A New Love

A meet and greet that becomes so much more for two young girls. Together they find a new love with the boys.


18. Broken

*After the Party*

Nicole's POV

I had such a great day, Louis surprised me and came home for my birthday. He took me out for a fantastic dinner, then threw me a surprise party. Maybe 23 wasn't going to be boring after all. Louis payed for Jess and Mac to fly over here, which was way too nice of him. But I appreciated it. Louis spent WAY too much money on me today.

“Louis, thank you for everything. Not just today, but everything.” I said pulling him in for a hug.

“Nicole, love, you don't have to thank me. I do this because I love you. I can't even explain how much I love you. You just mean the world to me and you deserve the best.” He said kissing the top of my head.

I looked at the clock. It was 11:32. “In 28 minutes it will no longer be my birthday.” I said fake pouting.

“Does somebody wish it was their birthday everyday?” Louis said with sass.

“Um obviously!” I said sarcastically.

“So did you enjoy everything you got?”

“Yes. But you were my favorite surprise.” I said giving him a quick kiss.

“I can understand.” He said laughing.

“I can understand. Haha.” I said mocking him.

“Are you mocking me?” He said.

“Why yes, Sass Master from Doncaster. I am!”

“Oh someone's a crazed fan!” He said pointing down at me.

“Harry's here? Where?!” I said jokingly.

“You're just so clever, aren't you?!” He said sticking his tongue out at me.

“Eh, yeah. I am. I'm not gonna lie.” I said laughing.

“Oh really. Will your cleverness help you escape this?!” He said picking me up, throwing me over his shoulder.

“PUT ME DOWN!” I yelled.


“Louis William Tomlinson! Down. Now.”

“Ok!” As he said that he meant to throw me on the bed, but he missed, and I fell on my wrist. I had surgery on that wrist in 8th grade, and it still gave me a lot of problems. “Oh my God! Nicole! Are you ok? I'm so sorry! I didn't mean for this to happen!”

“I'm fine.” I said with tears in my eyes.

“I know you're lying. You're crying! Obviously you're not ok! I'm taking you to the hospital!” Louis said running to find his keys.

“Louis, we don't have to go to the hospital, I'm fine!”

“Nicole Elizabeth!”

“Fine. We'll go.”

When we arrived at the hospital it was 12:14. There were a few people in the waiting room, but it didn't look too busy. Louis gave the front desk my information then we waited. A little girl who had her arm all bandaged came over to us.

“Are you Louis Tomlinson?” She said excitedly.

“Yes I am! What's your name?”


“Well it's nice to meet you! Do you know my fiancee?” She nodded her head.

“Nicole?” She asked questioningly.

“Yes. Nice to meet you.”

“What's wrong with your arm?” Louis asked.

“I fell out of bed.” She said looking down.

“It's ok! I fell before I even got in bed.” I said glaring at Louis.


“Yepp. If we get casts, I bet I can get Louis to sign them for us!”

“Really?!” She said, her face lighting up.

“Yes!” Louis said, smiling.

“Nicole?” A nurse asked.

“Yes. That's me.” I said standing up.

“Follow me please.”

“Alright. See you Penelope! Oh and if you're done before us, wait out here, and if we're done before you, we'll wait for you alright?”



I had a broken wrist. I picked out a light blue cast and got Louis to sign it. We walked out in the waiting room to see Penelope sitting there almost asleep. “Penelope?” I said kneeling down, Louis' hand on my back.

“Nicole! I thought you guys left. I was a little sad.”

“No sweetie! We're here! I got a nice blue cast. How about you?” I said pointing to my cast.

“Green!” She said holding up her hand.

“Ok, Louis you agreed. Sign her cast for her!”

“Right away!” He said pulling out a Sharpie.

When he finished that, we both gave her a hug and walked out.

“I think you just made that little girls childhood right there.” I said.

“Maybe, but you were so sweet with her.” He said as he held my good hand.

When we returned I went up to our bedroom. I changed into shorts and a tank top. I was going to straight to bed, because by the time we got home it was 2:44. Louis was right behind me. Actually, he didn't even change first.

“Louis.” I whispered.

“mmmm” He grumbled as he rolled over.

“Louis, why don't you go change?” I said lightly shaking him.

“Sleep is calling me..” He said pushing me away.

“Fine, but don't complain to me tomorrow when you wake up in your jeans.” I said getting under the blankets.

“Fine. I'll go change.” He said bitterly. Louis didn't always like when people woke him up, but honestly I didn't either.

*Next Day, Nic and Zayn*

Nic's POV

Zayn and I were spending the day together. I wasn't entirely sure what we were going to do, but still, it was a day with Zayn. 

“Nic?” Zayn said walking into my apartment.

“Hey Zayn!” I said before giving him a hug.

“So today, want to stay in, or go out?”

“Stay in!” I said jumping up and down.

“Stay in it is.” He said laughing.

“So what are we supposed to do now?”

“Well we could watch a movie, play a game, bake, sing, make up a new game, build a fort, watch TV, write a book, write a play, anything!”

“Wow, umm I think we should start buy coloring!” I said cheekily.

“Whoa! Coloring was NOT on the list ma'am.” Zayn said laughing.

“Well that's just too bad, because we're going to color.”

“Sounds great!”

“That's what I thought. Let me just go print out some coloring pages.”

I returned with about 20 coloring pages. 5 Nemo ones, 5 animal ones, 5 1D ones, and 5 Princess/Barbie ones.

“Wow. Think you have enough, love?”

“Um...no.” I said confidently.

“Whatever you say..”

We laid on the ground and colored for about an hour, we would talk and laugh at each others coloring. It was perfect.

“I can't believe you have never watch Finding Nemo!” I said in shock.

“I never really had a reason too.”

“Other than the fact that it's an amazing movie! I'm 23 and I still love it! That's it. Put your colored pencils away!” I said standing up. “We're watching Finding Nemo.”

“Yes ma'am!” He said obediently.

After Nemo was over I decided to make us some lunch.

“What do you want for lunch dear?”

“How about PB&J's?!” He said excitedly.

“If that's what you want.”

“It is!”

“Ok, what do you want with your sandwich?”


“AKA Chips....”

“Love, you're in England. It's crisps.”

“I know, I know...”

“It's ok!”

“I know! I wasn't sad!” I said laughing.

After we finished eating lunch Zayn wanted to build a fort. Seriously I felt like I was watching a five year old. I didn't care though. It was a lot of fun. Once the for was built, Zayn wanted to play Battleship in it. I beat him, and he got upset and stormed out of the fort. Once I calmed him down, he laughed about it. Then we decided to sing, but that could only last so long. After singing we decided to watch another movie, The Little Mermaid.

“I love The Little Mermaid!” Zayn said excitedly.

“You've seen this, but not Nemo.. You're kidding me right?”

“I don't joke about The Little Mermaid.” Zayn said with a straight face.


*V and Niall*

Niall's POV

“I missed you when I was on tour.” I said as I pulled V into me.

“Thanks?” V said.

“You didn't miss me?” I said confused.

“Yes and no. I mean I don't really miss people. I feel bad saying that. But I'm never just like 'Wow, I really miss them.' It's nothing personal, it's just me.”


“Niall, don't be upset. It's just my personality. Sorry I don't cry like Nicole, because she misses someone. I'm just not like that.”

“I understand. But hey, who cares? I'm here now.”

“Right.” V said before giving me a quick kiss.

“So what do you wanna do today?”

“I wanted to go to the mall.”

“The mall it is then.” I said as I took her hand and headed for the car.


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