A New Love

A meet and greet that becomes so much more for two young girls. Together they find a new love with the boys.


64. Baby Shower

Nicolette's POV

“No Harry! No boys allowed!” I shouted as I pushed him out of the living room.

“But love, all the boys can come! We're all in the music room.”

“No! What I say goes.”

“Love, there is no reason for us not to be there.”

“Other than it's a baby shower. It's tradition not to have boys here!”

“At least let me help you set up.”

“It's already set up. When you bribe Virginia with food, stuff gets done a hell of a lot faster!”

“Really? So that's the secret? Will that work for Niall too?” Harry said laughing.

“Probably! But seriously, Cole will be here any minute! Go!”


As soon as I finally got him out I heard the doorbell ring. It was some of Cole's friends from work. Next to arrive was Emma. Then Lou's mom and sisters.

Nicole's POV

“Louis are you sure you can't come?” I said as we were in the car.

“Yes, Harry said that Nic kicked him out. Girls only.”

“But you helped make this baby, so she can't kick you out.” I said laughing.

“Babe, you'll be ok! I'll be in the music room if you need me!”


“I have faith in you.” Louis said as he kissed my hand. When we arrived he helped me out of the car. And led me to the door.

“Stay with me!” I whined.

“Nicole, you'll be ok darling.”

“One more kiss.” I said obnoxiously puckering my lips.

“Fine.” He said giving me a kiss. He knocked on the door and Nic answered almost instantly.


“It's my party, I'll be late if I want too.” I said laughing.

“Well get in here now!” She said pulling me in. “Lou, the boys are in the music room.”

“Alright thanks.” He said smiling at Nic. “And you'll be fine love.” He said kissing my head.

“We have all sorts of fun games planned!” Nic said smiling.

“I'm just gonna go sit next to V.”

“You have to great your guests Missy!”

 “I will. Later. I'm tired.” I said rubbing my stomach.

“Nicole Elizabeth Tomlinson!”

“Fine.” I said. “But you're helping me up!” I said extending my arms.


I said hello to all my work friends, then I went to Lou's family.

“Jay!” I said giving her a hug.

“Nicole! How's my little granddaughter today?” She said rubbing my stomach.

“Probably pretty good.” I said laughingly. “I bet, with the best mommy and daddy!"

“Aw thanks.” I said smiling. “Lottie, Fizzy, Phoebe, and Daisy.” I said hugging each one of them.

“It's time for the first game!” Nic said happily. I was sitting next to Virginia at this point.

“I love how she's living vicariously through me. Even though she's had a baby.” I whispered to V.

“Yeah, I noticed. Hopefully she's getting this all out of her system with you. I don't wanna deal with this when it's my turn.” She said laughing a little.

“Ok! So the first game is guess the size of her tummy! You'll all get a chance to cut a string that you think will fit around Nicole's stomach. Whoever is closet, gets a special prize!”

Everyone was very excited about this game for some reason. Of course I had to stand up to show off Baby Tommo. Everyone cute their strings except V who was also anti baby shower. She said she just came for the food. When everyone cut their strings I measured and cut mine. And the winner was Emma! Probably because she was pregnant also. She measured her stomach then took off a little bit and was almost correct.

“Emma cheated!” Virginia shouted.

“I did not! I used my baby to my advantage!”

“Still cheating!” Virginia said pouting.

“Whatever. Next game.” I said changing the subject.

We continued playing games and joking around until Louis crashed the party, with the rest of the boys.

“My hero!” I shouted, clasping my hands together.

“Nicole!” Nic said playfully hitting my arm.

“What? I'm tired and irritable. It's allowed. I'm pregnant.” I said smirking.

“I can't wait until you can't use that excuse anymore.” Nic said rolling her eyes. And boys! You can't be in here!” Nic said as she tried to push them out.

“You can't tell me what I can and can't do.” Louis said making his way over to me.

“Louis William Tomlinson.” Nic said sternly.

“Nicolette, try as much as you want, I'm not scared of you.”

“I'd take that back.” Nic warned.

“No. My very pregnant wife wanted me here with her, and I'm not going to say no because you said so. And I brought the boys for some more testosterone.”


“Nicolette!” I shouted.

“Louis...” Jay said calmly. “You can come back when we do the presents, but for now, how about you go back to the music room?"

“Fine.” Louis gave me a kiss before pushing the boys back into the music room.

“It's about time!” Nic said as she pouted.

“You're really pissing me off Nic, and maybe that's just the hormones talking. But this is MY party, and if I wanted my husband here, he could be here.”

“It's a baby shower! Boys don't come to those!”

“Yes, but if I want my husband to come then he should be able too!”

“Guys...I know this is cliché, but my water just broke.” Emma said calmly.

“What?! Oh my gosh! Um call Ryan!” I shouted. “Louis!” I said as I waddled back to the music room. I burst in through the door, a look of panic took their faces.

“What? Are you ok?” They all practically shouted.

“Emma's water broke!”

“Where is she?” Harry asked.

“Um? On the couch I think.”

“Ew! Now I'm going to have to get a new couch.”

“Oh shut up! But come on! HELP!” I said pulling Louis out.

 “Emma are you ok?” I shouted as I walked back.

“Yes! My water didn't really break, but you guys had to stop fighting!”

“Are you serious?” I said frustratedly. “Breathe Nicole, think about Baby Tommo, breathe, don't let your blood pressure get to high. Breathe.” I whispered. I took a deep breath. “Looks like you won't need a new couch now, Harry.” I said laughing.

“Time for presents!” Nic said happily.

Louis helped me to the couch and sat next to me. Nic handed me a few things. Mainly I got clothes for Baby Tommo, and diapers, lots of them. I got a few other things that I had asked for, but since Jay did the nursery for us, we had most of the stuff we needed. There were just some odds and ends.

“Thank you everyone for all the presents! Baby Tommo is going to love them!” I said smiling.

Everyone said you're welcome, thanks for inviting me, etc.

“Guys, I know I was joking before, but I think my water really did break.” She said standing up awkwardly.

“Now I really DO need a new couch!” Harry said with a face palm.

“Ok for real! Call Ryan!” I said holding my hands out for Louis to help me up. “It'll be ok Emma!” I said smiling.

“I did called him Nicole!” Virginia said. “He can't get here, but he'll meet her at the hospital.”

“What?!” Em screamed. “How am I supposed to get to the hospital?”

“Em! We'll take you!” I said looking at Louis.

“Yeah, come on.” He said putting my jacket on for me.

We made our way to the hospital, where we met up with Ryan.

“It's about time you get here!” Emma shouted.

“I'm sorry love. I was at work.” He explained.

“Whatever. Anyway, it's time to meet Edward.” She said smiling at her stomach.

“What? It's a boy? And you're naming him Edward?!” I said excitedly.

“Yes!” She said smiling.

“Oh Emma!” I said hugging her.



A/N: So your comments make me literally the happiest girl alive! Thank you so much for reading everyone! It means SO much to me. I love you all! And if you have suggestions, I'll listen! I'm pretty open minded! Thanks guys! Love you <333

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