A New Love

A meet and greet that becomes so much more for two young girls. Together they find a new love with the boys.


21. A Tour of the Town

Nicole's POV


Our flight landed in America at 11 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time). Since it was late at night there weren't too many fans there. Our limo took us from New York to Pennsylvania. Carl, the driver Lou always had in the US, dropped Nic off and then took Louis and I to my house. We walked in the front door to see my dad half asleep on the couch and my mom on the computer.


“Hey mom.” I said putting my stuff down.


“Nicole! How was your flight?” She said getting up to give me a hug.


“Long. But it's whatever. Daddy, I'm home!” I said slightly shaking him.


“Huh, what?” He said waking up.


“Dad, it's me. Nicole.”


“Nicole! How are you?” He said sitting up.


“Tired, but I wanted to say 'hi' before Lou and I went to bed. And I wanted to introduce you guys to Louis. So Mom, Dad, this is Louis. Louis, this is my mom and dad.”


“Hello. Nice to meet you, Mr. Bonsell” He said shaking his hand. “And you too, Mrs. Bonsell.” He said kissing her hand.


“Nice to meet you.” My mom and dad both said.


“Nicole, you two can go up to your room if you want. It's exactly how you left it. We haven't changed a thing.”


“Are you serious?”


“Yepp. You're bed is still made from the last time you made it.”


“Did you think my room was taboo?” I said laughing.


“No! We just wanted you to have a room to come back to.”


“Alright. Well let's go Lou. It's upstairs first door on the left.”


“Ok, I'll take your stuff up for you love.”


“Ok, thanks. Mom, Dad, we're gonna go to bed. Goodnight! I love you both. Thanks for having us.”


“Love you too.” They both said.


“Nicole?” I heard Louis say laughingly.


“You found my room..” I said forgetting about all my One Direction stuff in my room.


“I believe so. Unless your brothers are in love with One Direction.” He said now hysterical.


“Shut up!” I said walking into my room.


“Oh! Nice 1D blanket! Is it so you could say you slept with me? And this nice doll version of me! Nice! But why isn't he open?” He said as he sat on my bed.


“So I could one day sell it for millions of dollars.” I said sarcastically.


“You would never sell me!” He said smugly.


“If that's what you have to tell yourself!” I said giving him a quick kiss. “The bathroom is across the hall if you need it. I'm gonna brush my teeth, and then go to bed.”


“Sounds like a plan to me!”


*The Next Day*


Louis' POV


I thought Nicole's room was adorable. She had posters and pictures up everywhere. She had a string of lights around the top of her wall, towards her ceiling. She had this wall decal up that said “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.- Walt Disney” It was so true. I loved that quote. She had a book shelf filled with books. And trophies sitting on top of it. Above her bed was a cork board filled with pictures, tickets, wrappers, programs, etc. on it. There was a letter there from a kid, I'm assuming her boyfriend at the time.



I'm writing you a letter because let's get real Trig is so boring! I don't know what I'm doing either. Some help with this later would be greatly appreciated. How's Calculus going? Well I guess you'll be out of Calc when you read this, but oh well. Did you know I love you? I do! We've been together for almost 6 months! WHOO! Crap. I just got called on. What do I say? I just said Sine and I was right. I have no idea what that even is. I'm so screwed. I sure hope the Pre Calc part of this year is easier. Honestly babe, you're the only reason I'm even passing this class. I have the smartest, most pretty, most perfect tutor in the ENTIRE world. It's true. Erbody jealous. I know you LOVE when I say Erbody(; But in all seriousness, how great is your boyfriend? Sacrificing his grades to write his beautiful girlfriend a letter! I was thinking about a date this weekend. Let me know. And if you say it depends how I do on my math test, I'll flip! But I also know that you'll say that now because I don't want you to. Your 17th birthday is coming up! Are you excited? I'm excited! Even though I'm only 15. As you and Gab would say Acca-Awkward! It's funny that I'm only a grade younger than you, but I'm so much younger. BUT WHATEVER! (See ow I quoted you there(; ) So the bell is gonna ring in like two minutes, but I love you so much! Like SO MUCH! I hope you enjoy your little note too!



