A New Love

A meet and greet that becomes so much more for two young girls. Together they find a new love with the boys.


89. A New Love

Nicole's POV

*16 Years Later*

“Delilah, Khloe, Klaire, Elizabeth, and Greyson come downstairs please!” Delilah was 16, almost 17. Khloe and Klaire were 15, Elizabeth was 13, and Greyson was 10. One Direction ended almost 13 years ago, the boys were still close. They still made appearances, and they were still in TV shows and movies! Just because 1D was over doesn't mean their fame was.

“Yeah Mum?” Khloe said coming down the stairs followed by her brother and sisters.

“Your Aunts and Uncles are coming over for dinner, so is there anything special you guys want for dinner?”

“No.” They all said at once.

“You guys are being shady...”

“No we're not.” They all said at once again.

“Is it because Delilah has a thing for Jake?!” I asked the other kids, they all started giggling. “That's what I thought. Louis! Come here for a sec.” I flashed a smile at them all.

“No Mummy! Don't tell Dad! He's gonna tell Jake!”

“Fine. I won't tell your father.”

“What is it Love?”

“I just wanted to......ask what you wanted for dinner!”

“Oh I don't care love! I love everything you make! Except that one time, right kids?”

“Can we go back to our rooms now Mummy?” Greyson asked.

“Yes honey.”

“Hey Mum.” Delilah asked sitting on a bar stool at the island in our kitchen.

“What is it Lila?”

“Do you think Jake likes me?”

“I think he'd be crazy not to.”

“You're only saying that because you're my mum.”

“No, I'm not. Listen, I've known Jake since before you were born, as you two grew up together, you always had a special bond with him, even though he's three years older than you! But I always knew this would happen!”

“Really Mum?”

“He loves you. I've always known it, and so has Aunt Nic.”

“Thanks Mum.” She gave me a hug before running upstairs.

“So our little girl has fallen in love?” Lou asked, walking out from behind a corner.

“Appears so. It seems like just yesterday I was putting her in her crib, kissing her goodnight.”

“I know. And how about Khloe and Klaire, dating?!”

“We're not old right?”

“We're only 40! We're still in our prime!”


When the whole gang got together it was really something. I had five kids, Virginia had four, Nic had three, but adopted two more. Zayn and Perrie had two kids, and Liam and Hilary had three. So all together that was nineteen kids, and not counting. But nineteen kids and ten adults. Cooking for twenty-nine people wasn't exactly easy, but after years of it, it just because something I got used to.

“Cole? We're here!” Perrie shouted as she walked into our house.

“Hey guys! Leo, Greyson's in his room and Keira, Elizabeth is also in her room.” I said smiling. Leo was 11 and Keira was 13. Somehow we all managed to be pregnant around the same time as someone else in the group.

“Mason! CALM DOWN!” I heard Brookley yell at her brother from outside.

“Well the Horan's are here.” I said laughing.

“Mason and Ethan, the game room may or may not be free, and Naomi and Brookley, Khloe and Klaire are in their room. Feel free to go up.” Mason, Ethan and Brookley were the triplets, they were also 15, born a day after Klaire and Khloe. V actually went into labor the same day I had the twins.

“Those damn kids.” V said walking in after them.

“Tough day?”

“Why did I have four?! I thought it was a good idea, but now, I definitely regret have sex those nights!” She said laughingly.

“Hey guys!” Hilary said walking in. She had definitely become louder in the 16 years she's been around us.

“Hey Hil!” I kissed her cheek. “Isobel, Elizabeth and Keira are in Lizzie's room. Sam, Mason and Ethan might be in the game room. And Ben, Greyson and Leo are in his room.” I pointed to the stairs. “By this point I'm surprised they don't just walk right up there. They know the drill.” I said laughing. Isobel was 12, Sam was 14 and Ben was 9.

“Hey Aunt Cole.” Jake said kissing my cheek.

“Hello Jake! So Delilah's in her room. But if you go to her room, leave the door open.” I said with my mom eyes. Jake was now 19. It was crazy! The little boy who cried when Harry wasn't around, now loved my daughter.

“Jake is soooo crazy for Lila, like wow.” Emma said walking in. Emma thought it was cute to talk like an American Girl from my time, but it was pretty annoying. I was praying it was just a crazy phase.

