A New Love

A meet and greet that becomes so much more for two young girls. Together they find a new love with the boys.


6. Dinner And A Little Music

A/N: I decided to make the boys' twitters just their name and nothing else (No underscores or words, like official, real etc.) . I know not all of them have just that, it was just my choice to do that. And sorry, the wedding will be next chapter! I just got caught up in this and it was already really long. So enjoy!

I pulled out my phone to tell Louis about the dinner, but just as I did I got a message from Twitter, I got the boys updates sent to my phone. “@LouisTomlinson: Missing my wonderful girlfriend, @NicoleBonsell, very very much! Come home baby! Xoxo” What a catch he is! I decided to not to tweet him back, and just text him. “Hey BooBear! Thanks for the tweet(: I miss you too! So guess who I ran into today! My bestie from America, Nicolette. I kinda invited her and the boys to dinner tonight...Is that alright? We can have our alone time afterward(; I have to run to the store to pick some stuff up. Can you invite the boys for me? Thanks love. ♥ Xoxoxo Nicole” Insantly I felt my phone buzz. I love that Lou always texted me back right away.

“Not a problem goregeous!♥ And that's exciting! When you get home tell me more about her. And I actually invited the boys for a hang out session, so I'll just text them it's changed to dinner! ♥ I love you. Xoxoxo Louis”

“I love you too. Xx” I love him so much it hurts. I have never felt a physical pain from loving someone. I walked into the store, grabbed a shopping cart and went to the produce section.

“Nicole? Nicole Bonsell? Is that really you?” I looked up to see my ex boyfriend from my senior year of high school standing right in front of me. What is up with all the sudden trips to England?

“Oh. Edward. Hi.” I said quickly. I really didn't want to talk to him. Our relationship had ended badly. And when I say badly, I mean he's the reason I wanted to go an England University. I broke up with him, so there for no feelings left, but I just got an eerie feeling from him.

“Nicole! Don't act like that! I have a girlfriend, I just cannot believe you're here in England! It really is a small world. So what have you been up to?!” He said while touching my shoulder. I casually put his hand down.

“I just finished University. I got a job, and I've been dating Louis Tomlinson of One Direction for about 3 months. So I've been up to a lot. I hate to rush, but I have a lot to do before I get home. Sorry. It was nice seeing you! Bye Edward!” I said walking away. I didn't think he would physically hurt me, but I just didn't want, or have the time, to stand and talk to him. Edward and I dated for about 6 months during my last year of high school. In about the last two months of our relationship he was slowly getting creepier. He would freak out if I ever hung out with any of my friends without him there. When I would stop texting him to get a shower or something, he would call my mom to make sure I was ok. If I was driving and couldn't text he would flip out on me when I stopped driving. He freaked out if he didn't approve of my outfit that day. He was just getting way to clingy. I mean clingy can be cute, but give me some space please! When I told him I thought we needed to breakup for a little while he went nuts. He would videotape me and literally stalk me. I told my parents and my dad was pissed. He called the police telling them what was happening and they said since he posed no physical threat at that moment they couldn't do anything for me. I couldn't take it anymore. He just freaked me out. I wasn't scared, just freaked. He kept it up for the last two months of school too. That's when I made the decision that England was the best place for me. And while yes, I do miss my parents, at least I'm here safe! I got my groceries and left the store to make my way home. Being my newly cautious self I put my groceries in the back of my Jeep, then checked the back seat and anywhere else Edward could possibly be hiding. The jeep was fully checked, so I got in and drove home, looks like I'll have to tell Louis about Edward.

*At home*

“....So that's why I came to England.” I said shaking. I had never really told anyone except V, Nic, Jess, and my parents. Jess and Nic only know because they saw it going on. V knows because I dragged her to England with me. I told her the second she graduated she was to come to England.

“Oh my gosh. Nicole, love, I just want you to know that I'll protect you. And if I can't be there to protect you then I'll have security with you. I'm being one hundred percent serious. I love you and I can't have anything happening to you. It's not just because of this Edward guy. That's some of it, but it's partially because you are dating a famous person. People might really start to threaten you. I can't have you getting hurt either love. So, no protesting. Thank you for telling me about him! I'll take care of it. I love you baby.” He said before pulling me in for a deep kiss. I love that Louis was doing that for me, but I didn't think it was completely necessary.

“What ever you say babe. Well I should go start dinner, I just thought I should tell you in case anything happened.” I said before giving him a quick peck on the lips.