That was cute, but I needed to find out who this K kid was. Obviously her boyfriend from that time, but I was still curious. I looked around her room again. She had a lot of quotes. I could tell she loved motivation. Nicole was still asleep. She would toss and turn but never woke up. My favorite thing about her room was how it was a glimpse into her teen years. This is who she was when she was in America. This was Nicole. I decided to get up and brush my teeth, but as soon as I got up she woke up.


“Where are you going?!” Nicole said waking up.


“To brush my teeth.”


“Bed.” She said pointing to the bed.


“Sweetheart we need to get up! We have a lot to do today.” I said pulling her up.


“No.....I just want to sleep!” She was like this every morning. She hated waking up, and frankly I don't blame her.


“I know, but you have to show me around today.”


“Ugh. You're so high maintenance.”


“Good!” I said laughing.


“Where do you want to go today?” She said pulling her hair back.


“I don't know. You know this place way better than I do.”


“Well obviously!” She said giving me a slight glare. She definitely was not a morning person. We got dressed and Nicole did her hair and makeup, and we were off. We said a quick goodbye to her parents first.


Nicole's POV


We left my house at about 10:00. I was driving, because Lou was really bad at driving on the right side of the road. I didn't want to use Carl, because I wanted to show him my home town. Well sorta my home town. My actual town was boring, there really wasn't much to it, but going to town was a normal thing for us. It was about 7 minutes on the interstate to town, so it didn't take much time at all for us to get there. I knew we shouldn't go anywhere like Wal-Mart because fans would be all over him. Which also meant the mall was out of the question, but maybe they'd be ok since it was 10 in the morning.


“So Louis, this is my home town. Pretty mundane, huh?” I said laughing.


“Nope! I love seeing where you grew up.”


“Whatever you say!” I said still laughing.


“You have a Starbucks?!” He said jumping with excitement.


“Would you like to go?”


“YES!” He said grinning.


“Ok, what do you want?”


“A Strawberries and Crème Frappuccino.”


“Alright, two Vente Strawberries and Crème Frappuccinos please.”


“Ok, your total is $6.20”


“Alright, thank you.” We got our drinks and Lou was happy as could be. “Where do you want to go now?”


“Hmm. I don't know Nicole! Stop pressuring me!” He said laughing.


“Oh, I'll pressure you!” We were both cracking up now.


“How about I show you the University? If I didn't go to London, I would have gone here.”






“Well let's see it!” I showed him around the University. We went to the supposedly haunted Library, we saw the football stadium, and Louis being Louis, we actually got to go in and stand on the field, which was a first for me. We saw the art museum, and the science museum. By this time is was 1:30.


“Are you hungry?” I asked Lou.


“Yes!” Louis said grabbing his stomach.


“I know just the place. But you HAVE to be hungry!” I said laughing.


“I am soooo hungry!” He said laughing with me.


“Ok, it's called R U Hungry? It's delicious! And you're getting the Fat Bitch sandwich. No choice. Everybody needs at least one in their life.”


“A Fat what?” He looked very concerned.


“A Fat Bitch.”


“Should I be worried?”


“Nah. It's just a delicious sandwich.”


“I guess I'll have to take your word for it.”


“Yeah, you will and you will enjoy your first Fat Bitch!”


“Yes ma'am!” We went to R U Hungry? Louis got his first Fat Bitch. I'm pretty sure he wants to buy the company and move them to London. He's crazy. But in all seriousness he wants to buy a ton of them and get them shipped to London. Maybe I'll use these to bribe him to come to America.


“Did you save room for ice cream?”


“Nicole, love, there is ALWAYS room for ice cream!” He said with sass.


“Right! How could I forget! Well let's go to The Creamery then. Best ice cream ever. Period.”


“Let's go then!” Louis said happily. When we got there Louis decided he wanted strawberry ice cream with sprinkles and I decided on peach ice cream with sprinkles. “That was the best ice cream ever. Why have I never had it?!” He questioned.


“Because it's only made here. In this building actually. Fun fact! The makers of Ben and Jerry's learned how to make ice cream here.”




“I know! Ok, so I want you to meet my Grandmother. She's 82, but she acts like she's 65.”


“Alright!” He said taking my hand. We got to my grandmother's house, but she wasn't home, so we decided to go look at the Church I liked for our wedding. “Nicole, this place is breathtaking.” He said in awe.


“I know. I love it. It's so pretty. And then right across the street is the place I like for the reception. It can be inside or outside depending on the weather.”


