A New Love

A meet and greet that becomes so much more for two young girls. Together they find a new love with the boys.


70. Competition

Nicole's POV

“So I was thinking about a 'friendly' competition between our boys. What do you girls think?” I asked Nic and V, we were oovooing since we couldn't be at each others house's ALL the time.

“I like that idea, but what would be the competition?” Nic asked.

“Well how about the boys have one week to see who can be the most romantic, because all of our boys are romantic, but they're all sarcastic little fuckers too.” I said laughing hard.

“True that!” Virginia said laughing.

“So let's make the rules. Today is what? Sunday. How about next Sunday we all tweet what the boys did for us that week to whoo us and let the fans choose the most romantic?” Nic suggested.

“Well let's say they have to do the whooing on Saturday. Then we tweet on Sunday. And no eloping! So then they have until basically Saturday to figure out what they're doing.” Virginia said.

“Sounds good, and I'm already married so don't have to worry about the eloping.”

“And no trips! You must stay in London!” Nic added.

“What's the prize?” Virginia asked.

“Well he'll be crowned Mr. Romance. And the other two loosing boys have to pay for the winning couple to go on a week trip to....Hawaii!” I said smiling.

“OMG! My fiance better win!” Nic shouted.

“Oh and one final rule, the woman isn't allowed to talk to the boys about their plans. And since the fans pick it doesn't really matter, but the boys aren't allowed ANY help.” I said with a sinister smile.

“Evil.” Nic said laughing.

“Anyway, I think I hear Delilah crying. So I'll type up the rules and email them to the boys and you girls just in case you forget.” I said winking. “Bye! And may the best man win!” I hung up and then went to check on Lila and found Louis had already got her.

“Hey babe, I didn't hear you come in!” I said kissing him on the cheek.

“I walked in and heard Lila crying so I ran up here. What were you doing that you couldn't get her?”

“I was discussing something with Nic and V and I hung up to come get her.”

“I'm glad that they're more important than our daughter.”

“What the fuck? Why are you fighting with me?”

“You're always talking with your friends that you can't even come check on our daughter.”

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me.”

“I'm not fighting with you. I don't know why you're picking a fight with me, but I'm not fighting. I love you. And I love you princess.” I said kissing Delilah's head. “I'm going to go get a shower if you would continue watching our daughter please.”

“I can do that.”

“I love you Louis. I love you and Delilah more than anything in the world.” I said leaning to kiss him but her turned his head. “Umm ok?” I kissed his cheek and then walked out.

Louis' POV

I really hated being a dick to Nicole for no reason, but the boys and I were having a competition to see who's is the most romantic. We didn't want the girls to know what we were doing so they'd be completely caught off guard. And I really hated this dickish approach. I held Delilah in my arms and sang to her. She quickly drifted off into sleep and I placed her back into her crib. I sat in the chair in the nursery for a good ten minutes just thinking. I walked into our room and sat on the bed. I could hear Nicole singing in the shower. Even though she was just messing around it was still amazing.

“Jesus take the wheel. Take it from my hands, cause I can't do this on my own. I'm letting go. So give me one more chance, to save me from this road I'm on. Ohhh Jesus take the wheel. Oh I'm letting go! So give me one more chance to save me from this road I'm on, this road I'm on. Jesus take the wheel. Oh take it, take it from me.” She sang with the same amount of soul as Carrie Underwood. I slowly walked into the bathroom and sat on the closed toilet seat.

“Nicole?” I said softly.


“I want to apologize for earlier.”

“It's ok, but I don't know what I did to deserve that.”

“You didn't. I love you Nicole. With every fiber of my being. I love you.”

“I love you too Louis.” She poked her head around the shower curtain and puckered her lips. “I think you owe me a kiss.” She said laughing.

“I think I do.” I said kissing her softly.

“That's better.” She said before resuming her shower.

Niall's POV

“I'm home Virginia.” I shouted as I walked in our house.

“Alright.” I heard her yell from somewhere in the house.

“Where are you?”

“Computer Room.”

As I made my way up the stairs I thought about how hard was going to be to give V the cold shoulder. Harry is such an idiot. Why did we have to be rude to our girls? They wouldn't know what we were up to anyway!


“So let's find out who the most romantic man here is.” Harry suggested.

“I'm game.” Louis said.

“So let's wine and dine our ladies on Friday night. Then on Saturday we tweet what we did and the fans pick who the most romantic fella is. First one to get for example #HarryWins trending wins. So for you two it'd be #NiallWins or #LouisWins.”

“Let's make some rules though.” Louis said.

“Right, ok no using a baby in your plan.” I said laughing.

“Fine. No eloping in your plan.” Louis said looking at both Harry and I.

“Deal.” Harry and I said simultaneously.

“You must stay in England. You can leave London, just make sure you stay in England, so no Ireland, Niall.” Harry said laughing.

“Fair enough.” I said putting my hand up in defense.

“Should there be a spending limit?” Louis asked.

“Probably, how about $10,000?” Harry said.

“Whoa mate. That's a lot of money for ONE night.” Lou said.

“How much was your wedding?” Harry asked.

“$50,000? Why?”

“That was one night.”

“That was a full day, and it was a wedding! Not some competition and I bet your wedding with Nic will be DOUBLE that.” Lou said causing him and I to laugh.

“Oh well. How about $10,000?”

“How about $5,000?” I said.

“Yes.” Louis agreed.