Just as the oven beeped to tell me the chicken was done the doorbell rang. So I quickly took the chicken out of the oven and ran to the door. The first one there was Niall and V. “Virginia! I missed you so much, it's been way too long since we've hung out! And Niall, good to see you! Lou is in the music room. You can go back there if you want.”

“Alright! Thanks love.” Niall said, giving me a peck on the cheek.

“Nicole! I miss you!” V said as she pulled me in for a big hug. “So let's talk!”

“Go for it, but come into the kitchen, I have to finish the carrots.”

“Alright! So when I was in Paris with Niall he told me he loved me.”

“Yeah...” I said not getting her point. “I already knew that.”

“Yeah, well anyway. We slept together.”


“I haven't gotten my period.”

“Virginia...didn't you pay attention in health?!”

“Psh. No. But I know how babies are made...and we used protection. But things happen.”

“I know. But are you sure it's not just late? Because your period was really screwed up in high school. Maybe it's just that!”

“I just don't feel right about it this time.”

“Ok, well does Niall know?”

“No. I wanted to be sure before I told him. If I'm pregnant Nicole, I don't know what I'll tell him...” She said crying into my shoulder.

“Listen V, if you can sit through this dinner, we'll make a doctors appointment tomorrow. Ok? Good.” The door bell rang again, this time it was Liam and Dani. “Hey Li, hey Dani! I'm so happy to see you guys! Liam, Louis and Niall are in the music room, you can join them if you want.”

“Sounds good Nicole! Thanks for having us!” Liam said giving me a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Yeah Nicole, it was really nice of you and Lou for having us! Lou said you have a friend joining us from America?”

“Yeah! Her name is Nicolette, but we call her Nikki or Nic. And her husband is James, but we call him Jimmy, and she has a little boy named Jacob, Jake.”

“Sounds nice! So what brought them to England?” Dani asked.

“A visit.”

“Ahh..” Just then there was a knock on the door. Whoever it was decided to switch it up! No more bells. Zayn and Perrie. I am so excited for their wedding! Perrie was is a sweetheart!

“Hey DJ Malik!” I heard Virginia shout from the kitchen.

“Hey V! Perrie wanna go to the kitchen with the girls? I'm assuming the boys are in the music room?”

“Correct.” I said as I welcomed them in. Just as I was shutting the door I see Hazza get out of his car. I feel bad for him. I really do. He deserves a nice girl to have a nice relationship with. In the three months I had dated Lou I had grown really close to Harry. He had become like another brother to me. I felt my phone buzz. Just a tweet. “@HarryStyles: Dinner with the boys and girls at @NicoleBonsell's. God love her.” “I love you Harry!” I shouted out to him as he walked up the path.

“You saw my tweet?” He said somewhat blushing.

“I know all Harry! You should know this by now! I know that you're going to walk into my house. Grab a soda from the fridge, go to the music room, because you know that's where Lou is at. And before you walk off you'll give me a kiss on the cheek and say 'Thanks love.' I also know that you won't know because I said this.”

“Damn. You are GOOD!” He said pulling me into a hug and walking straight to the music room.”

“Ok, well now we're just waiting on Nicole and Jimmy.” I said walking back into the kitchen just to hear the doorbell ring again. Thanks Nic. You couldn't have come a minute earlier?! I answered the door and decided to prep Nicolette. “Ok, so the boys and their girlfriends/fiance's are all here. They are all super nice, but fangirl now. Not in front of them. They get sick of girls fangirling in front of them. They will treat you like they've known you forever! Oh and when we get together they end up singing. They even tell themselves they won't but they really do.”

“Um. Ok. Wow. I'm really about to meet One Direction. Wow. Um. Breathe. In. Out. Ok, I think I'm good.” Nic said calmly.

“Alright, then I'm going to go get them now. This is the living room. If you just wanna chill in here, I'll get everyone. I'll send V in now though.” I walked into the kitchen to grab V. “Hey Victor. Wanna go sit with Nikki?” Victor was another one of our many nicknames between my friend group.

“Sure! You go get the boys and take the girls with you!”

“Yepp! Alright, oh and try to calm her down! She's freaking out about meeting 1D.”

“Ok!” She said walking into the living room. I knocked on the music room door.

“Um. Hold on dear! We'll be right there.” I could hear shuffling of chairs and what not. I could hear slight mumbles.

“We have to make sure it's still a surprise.” I thought I heard Niall saying.

“Make sure Perrie has no idea of this!” Zayn whispered.