“It's great! And they're available on May 23rd?”


“Yes! I told the pastor we would most likely choose this, and he said he would hold it for us. So I just have to give him a call and let him know we want it. And the building across the street is free May 23rd also, and the guy said he'd hold it for us, so same thing.”


“This is perfect!”


“I know! And our wedding will be perfect! Did you guys get your tux fittings? And I just remembered, in our wedding party, we didn't include my brothers or your sisters.”


“I know. But you have two brothers, I have four sisters.”


“Well what if we add Mark and Derrick in, pair them with Felicity and Lottie. Then Phoebe and Daisy can be flower girls?”


“Works for me. Can you find a matching dress for a girl who will be very pregnant by our wedding?”


“It'll be tough, but I should be able to. And how did your mom take the news? I forgot to ask you.”


“She was upset, but she couldn't be too mad at her. She was more disappointed than she was mad.”


“Yeah. I know what you mean. I'm just glad that she finally told her.”


“Yeah, me too. I think she's gonna keep the baby too.”


“Good! I'm gonna be Aunt Nicole for your side of the family!”


“That's right! How's your niece and nephew? Lacey and Luke?”


“No! It's Lila and Luke.” I said laughing. “And as far as I know, they're good.”


“Well that's good. Are we going to visit Mark and Hailey?”


“Probably. They're coming to my parents house on Christmas. And so is Derrick.”


“Good!” He said giving me a peck on the cheek. By this time it was about 4:00. I had some Christmas shopping to do, so we decided to be brave and go to the mall. It really wasn't that bad.


“I need stuff for Luke and Lila, some of our friends back home, my brothers and their wives, and my parents.”


“Alright, let's start with the kids. I'm thinking toys?”


“And clothes! I want to spoil them since they hardly ever see me! The last time I saw Lila she was 2! Now she's 4. And Luke was 4, now he's 6!”


“Well let's start with clothes. Gap Kids?”


“Sure.” We found two cute outfits for Lila. One was a little dress that had yellow ducks around the bottom and ducks as buttons for her straps. Then we saw little shoes that had ducks on the straps across the shoe. The other was a little skirt with hearts on it and a shirt that said 'I <3 Shopping!' Which I knew had to be true because she was her mother's daughter. Then we found two cute outfits for Luke. One was a pair of jeans and then a shirt that said 'I'm Trouble With A Capital T.' And then another pair of jeans with a shirt that said 'Watch Out Boys, I'm Her Brother!'


After Gap Kids we went to Clair's. I was so spoiling her. At Clair's we bought a ton of One Direction stuff, which of course Louis signed.


After Clair's we went to Things Remembered to get my mom and dad some stuff engraved. For my mom I got a coffee mug, for her tea, that said “Merry Christmas Mom! Love you! -Nicole” For my dad I got a picture frame that said “Merry Christmas Daddy! I love you! -Your Little Girl” and Louis got my mom and dad each a $50 gift card to Barnes and Nobles.


We then went to the Toy Store. Louis bought Lila every single 1D doll, and some other miscellaneous things. I picked out some Barbies for her, and some Polly Pockets. That took care of Lila. For Luke we got some dinosaurs and bugs. We got him some toy cars and ramps. We also got him a science kit and felt coloring pages. We counted the items for each and they actually turned out pretty even. Lila had two more things than Luke.


Now that they were taken care of it was time for my brothers and sister in laws. We decided to get them two gift cards. We got the boys gift cards to Cabella’s and Bass Pro Shop. We got the girls gift cards to a Macy's and as awkward as it was, Victoria's Secret. I knew they would appreciate that. For our friends back home we decided to shop later. We were beat by now.


We returned home and put our million bags in my room. I laid down while Louis got changed next thing I know, he's waking me up.


“Love, wake up!”


“When did I fall asleep?” I asked sitting up.


“When I was changing, but I left you sleep for half an hour.”


“Thanks, I guess.”


“No problem. Can I ask you a question?”


“You just did.” I said laughing.


“Ok, miss sassy pants! Who's K?” Louis said pointing at the letter.


“My ex boyfriend.”


“I got that. But why'd you keep that letter from him?”


“Because it was adorable! I have a hundred more if you want to read those. They just didn't make the cork board.”


