A New Love

A meet and greet that becomes so much more for two young girls. Together they find a new love with the boys.


66. Babystagram cont.

Virginia's POV

“SHE'S IN LABOR!” Liam shouted as he ran into the room.

“We know, we told her to go tell Louis.” I said.

“But her water didn't break until she was out there?” Liam said confused.

“What? Her water didn't break. Someone can be in labor without their water breaking right away.” Nic explained.

“No, her water broke. Behind the stage.”

“What?! She's in labor labor?!” Nic said.

“Yes! Now let's go! We have to get to the hospital!”

When we arrived at the hospital the doctor told us things were progressing rather quickly, and there would probably be a baby by tonight! About three hours later we were told there should be a baby within the hour.

“I'm so excited!” Liam said tapping his foot off the floor.

“Please stop the tapping! It's making me nervous!” I said. Then I noticed another leg shaking. Nic. “Nic! Calm down! It's just a baby. And Nic you've already had a baby.”

“So! She's the first of my friends to have a baby!” Nic said defensively.

“Calm down everyone!” We all sat down and talked about other stuff to get our minds off of the thing. About half an hour later Louis came out smiling.

“It's a girl! She wants to tell you the name, so you can follow me.” He said excitedly. We all walked into her room. She was laying in a bed holding a tiny baby in her arms.

“Hi guys! Meet our daughter.” She said with a smile. “Delilah Anne Tomlinson, 7 pounds 4 ounces.”

“She's so tiny!” Harry said looking at her.

“I know!” Louis said smiling. “She looks just like her mother, doesn't she?”

“She does, but she has her eye shape, but your nose.” Harry said.

“Want to hold her?” Nicole suggested.

“I don't want to drop her!”

“You won't! Just support her head.” She said handing her over to Harry.

“Get a picture!” Harry said. “I'll caption it Babystagram.”

“Oh my god Harry.” Nicole said laughing.

“But no pictures on Social Media yet.” Louis said.

“Can I at least tweet?” Liam asked.

“Sure.” Louis said with a smile.

“@LiamPayne: My babyy girl! #BabyTommoIsHere #1DBaby”

“@ZaynMalik: Uncle Zayn, I like it #1DBaby #BabyTommoIsHere”

“@HarryStyles: Just held the most perfect baby ever! #BabyTommoIsHere #1DBaby”

“@NiallHoran: Can't believe it ! #BabyTommoIsHere Everyone! Big #CongratsTomlinsons”

“@LouisTomlinson: I'm a dad! She's so perfect. #DaddyDaughter #BabyTommoIsHere”

“@NicoleTomlinson: We did it! #PerfectDaughter #Mummy #BabyTommoIsHere #NoMoreSleep”

“@VirginiaHillman: Ahh! #BabyTommoIsHere #CongratsTomlinsons !!!”

“@NicoletteJames: Yay! She's so adorable! #BabyTommoIsHere #1DBaby”

“@DaniellePeazer: So @NicoleBonsell obviously I heard, can't wait to meet her! #BabyTommoIsHere” 




A/N: And Yes! You did read that right, her name is Delilah! As much as I didn't want to name her that, that's what you all seemed to want, and it makes sense. So thanks for reading and commenting! I love it! You all make my day! <3 I have the best fans(: xx

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