“Nicole either. It's really important that she's clueless.” Lou said. Clueless about what. I was getting very impatient and suspicious now. I knocked on the door again.

“Louis William Tomlinson! You guys need to get out here. NOW.” I said using my angry voice. I wasn't even mad, and the girls could tell I was just kidding, so there was some giggling about the hallway.

“Sorry babe!” He said opening the door and pulling me in for a deep kiss. All of the others around us were pretending to gag.

“Alright, so Nicolette is really nervous about meeting you guys, so if you could just act normal around her, that'd be great!” I said leading them into the living room. “Nikki! Ok, so you probably know who everyone is, but oh well. Nicolette, this is Louis, Zayn, Harry, Liam, and Niall. These are the girls, Danielle and Perrie. Everyone, this is Nicolette, her husband, Jimmy, and her son, Jake.” Each time I said someone new there we 'hellos' passed around. “Dinner should be ready now, so if you guys just wanna go to the dinning room Lou and I will bring the food in!” They all started making their way to the dining room when I heard Niall and V fighting.

“Niall, if you eat all the chicken I will punch you!” Virginia said running to the table.

“Nuh huh!” Niall said like a three year old. “You'll eat all the chicken first! I know you.”

“Shut up Niall!” She said playfully pushing him. Those two were really good for each other. And even if she was pregnant, Niall would love her. Niall would marry her. I know he would, I mean I hope he would.

“So Virginia is still the same old Virginia?” Nicolette asked, walking into the kitchen.

“Of course! Does that even surprise you?!” I answered laughing.

“Well can I help you two bring anything to the dining room?”

“No, go, enjoy yourself, talk to the boys! They are really laid back guys, I'm sure you'd love to get to know them better! So get back in there!” Louis said pushing her into the dinning room. “Now that we're alone.” He said pulling me into him.

“Boo, we have guests!”

“I don't care.” He said as he gave me passionate kiss.

“Seriously though, Niall and V will kill us if we don't get the food out of there ASAP!”

“Alright! I love you.” He said taking out some food.

“I love you too!” I said taking the rest of the food.

“So Louis, are you taking good care of Nicole? She is like my sister, you know this right?” Jimmy said intensely looking at Louis.

“James! Of course Louis takes care of me. And you haven't even talked to me in 6 months! Don't pull this 'she's like a sister' crap!” 

“Whoa, back off! It was a joke, love.” Louis said grabbing my knee.

“I know, I'm just saying!”

“Nicole gets feisty when she's mad!” Harry said laughing.

“Oh, trust me! She really does! Nicole and I have known each other for what seems like ever, and when you get her started she finishes it.” Nikki said.

“I've also realized this, and I've only known her for 3 months!” Zayn added. Of course everybody was laughing at this point.

“Guys! Is this gang up on Nicole night or what?” Virginia said standing up for me.

“It's cool, I've got it V. I'm going to be the better person. Thank you guys for paying enough attention to me. Enough to realize that I am a feisty person!” At this point everyone was dying of laughter.

“Touche.” The boys said all together.

“So you guys really are like this all the time.” Nic stated.

“Umm no. This is them on their best behavior!” Dani said trying to control her laughter. Perrie nodded in agreement.

“Oh wow. Nicole and Louis, thanks for having us by the way!”

“It's not a problem, our friends are always welcome!” Louis said kindly.

“Ha! I like how you're inviting people to my house!” I said jokingly. “But he is right! You guys are ALWAYS welcome here.”

“Love, I spend ninety percent of my free time here. Let's get real this is basically our house.”

“Yeah. We'll go with that!”

*After Diner in the Music Room*

Louis' POV

As we walked into the room for our tradition of singing I had realized that I had never really heard Nicole sing. Like I've heard her joke around in the car or sing in the shower, and she was always really good, but I had never heard her sing just by herself. “So guys I think that everyone should sing! Not just us. We need to change our tradition slightly. So I think the boys and I will start and then I think Nicole should go next!”

“Alright! You know Nicole, Nicolette and I were in a band in high school? We also had another member, but she decided to leave us. Our name was The Only Way. It was fun! I think I still remember our YouTube channel, it was like TheOnlyWayMusic. It was pretty good! We could all sing together.” Virginia said bravely. I liked that about her, she always made Nicole do things she wouldn't normally do.

“Alright well we'll start with one of my favorites. This goes out to our amazing girlfriends, and fiancees!” Louis said looking directly at me.