“Do you wish I wrote you cute letters like that?”


“No. It's cute, and you did write me letters, but it's high school stuff.”


“Ok, I want to read more though. I thought they were cute. It's my inspiration!”


“Oh shut up. But seriously though, some are in my desk drawer, others in my top dresser drawer.”


“You're seriously going to let me read them?”


“I don't see why not. The only two things I ask is that you 1. Don't read them in front of me. And 2. You put them back exactly the way you found them. And I'm going to get a shower. So read away.”


“I don't know if this is a trap.”


“It's not! I want you to know my past. Please read them.”


“Ok..” I walked out and left him to his reading.


Louis' POV


I decided to read the letters. I still didn't know if I should, but I had to.


Nicole Elizabeth,

Hey Girlfriend! I love that I can call you that now. I was beginning to think you didn't like me(; So I was just thinking about the day when I first saw you. I knew nothing about you, but I thought you were stunning. I never thought that I would soon be able to call you girlfriend. Ok, well maybe not soon, but you get my point! I hate that I don't see you everyday in the summer. I'm so lame I'm sitting here writing my GIRLFRIEND a letter. But anything that involves you is never lame! You're more than perfect. Like there's perfect, then there's you. Ok, maybe that was too cliché. I'm an idiot, but you already knew that. And if you haven't noticed yet, then you need to pay more attention to me! Actually pay more attention to me anyway.(; Well I'm going to stop writing now, J's gonna be here to take me to Gab's and I'll get to see you! I'm so excited. So excited.



Really? That was really cliché. I feel like he just rambles. Anyway. Next!



Hey Babe. Happy Summer day 34! Just kidding. It's not happy yet. Once I get to see you at J's, then it will be happy! So I have a story to tell you. I was walking from my kitchen to my room, and I had my sandwich (I made it myself!) and my iced tea, and I walk into my room and there was a spider as big as my head sitting on my bed. I jumped like 10 feet in the air then spilled everything on myself. Then I went over and killed that SOB for making me drop my sandwich. Not cool spider. Not cool. Then I thought of how you would have been like crying if that were you and I wasn't there to kill the spider for you. Remember when we were at the mall and you were trying on a shirt and there was a spider and you came out like bawling. It was so funny. But so unfortunate for you. I know what you'll be doing when you read this. Plus For You (Finger Flick) or whatever you and V do. It was definitely a plus for me.(; Anyway Miss Plus For You (Finger Flick) you're here now to take me to J's house. Plus for me!



I don't know if I can read anymore of these. As I look through the pile I saw one that Nicole had written. I wonder why she never gave it to him. This will be the last one I read.



Hey boy! So your spider letter literally killed me. I'm pretty sure I'm dead just thinking about that. So how about J's last night? I don't exactly know what happened. Not that it was bad. But I mean it definitely was surprising. But let's just not talk about it! So I was making a cake for my brother as a 'Finally! You're moving back out!' gift and I slid on a melted ice cube, dropped the entire cake on me. I was pissed. Then my brother was being a real big dick about it. He's like 'That was my cake! I was looking forward to it. Now what am I supposed to eat?' Never mind that fact that I hurt my effin wrist. I am so glad he's moving out. Goodbye and good riddance! Is that too harsh? I can't tell anymore. Oh and so my AP Homework, done. A whole month earlier that it was needed! I'm so happy. Now I can spend all my other time worrying if I'm being a good enough girlfriend for you(; Just kidding. I'm not that desperate. :P When we go to Gab's tomorrow, I wanna see more of that surprisingly good hula hooping skills again! I am still in awe of that! Haha! Anyways sweetheart, I'm going to bed. I miss you!



HULA HOOPING! That's what she was talking about! She couldn't have mentioned that earlier? I was freaking out. Unless hula hooping is a code for something. Oh please don't be a code. Just as I put the letters back, Nicole walked in. Let's see if it was a code.


“Hey Nicole, wanna see my hula hooping skills?” I asked as I pulled her in for a kiss.


“I don't have a hula hoop.” She said confused.


“We don't need a hula hoop for this kind of hula hooping.” I said with a wink. I could tell she was thinking about it, but she remained confused.


“Louis what are you talking about? I've NEVER heard of hula hooping without a hula hoop.”


“Oh. I must've been confused.” I said giving her a kiss.

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