A New Love

A meet and greet that becomes so much more for two young girls. Together they find a new love with the boys.


23. Best Friend Approval

*December 23th*

Nicole's POV

Louis was taking a nap in my bed and my parents were doing some last minute shopping. I decided it would be a great time to check on my gift to Louis. Everything was perfect. I wanted to make this birthday perfect for him, since he made mine so special. I could hear Louis starting to wake up, so I went upstairs to check on him.

“Hey love.” He said giving me a kiss on the cheek.

“How was your nap?”

“Good, it would've been better with you next to me though.”

“You're a charmer!” I said while laughing.

“My best friend is Harry Styles! What do you expect?

“True!” By this time we were dying of laughter. Speak of the devil, Harry just texted me.

“Hey Cole, I miss you like crazy! Come back to England now. Thanks!”

“Harry! I miss you too, but I haven't seen my parents in forever, I see you too much.”

“You know you love me!”

“I do! Lol. And stop teaching my fiance how to flirt!”

“I would never!”


“Haha! Maybe a little bit.”

“He flirts with me enough, I don't need him using it on other women(;”

“Someone's self conscious!”

“Oh shut up! But seriously I have to go. Bye Hazza! Love you!”

“Love you more Cole!”

Harry was something else.

“Who were you texting?” Louis asked, he heard me laughing.

“Just Harry.”

“Oh cool. So what are we doing today?”

“I haven't decided. My town is PRETTY boring.” I said stressing pretty.

“Well there's got to be something!”

“Oh! I know! I just have to check and see if it's ok first.”


I called one of my high school best friends, Gabby.

“Hey Gab! It's Nicole!”

“Nicole! What's up girl?!”

“Not much, just back in the states for Christmas. How about you?”

“Just sitting here watching some TV.”

“Are you up for some company? I want you to meet my.....FIANCE!” I said excitedly.

“Fiance?! I must give you my best friend approval.” She said laughing.

“Don't act like you don't know who he is!”

“Nicole, I honestly have no idea.”

“Wow. We'll be at your apartment in 15 minutes.” I said laughing.

“Alright see you soon doll.” I hung up and started getting ready to go.

“Come on Lou. I have our plans for today.” I said grabbing my keys.

We arrived at her apartment building and made our way to her apartment. I knocked on the door and heard footsteps. Gabby opened the door and gave me a long hug.

“I missed you!” She said not letting go.

“I missed you too! But now for you to meet my fiance.”


“Alright, Gabby this is Louis Tomlinson. You may remember my slight obsession with him in high school.”

“Is this a joke?”

“No. Louis this is one of my best friends, Gabby.”

“Nice to meet you, love.” He said kissing her hand.

“Um. Nicole..isn't this something you tell your best friend?”

“I am now!”

“You're engaged to a famous person!”

“It happens.” I said laughing. We mingled for a while and got caught up. I made sure to add her to the invite list for our wedding. We talked about our days in high school. I showed her a picture of my dress, making sure Louis wouldn't see it. I told her how I'm practically famous now. She laughed a lot at that. We just had such a good time. It was like we never stopped talking, which is how I could tell we would always be best friends.

When Louis and I left it was about 8:00. I just wanted it to be his birthday already. On the car ride home I thought it would be best if I told him about my family's Christmas traditions.

“So on Christmas Eve, your birthday, we always have seafood. So I was thinking we'd have a late lunch? I know it's not romantic, but I've got it covered!”

“That's fine!” He said kissing my hand.

“And on Christmas morning, everyone has to be downstairs before anything is opened.”

“Again, fine.” He said smiling. “So I read this fanfiction earlier today.”


“You were pregnant.”

“You were the daddy right?” I said laughing.

“Actually, Harry was.”

“Why was Harry the dad?” I said confused.

“Because you left me for him.”

“I would NEVER do that!”

“I know, I just think it's weird that the fans think that could happen.”

“Sweetheart, fanfictions are just that. Fiction. Don't worry about it. Because the one's I read you cheat on me, and I know that wouldn't happen. I just brush it off.” I said smiling.

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“Let it go! I love you, not Harry. So cheer up buttercup!” I said giving him a smile.

*December 24th*

I woke up early and made Louis some breakfast. My mom was downstairs in the kitchen.

“Well you're up early!” She said surprised.

“Making Lou breakfast for his birthday.”

“You really love him don't you.”

“I do. It's just something about him. I never want to be without him. When he goes on tour I feel like part of me is missing. I can't really explain it any better than that.”

“I know exactly what you mean.” I finished making him breakfast and put in on a tray to take up to him.

I just set in on my nightstand and crawled back into bed with him. We both awoke about 15 minutes later. “Happy Birthday dear!” I said giving him a kiss.

“Thank you love! Is this breakfast for me?”

“It is. It might be little cold by now because I fell asleep instead of waking you up.” I said biting my lip looking down.

“It's fine! I love it.” He said smiling.

“So are you excited for your day today?” I said smiling.

“Very!” He laughed. He finished his breakfast while I was in the shower, then he got his shower.

“So dear, here's gift number one!” I said happily.

“There's more than one?!” He said fake excitedly.

“Of course silly!” He opened the box and found a framed picture of us from Thanksgiving. On the back of the frame was a piece of paper I taped to it.

“The place where we cuddle. Usually ending in sleep. We've seen all my favorite movies, I'm sure not cheap.” Clue number one to my scavenger hunt. He realized it was the couch, and while we didn't have the memories on this couch, it was close enough!

Under one of the cushions there was another present. He opened it up and pulled out some watch that Harry said I should get him. On the back was a folded up paper that said “'Go and fix your makeup, girl, it's just a breakup. -Miranda Lambert'”

He went to the bathroom and searched around there until he opened the medicine cabinet. He pulled out another small box that had tickets to Ed Sheeran's Concert in April. There was a paper in the bottom of the box that said “Let's just run away. Nobody will know. Anytime at all. Anywhere you want to go.”

He ran to the car, but forgot the keys inside so he had to go back inside. He got in the car and found a box with a shirt that said “I <3 Fat Bitches” He was very excited for that. His next clue read “R U Hungry?”

He thought we were going there, but then he realized I wouldn't make it THAT obvious. His next guess was the kitchen. He checked the fridge, then the microwave, and finally the stove. Inside this box was a wall decal that said “No amount of time with you will ever be enough, but let's start with Forever.” Then another note that said “Always kiss me goodnight!”

He went to my bedroom and there was a box sitting on my bed. In the box were two pairs of TOMS and Vans. The next clue said “Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!”

This lead him to the woods. We walked through the woods until we got to the clearing, where I had put a blanket and a picnic basket. In the basket there were Fat Bitches, a bottle of wine, and some other snacks. His last present was a box sitting next to the basket. He opened it and saw a picture of a golden retriever.

“What's this?” He asked.

“Our dog, when we get home.”

“We got a dog?!” He screamed excitedly.

“Yes!” I said laughing.

“I love you. And thank you for all of these presents.” He said giving me a long kiss. 

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