A New Love

A meet and greet that becomes so much more for two young girls. Together they find a new love with the boys.


76. Bye Bye Baby

Louis' POV

“@LouisTomlinson: Shopping Trip, Rented a restaurant that over looks London, took her to the spot where we had our first kiss! #SecretComp #DirectionersVote”

“@HarryStyles: Paintball, doesn't sound romantic, but we had so much fun! #SecretComp #DirectionersVote”

“@NiallHoran: Rented McDonald's... she loved it. And remember, more stuff happened, but McDonald's is the gist of it... #SecretComp #DirectionersVote”

 “Just by looking at these tweets, we so won!” Nicole said entering our room with our sleeping daughter in her arms.

“Obviously. I'm clearly the most romantic!”

“Oh definitely.” She said laughing. “Let's go downstairs, I have breakfast made.”

“What?! That was my job today!”

“Well you were slacking.” She said still laughing.

“Well then!” I said kissing her cheek. “Let's go downstairs!”

We made our way to the kitchen and started eating when I heard a knock on the door, I knew exactly who it was. 

“Who's that?” Nicole asked very confused.

“It's part of today's competition!”


“Let's just go answer the door.”

“Ok?” Nicole asked still very confused. When she opened the door I was glad I had Delilah. I'm pretty sure Nicole would have dropped her.

Niall's POV

“What do you mean a competition?!” Virginia shouted.

“The boys and I had a secret competition, and by the looks of things, I think Louis and Cole are gonna win.”

“No shit Sherlock! You took me to McDonald's!”

“But you love McDon-” All of a sudden I noticed Virginia keel over in pain. “Are you ok?”

“No.” She managed to say.

“Do you need to go to the hospital?” I asked frantically, she nodded.

I picked her up bridal style and I felt something wet. I looked at my hand and noticed blood. I ran to the car and drove like mad to the hospital.

“Hello sir.” The person at the front desk said.

“I think my fiancee is having a miscarriage.” I spit out all at once.

“What makes you think that sir?”

“She's bleeding and she's in pain, and she is or was pregnant!” I nearly shouted.

“Alright. Someone will be out to get her in a few minutes.”

“No! Not a few minutes. I'm Niall fucking Horan and this is my soon-to-be wife. Now get her some help NOW.”

“Please don't use that tone of voice with me sir.”

“Ok mom. Now get her some help.” I said very obviously pissed off. “Now I understand why Louis prefers St. James over this hospital!”

“A doctor is on their way now.” The woman said.

“Thank you!”

“I think....I think I'm having a miscarriage....” Virginia said tears flowing down her cheeks.

“What?” I asked kneeling next to her.

“I lost the baby!” She said now balling. Moments later a doctor came out with a wheelchair for V.

“Did she miscarry?” I whispered to the doctor.

“I think so, but I can't say for sure.”“Alright.” I said wiping a tear from my cheek.

“Niall... I can't believe I lost the baby. And I just told you about the baby!”

“Virginia, it's ok.” I said taking her hand.

“I was responsible for this baby and I've failed. It wasn't even born yet, and I've failed.”

“Ms. Hillman, I can say with 100% certainty there was nothing you could have done to prevent this. I know that doesn't ease your grief, but you can't blame yourself.“I'm the mother! You can't understand what this is like. I don't care if you are a doctor. You'll never understand this.” She said sobbing uncontrollably.

“I'm gonna go talk to Nicole, ok? I'll be right back.” I said before kissing her.

“Hurry back please.”

“I promise!” I said before running out of the room. I quickly dialed Nicole's number.

“Hello!” She said happily.

“Nicole? Are you busy?”

“Nope, just at my house. Why?”

“Virginia, she's in the hospital. She had a miscarriage...”

“She what?!”

“She lost the baby. She's at St. Luke's room 2043.”

“Louis and I are on our way.”

“Thank you.” I hung up and quickly dialed Nicolette's phone. She didn't answer so I called Harry.



“Yes. What is it?”

“Virginia, she's in the hospital.”

“Nic and I are on our way! Which hospital?”

“St. Luke's, room 2043.”

“Ok. We'll be there in 15 minutes. Just have to drop Jake off at his dad's.”

