I love you. But are you pregnant?”

“I don't know.”

“Well you might want to figure it out. You're getting married. You purchased a dress. Your wedding isn't for another 8 months. If you are pregnant, you'll be HUGE!”

“Thanks. I don't think I am. I just think I was sick yesterday. Because I haven't thrown up at all today, and I've been a lot less emotional.”

“True.” Virginia and I finished our lunch and parted ways. I decided I would stop by the drug store and get a pregnancy test, just to be on the safe side. As I was walking I got a text, Twitter.

“@EmmaRichins: Had a GREAT time with @NicoleBonsell, @VirginiaHillman and my new friend @NicolettePotter Let's do it again sometime!” Another text, again from Twitter.

“@LouisTomlinson: Where is my love when I need her?! @NicoleBonsell” What was Louis doing now? He should just be at the charity event. I guess I'll give him a call.

“Hey Love!”

“Louis, what's wrong?”

“Nothing! The event ended early. When are you going to be home?”

“I don't know. Maybe 30 minutes.”

“Ok, well come see me as soon as you get home.”

“Will do. But what was that tweet about?”

“I just need you, but it can wait half an hour!

“Ok.” I got to the drug store and bought a pregnancy test. Luckily, the cashier was a friend of mine, because I didn't need this rumor getting out. I drove home and went to see Lou before I did anything else, he was in the music room.


“Hey babe.”

“I wanna sing something for you.”

“You don't have to!”

“I said WANT didn't I?”

“Yes, go ahead.” I said before giving him a quick kiss.

“This is for you my sweetheart.”

Ho Hey- Lumineers


(Ho!) I've been trying to do it right
(Hey!) I've been living a lonely life
(Ho!) I've been sleeping here instead
(Hey!) I've been sleeping in my bed,
(Ho!) I've been sleeping in my bed


(Ho!) So show me family
(Hey!) All the blood that I would bleed
(Ho!) I don't know where I belong
(Hey!) I don't know where I went wrong
(Ho!) But I can write a song

1, 2, 3
I belong with you, you belong with me, you're my sweetheart
I belong with you, you belong with me, you're my sweet


(Ho!) I don't think you're right for him
(Hey!) Look at what it might have been if you
(Ho!) Took a bus to China Town
(Hey!) I'd be standing on Canal
(Ho!) And Bowery
(Ho!) And she'd be standing next to me

1, 2, 3
I belong with you, you belong with me, you're my sweetheart
I belong with you, you belong with me, you're my sweetheart

Love ‒ we need it now
Let's hope for some
So, we're bleeding out

I belong with you, you belong with me, you're my sweetheart
I belong with you, you belong with me, you're my sweet


“Thank you Louis! And you're my sweetheart!”

“Not a problem love. I have a question to ask you.”


“Would you object to having two weddings? A super simple small one here and then a big one in the US?”

“Not if that's what you want! I just want you to be happy baby!”

“Thank you!” He said as he pulled me in for a long kiss.

“It's not a problem, but what made you change your mind?”

“Just thought it would be cool, and unique! Oh and Nicole?”


“What would you say if I asked you to come on tour with me?”

“I would have to say no. I would love to, but darling you know I have a job. I can't miss three months of school. I wish I could, but I just can't.”

“Yeah I thought so, I just had to check.”

“It's fine.”

“I'm going to cook you a wonderful dinner tonight! I want to show you how much I love you.”

“No Louis, it's fine. I'll cook, since I couldn't make you breakfast. And I want to be able to eat it!” I said giving him a playful shove. He pushed me back, just hard enough for my purse to fall off my shoulder. Out of it fell the pregnancy test.

“Nicole. What is this?”

“Well it's obviously a pregnancy test.”

“Are you?”

“I don't know. That's why I bought it.”

“Let's go.”


“The bathroom. We're going to find out.”


“No. We're going to figure this out.”

“Ok.” He took my hand and lead me into the bathroom. I took the test and we stood there waiting for the timer on my phone to go off. “I'm pretty sure this is the longest 5 minutes of my life.”

“Same here. But Louis...”

“Nicole. I already asked you to marry me. Whether there is a baby in there or not I will marry you.”

“But with a wedding in May, I'd be huge by then!”

“I don't care. I love you.” Just then my timer went off. We both looked down in shock. It was negative. “No baby!”

“No baby..” I actually thought I was pregnant. “I'm glad, but I'm also kinda sad. Wow. Deja vu.”



“Ok, and I know you're sad, but we'll have babies. As many as you want! Just think, now you won't have to worry about being pregnant for the wedding!” Somehow Louis could always cheer me up. Always.

“Thanks love.”

“No problem sweetheart.” Louis said pulling my in for a hug and giving me a kiss on the forehead.

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