Little Things- One Direction

Your hand fits in mine like it's made just for me
But bear this mind it was meant to be
And I'm joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks
And it all makes sense to me


I know you've never loved the crinkles by your eyes when you smile,
You've never loved your stomach or your thighs
The dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine

[Zayn + Liam]
But I’ll love them endlessly

I won't let this little things slip out of my mouth
But if I do, it's you, oh it's you, they add up to
I'm in love with you and all these little things

You can't go to bed without a cup of tea
Maybe that's the reason that you talk in your sleep
And all those conversations are the secrets that I keep
Though it makes no sense to me

I know you've never loved the sound of your voice on tape
You never want to know how much you weigh
You still have to squeeze into your jeans

[Harry + Niall]
You're perfect to me

I won't let this little things slip out of my mouth
But if it's true, it's you, it's you, they add up to
I'm in love with you and all these little things

You never love yourself half as much as I love you
You'll never treat yourself right darling but I want you to
If I let you know, I’m here for you
Maybe you'll love yourself like I love you oh

I've just let these little things slips out of my mouth
'Cause it's you, oh it's you, it's you they add up to
And I’m in love with you (and all these little things)

I won't let these little things slip out of my mouth
but if it's true, it's you, it's you they add up to
I'm in love with you, and all your little things.

As we finished the song I see Nicole whisper something to Virginia. Did she not like it? I remember her telling me one time that was her favorite song. As I ponder what Nicole whispered I hear Niall yell. “Nicole it's your turn!” I turn to see Niall handing V the guitar.

“Ok so I can't play the guitar, so V is gonna do that for me because she loves me!” She said laughing. “Most of you probably know this song, so enjoy!”

The Only Exception- Paramore

When I was younger I saw my daddy cry
and curse at the wind.
He broke his own heart and I watched
as he tried to reassemble it.

And my momma swore
that she would never let herself forget.
And that was the day that I promised
I'd never sing of love if it does not exist.

But darling,
You are the only exception.
You are the only exception.
You are the only exception.
You are the only exception.

Maybe I know somewhere
deep in my soul
that love never lasts.
And we've got to find other ways
to make it alone.
Or keep a straight face.
And I've always lived like this
keeping a comfortable distance.
And up until now I've sworn to myself
that I'm content with loneliness.

Because none of it was ever worth the risk.

Well you are the only exception.
You are the only exception.
You are the only exception.
You are the only exception.
You are the only exception.

I've got a tight grip on reality,
but I can't let go of what's in front of me here.
I know you're leaving in the morning
when you wake up.
Leave me with some kind of proof it's not a dream.

You are the only exception. [x4]

You are the only exception. [x4]

And I'm on my way to believing.
Oh, and I'm on my way to believing.

I never realized how amazing her voice was. I mean I had heard her but it was amazing. I ran up to her and gave her a big hug. “I love you gorgeous. Don't you ever forget that.”

“I love you too BooBear.” As I looked around the room I saw a lot of tears. Wow. My woman has a powerful voice.

“Now a special treat! The Only Way.” Virginia said like an announcer.

“And the crowd goes wild” Nicole said as she made crowd noises. “Nikki get your butt up here! We are singing a song! NOW!”

“Alright, alright! But this is the last song because Jimmy and I are gonna have to go and put Jake to bed soon.”

“That's fine! But get up here, we're singing one of our favorites.” Virginia said huddling them all together. You can hear some whispers but nothing audible.

Titanium- David Guetta

You shout it out,
But I can't hear a word you say
I'm talking loud not saying much
I'm criticized but all your bullets ricochet
You shoot me down, but I get up

I'm bulletproof, nothing to lose
Fire away, fire away
Ricochet, you take your aim
Fire away, fire away
You shoot me down but I won't fall
I am titanium
You shoot me down but I won't fall
I am titanium

Cut me down
But it's you who'll have further to fall
Ghost town and haunted love
Raise your voice, sticks and stones may break my bones
I'm talking loud not saying much

I'm bulletproof, nothing to lose
Fire away, fire away
Ricochet, you take your aim
Fire away, fire away
You shoot me down but I won't fall
I am titanium
You shoot me down but I won't fall
I am titanium
I am titanium
I am titanium

Stone-hard, machine gun
Firing at the ones who run
Stone-hard as bulletproof glass

You shoot me down but I won't fall
I am titanium
You shoot me down but I won't fall
I am titanium
You shoot me down but I won't fall
I am titanium
You shoot me down but I won't fall
I am titanium
I am titanium



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