“Alright, thanks lad.” I said before hanging up.Nicole's POV

“Louis, we have to go to the hospital.”

“What?! What's wrong? Are you ok? Who was on the phone?”

“Mom, Dad, can you watch Lila for us?” I asked quickly.

“Yeah, are you alright?”

“I'm fine, it's Virginia, we have to go.” I said grabbing my keys. “Bye Lila, I love you.” I said kissing her head. “Bye Mom, Dad. And thanks!” I said kissing their cheeks.

“What's wrong with Virginia?”

“She had a miscarriage.”

“She was pregnant?!"

“Yes. About two and a half months.”

“Wow. Did you know? Did Niall know? Any of the boys know?”

“I knew, she told Niall last night, I don't think any of the boys knew, but Nic did.”

“Wow... I can't imagine what she's going through right now.”

“I can't either. My heart goes out to her. Especially now that I'm a mother. You develop this bond with your child almost instantly. It was probably the moment I found out I was pregnant I started bonding with Delilah, and to have the bond just taken away...I can't even imagine how horrible she feels.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well even though you can't necessarily prevent miscarriages, the mom feels responsible for every little thing that happens with the baby. And loosing it makes you feel responsible for killing the baby.”



We arrived at the hospital and went directly to Virginia's room. She was sitting on the bed with Niall's arms wrapped around her. She was bawling her eyes out. I had only ever seen her break down once. And that was in Disney when she thought she threw out her wallet and they told her that there was no way for her to get it back. I thought that was bad, this was that breakdown x25. I walked in and just wrapped her in a hug.

“I know.” I said rubbing her back.

“You don't know. I just lost a child. You have one. She's very much alive.”

“I know I don't know what your going through, but I do know you have a ton of people who care about you and want you to know this isn't your fault. There was nothing you could do to prevent this.”

“It doesn't matter how many people tell me that it wasn't my fault. I will continue to feel like it was my fault. It doesn't make sense! First you take my mom, and now my child! Why God? Why doesn't anything bad happen to Nicole or Nicolette? Why is it always me? I don't understand?! What the hell have I done to deserve this pain you've caused me?!” 

“Virginia...” I said quietly.

“No Nicole. No. You don't get it. I don't care if your a mother. You don't understand what I'm feeling. When you loose your child, you tell me what your feeling and then we can talk. Don't give me this bullshit.”

“Virginia. I know you just lost a child, but you need to realize you can't change the fact that it happened, the only way it's going to get better is if you just accept it.”

“Nicole...” Louis said coming up to me.

“No Louis. She needs to hear this. I know it's heartbreaking, but Virginia the child is gone. The only thing you can do now is try again! As hard as it's going to be for you, you need to cope with it.”

“Virginia!” Nic shouted, running in. “Are you ok?”

“No I'm not ok.” She said sobbing again. “I lost a child.”

“Did you know that I miscarried?” She said sitting down with us.


“Before I had Jake. Jimmy and I were newlyweds and we got pregnant, like Cole and Louis. But I was about 10 weeks, so about as far as you, and I went for an ultrasound and they couldn't find a heartbeat. It was the toughest thing I'd ever had to deal with, but once I did it made me even more thankful for Jake.”

“Why didn't you tell us about this?"

“I thought that if I didn't talk about it, it wouldn't hurt so much, but that's not the case. Just realize as much as it hurts to talk about it, it will get better.”

“How long does it take?”

“For me it took until Jake was born to fully cope.”


Breaking News: One Direction's Niall Horan is seen carrying his fiancee into St. Luke's Hospital! Other members,including Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles seen with their girls entering the hospital as well. More info to come on Virginia's status. Virginia and Niall are currently engaged and Virginia is one of three members for The Only Way, others being Louis Tomlinson's wife Nicole Tomlinson and Harry Styles fiancee, Nicolette James. Stay tuned for more information. 






A/N: Whoa! Sorry that took SOOOO long! I really feel bad.... and feel free to yell at me in the comments. Haha! But for real I hope you enjoy! And Nicole's parents are in England? Why? Whoa! What's gonna happen with Virginia? And Nicolette miscarried? Who knew?!


Nicole Xxxxx

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