“You boys are cheap.” Harry said rolling his eyes. “And lastly. No telling your girls about this. As much as it's going to suck we have to give them the cold shoulder act. And they'll probably be super pissed, but it will make Friday EVEN MORE special.”

“That sounds like a horrible idea.” Louis said.

“I agree. V has a temper. I don't need her getting pissed at me.”

“We have to! Just try, don't be super mean, just ignore them a little. And a tad mean.”

“This still sounds like a horrible idea.”

“Definitely, but I guess I can TRY it.”


“Good. Now let's shake on it.”

*End Flashback*

“Hey dear! How was your day with the boys?”

“Fine. Who were you talking to.”

“Nic, and Cole.”

“Again? Can't you even go a day without talking to them?”

“No. And I don't ask you to go a day without talking to the boys. Because I don't think you could.”

“Bullshit! I obviously could.”

“Whatever. What do you want for dinner? I was just about to get something started.”

“I don't care. You're the woman.”

“Bitch make your own dinner.” She said getting up and leaving.

“Virginia wait. Harry was making us be total douche bags to our girls, I can't do it though.”

“You were doing a damn good job of it.”

“I can't keep being a dick. Virginia! I love you, come on let's make some dinner together.”

“Or you can make dinner for both of us.” She said with a sarcastic smile.

“Whatever you want.” I said kissing her cheek.

“I'll think about forgiving you.” She said laughing.


Harry's POV

“Nicolette.” I said sternly.

“Harry.” She said imitating me.

“Why isn't dinner ready? I work hard all fucking day and you're a fucking chef, I deserve to come home to some dinner.”

“It's in the oven.” She said questioningly.

“Good.” I said sitting down. “Clean the house today?”

“No. I didn't get to it. I visited Jake earlier then I had some business to work out with Nicole and Virginia.”

“That's not an excuse.”

“Whatever.” I saw her pull out her phone, I assumed she was texting Cole or V.

“Who you texting?”

“Jimmy. I left my purse at his house.”

“Why are you texting Jimmy?”

“I just told you. I left my purse at his house.”

“I think that's just an excuse to see him.”

“Why would I wanna see the only man in the world who is a bigger douche bag than you're being right now?”

“Excuse me?”

“You're being a dick. And I'm not putting up with it.”

“Whatever.” I said rolling my eyes.

“I'll be a Nicole's.”

“Who says they want you there? They're a family. You can't just drop by anytime you'd like.”

“Oh really? Watch me.” She said just before walking out.

Nicole's POV

“Come on Delilah!” I said frustratedly. I was trying to put her in her pajamas but she kept kicking the buttons undone. I was running on about 4 hours of sleep for that day and now at 6:30, I just wanted her to go to sleep so I could get a nap.

“Let me help.” Louis said. He was walking by the nursery when he saw me struggling.

“Thanks.” I said kissing his cheek.

“It's my job as daddy to help mummy.” He said in his baby voice.

“You're such a great husband. And father.” I said smiling.

“Great enough to make a sibling for Delilah?” He said laughing.

“Louis. Delilah is only a month old! Stop trying to knock me up again.” I said laughing.

“I want my wife barefoot and pregnant! 24/7!” He said wrapping me up in his arms.

“Oh really?”

“Ok, maybe 13/4.”

“That was a random number, and because that makes tons of sense.” I said laughing.

“It makes perfect sense!” He pulled me in for a kiss, but we were interrupted by the doorbell.

“You finish with Delilah and I'll get the door.” I said kissing his cheek and walking out. “Nic what are you doing here?”

“Harry's being a dick. Can I come in?”

“Harry's being a dick? Weird. Louis was earlier, but I told him I wasn't fighting then he came and apologized and we're back to our perfect couple, perfect family state.” I said laughing.

“Well he's pissing me off. Can I come in?”

“Well Louis and I were just about to take a nap. He's actually putting Delilah down now.”


“I'm sorry. I really am, but we're new parents. We have a lot to do and we hardly have alone time, and we just- we're a family. And I love you Nic, but we need a warning before you come now.”

“It's fine, I'll go visit V or something. Sorry.” She said turning around.

“Who was that?” Louis asked walking down the stairs.


“What'd she want?”

“She said Harry was being a douche and she wanted to chill here, but I need a nap, and I was hoping you would join me!” I said taking his hands and leading him up the stairs.

“I'd love too.”

Virginia's POV

“Virginia wake up.” Niall said shaking me lightly.

“What the hell? I'm sleeping!” I said rudely.

“Nicolette is at the door.”

“She's going to pay for waking me up.” I said getting up from the couch to answer the door. “What. Do. You. Want.”

“Harry's being a douche. Can I come in?

“I was sleeping. And you need to know how to handle your fiance. Niall was being a douche earlier and now he's being an angel.”

“That's odd. Nicole said Louis was being a dick too.”

“NIALL!” I shouted.


“Why were you and Louis being douche bags earlier, and why is Harry currently being a dick?”


“I'm waiting.”

“I'm not allowed to tell you guys. We shook on it. But it will get better. Friday we're taking you all on dates! But that's all I'm at liberty to say. And what's this email from Cole?”

“Don't change the subject.”

“I can't tell you!”

“Whatever.” I said harshly. “But Nic go home and tell Harry to get his fucking act together or you won't be going on any date on Friday.”

“Virginia....” She whined.

“Get your act together.” I said shutting the door.

“But for real, what's this email?”

“Did you read the email?”


“Well then I suggest starting with that.”


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