A New Love

A meet and greet that becomes so much more for two young girls. Together they find a new love with the boys.


20. Broken Wrist Card

*Nicole and Louis*

Nicole's POV

So it's December 20th. I still had a cast, but I had another appointment after Christmas break. Louis' birthday is coming up in four days. I had a few things planned for him. We were flying to America to spend some time with my family for a week, then we would spend a few days with Louis' family. The school that I taught at had three weeks off for Christmas this year. I was super excited to just relax for three weeks; however, when we were in America we had a lot of things to check on for our wedding. I was interrupted from my thoughts by a loud crash. “Louis?” I shouted as I ran up the stairs. I ran into the music room to see the drum set knocked over. “Louis! Are you ok?” I said helping him off the ground.

“Yeah, I just tripped and bam! I knocked over the drum set. I've been around you too long!” He said laughing.

“Oh sure. Blame it on me.” I said laughing as well.

“I guess I'll let it go..for a fee.” He said with an evil smile.

“Oh really?!”

“Yes. I want dinner, and dessert!” He said smiling.

“Need I remind you that you broke my wrist?” I said laughing.

“Oh sure, pull the broken wrist card.” He said with sass.

“I will!”


“But seriously, I'll make my little klutz dinner and dessert.”

“Yay!” He shouted.

“What do you want for dessert?”

“Surprise me love.”

“Alright, but you need to finish packing for America. We leave tomorrow night.”

“I know. I know.” He said ignoring me.

“Fine, don't complain to me if you forget something.”

“I won't!” He said smiling.

*With Zayn and Nicolette*

Nic's POV

I was heading home for Christmas while Zayn was staying here. It was going to be tough, our first Christmas together, apart. “So I'm leaving tomorrow night, same flight as Cole and Lou.” I reminded Zayn.

“I know.” Zayn said not paying attention to me. It had kind of been like that for the past month. We'd only been together for about four months. I don't know if I was just being paranoid or what, but something was definitely not right.

“Zayn. What is your problem lately? You've completely ignored me.”

“Have not.”

“You most certainly have. And I'm getting sick of it.”

“Nicolette! I'm listening to you. What do you want? Sorry I'm not giving you 100% of my attention, but I can multitask.”

“What is there to multitask? There's no reason not to listen to what I'm saying!”

“Wow, now I see why Jimmy wanted a divorce.”

“What did you just say?”

“You heard me.”

“Why don't you say it again for me?!”


“Get out.” I said sternly.

“My pleasure.” He said walking out of my apartment. That fight hurt more than anything. I didn't need 100% of his attention 100% of the time, but I don't know why he couldn't just listen to what I was telling him. I turned on the TV to get my mind off of the fight, but of course 1D was on the news.

“Zayn Malik seen with new girl! Our sources tell us she was an extra on the hit show Glee. Did Zayn break it off with Nicolette or do we have a double dipper on our hands? “Zayn and Nicolette are still together, they seem happy.” A close friend says. Guess Zayn wasn't as happy as he seemed. But really Zayn. You're gonna be that guy? PICK ONE! And in other news...” I turned off the TV after that. I was bawling. I never thought Zayn would cheat on me. I knew something was up, but I never thought it would be this. I thought more of him, until now. Now, I was glad to be going away. I had nothing really keeping me here. I had a job, but whatever, I could get a job anywhere. Jimmy got Jake. So what was keeping me here? Nothing. I think I'm going to stay in America. Maybe see if anything great happens for me there, because England has not been a good place for me. First a divorce, then losing my son, then finally my boyfriend cheating on me. Yeah, America was sounding real nice.

*Virginia and Niall*

Virginia's POV

I got a text from Nicolette. “Hey I know you're going to Ireland then America, so I won't see you tomorrow night, but I just wanted to let you know that I might be staying in America. Don't ask questions. Just wanted to inform you.” What? She was staying in America?

“Niall, do you know if something happened with Nic and Zayn?”

“Not that I know. Why?”

“She texted me saying she might stay in America.”

“That's odd. I'll see if I can find anything out. Maybe text Nicole. She might know.”

“Ok, I guess so.” I pulled out my phone to text Nicole. “Hey, do you know what's up with Nic? Staying in America?”

“What?! Staying in America? No, she didn't tell me that...Hmm...”

“Yeah, I wonder if something happened with Zayn.”

“Zayn's cheating on her.”

“What? How did you find that out?”

“I just saw a picture on Lauren Figg's Facebook page of her and Zayn kissing.”

“Getting on Facebook now.”

“That pisses me off. I can't believe Zayn would do that to her.”

“I'm really pissed off. You don't hurt my friends and get away with it. Oh I am so bitching him out!”

“I'll join you. I don't care that he's famous. You don't fucking cheat on your gf. Not ok.”

“Agreed.” I was so mad I could punch Zayn.

“So did you figure out what happened?” Niall asked.

“Yeah I fuckin' did.”

“Wow, sounds bad. Why don't you tell me about it?”

“Zayn is cheating on Nicolette.”


“Yeah. I'm so ungodly pissed right now.”

“I know. But let's just try to calm down.”

“How am I supposed to calm down when he is cheating on my friend?!”

“How do we know he's actually cheating. Remember the media starts rumors.”

“We found a found a picture of them kissing on the girls Facebook page!”

“How did you know what girl's page to check?”

“Nicole is friends with her I guess.”

“Oh. Who is she?”

“She was an extra on Glee. Lauren Figg.”

“What kinda last name is Figg?”

“I don't know. But I'll let Cole bitch her out. I'm killing Zayn.”


“No Niall, this isn't cool.”

“I know, but maybe we should just calmly talk to him about this first.”

“No. He doesn't deserve it.”

“Virginia, I can't let you just hurt my best mate like that.”

“NIALL! He hurt Nicolette, do you not get that or?”

“Yes, but can't you let him explain first, even though I know he doesn't deserve it.”

“Fine.” I got out my phone to send one final text to Nicole. “You take the girl. I've got Zayn.”

“This may have to wait until after the holidays...”

“Whatever, but it's happening.”



Nicole's POV

As Louis and I arrived at the airport, we were attacked by fans. Security tried to protect us, but it gets to the point where Louis feels like he should greet the fans. He signed a few autographs and got a few pictures. I even signed a few autographs! We went through security, and the crowd of fans stayed on the other side. Of course there were a few fans here and there that wanted autographs or pictures, but it wasn't too bad. We got to the gate and just chilled for about ten minutes, until Nicolette got there. She looked like a mess. She had her hair pulled up in a messy bun, and she was wearing baggy sweatpants and an oversized t-shirt.

“Hey.” Nic said to Lou and I.

“Hey girl! You look terrible!” I said giving her a hug.

“Thanks.” She said rolling her eyes.

“What are friends for?”

“Is our plane on time?” Nic asked me.

“Last time I checked it was. It said departure time is 9:00.” Lou answered for me.

“Ok. I just really want to leave England.”

“Nic, I know things weren't great for you here, but just because Zayn and Jimmy are too stupid to realize what they had, doesn't mean that you should leave England. Maybe something great is waiting just around the corner, but you won't find it because you're running away. I can't say that I'm glad you're going to America. Because I'm not. Neither is V. And I'm not going to be a fake friend and say I'm happy, if you really think this is best. Because it's not. Zayn just has relationship problems, obviously. He left Perrie the night before their wedding. And Jimmy is so immature, you're better off without him. And yes I know losing Jake was hard for you, but if you move back to America, you'll never see him. Bet you didn't think about that. So maybe you need to look at the bigger picture. Because if you look at things too closely ,you'll have no idea what it is that you're seeing.”

“Nicole, you don't know what this has been like for me. And correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't you run away? To England? Or was that someone else I know?” She spat back at me.

“I had a stalker. I wasn't running away from a my cheating ex-boyfriend. He could have killed me. You know that. So don't compare your boy problems to mine. Got it?”

“Nicole. Stop it.” Louis said bitterly.

“Stop it? One of my best friends is leaving me because of a boy.”

“Don't you realize that no matter how bad your situation was, that's how she felt too. And she made it through, and you're so much happier after following your heart.”

“Yeah, Cole, it's not like I won't visit. But there's nothing for me here anymore.”

“So I'm nothing? Virginia's nothing?” I said holding back tears.

“I didn't say that.”

“Oh, but you did.” I said walking away.

“Nicole!” Louis said chasing after me.

“I can't do this.” I said bawling.

“Pumpkin, I know it's tough. But it's something she has to do. You made your life change, she has to make hers now. I know you don't wanna let her go, but you have to. She needs something to change. She's been through a lot lately. You know that. And now she probably thinks she lost her best friend. Don't let her think that.” He said hugging me tightly.

We walked back to where Nicolette was standing. “Nicolette, I apologize. If you need to stay in America, I understand. I don't like it, but I understand.”

“I forgive you. And I apologize too. You needed to leave America. I don't want to even think about what would've happened if you didn't leave.”

“Yeah, but let's just not talk about that.”

“Now boarding Flight 592, now boarding Flight 592.” A stereotypical flight attendant’s voice was heard over the loud speaker.

“That's us!” Louis said as he took my hand. I was still crying, but I knew it would be alright in the end. 

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