“I've noticed. Emma, Klaire, Khloe, Brookley and Naomi are in the girls' room.”

“Thanks Aunt Nicole!!!” She ran up the stairs eagerly. Emma and Elijah were twins born two days after my set of twins.

“Hey Aunt Cole, thanks for having us! I'm just gonna assume Mason, Ethan and Sam are in the game room.”

“Yes! I said smiling. Two years after Elijah and Emma were born, Nic wanted to adopt. She adopted a boy who was 9, and a 3 year old girl, Julian and Quinn. Julian was now 18, and Quinn was just barely 17.

“Delilah upstairs?” Quinn asked when she walked in.

“Yeah, but I'd go hang out with Khloe and them.”


“Jake in the game room?”

“No...but I'd go there anyway.” I said laughing.

“Nicole! What are Jake and Delilah up to?”

“They're just falling in love Nic! Calm down.” I said laughing.

“I can't believe our lives.” Hilary said sitting on our sofa. Downstairs were all the adults, and the kids all upstairs.

“I know. We have so many kids!” I said laughing. “So yesterday, Khloe got home from school and I thought she was literally going to kill Klaire.”

“Why?!” Perrie asked in shock.

“Well and I quote 'Klaire is so mean Mum! She kissed the guy I've like for a week! She even knew how much I liked him!'”

“Boy drama, those were the days.” Nic said laughing.

“Really Nic? I think you had boy drama up until you were what, 23? 24?”

“Very funny Cole.” Nic said shooting an icy glare my way.

“Well Brookley came home yesterday and said that she wanted to be just like Dad and be famous.”

“Funny, Lizzie said the same thing yesterday, and all of our children obviously have talent, but I don't know if I want them to have that kind of life...”

“Right, I mean it was amazing, and I never would have met my wonderful wife if I weren't famous, but it is and was so stressful. But I wouldn't trade it for anything.” Liam explained.

“Right!” Louis said in agreement.

Delilah's POV

“Hey Jake!” I said when I saw him at my door.

“Hello Lila. What's up?”

“Just practicing this song. Wanna hear?”

“I'd love to!”

“Well it's a duet, so I'd love your help.” I said sweetly. “Now it's pretty old, but classic.”

“Let's do it!”


Don't Go Breaking My Heart- Ella Enchanted Version

Don't go breaking my heart
I couldn't if I tried
Oh, honey, if I get restless
Baby, you're not that kind

Don't go breaking my heart
you take the weight off of me
Oh, honey, when you knocked on my door
I gave you my key


Nobody knows it (Nobody knows it)
When I was down,
I was your clown

Nobody knows it (Nobody knows it)
Right from the start
I gave you my heart (Ooooh! I gave you my heart)

Don't go breaking my heart
I won't go breaking your heart
Oh, don't go breaking my
Don't go breaking my
Don't go breaking my heart

And nobody told us
'Cause nobody showed us
Come on baby, it's up to us now
Oooh, I think we can make it


And nobody knows it (nobody knows it)
Right from the start
I gave you my heart
Ooh! (I gave you my heart)

Don't go breaking my heart
I won't go breaking your heart
Oh, don't go breaking my
Don't go breaking my
Don't go breaking my heart

You put the sparks to flame
I've got your heart in my sights


nobody knows it (nobody knows it)
When I was down
I was a clown
Right from the start
I gave you my heart
Oh, baby
I gave you my heart

(don't...don't...don't...don't go breaking my)

I won't go breaking

Oh, don't go breaking my heart
I won't go breaking your heart
Oh, don't go breaking my
Don't go breaking my
Don't go breaking my heart

Ooh woah, Ooh yeah

I won't go breaking your heart

Oh don't go breaking my
Don't go breaking my
Don't go breaking my heart

“That was wonderful.” Jake said looking deep into my eyes.

“Only because you were here.” Did I really just say that?!

“Nah, you were totally the reason why.”


“Yeah Delilah?”

“I- I like you. Like I really like you.”

“I really like you two Lila, and I'm glad you said something. I was afraid you didn't feel the same way.”

“Kiss me.”

“Your Dad is right down-”

“I don't care. Just kiss me.” I said pulling him closer to me. Jake was someone I'd known my whole life. He'd always been there for me. Through broken bones and broken hearts. It made sense that I loved him.

“Delilah, Mom says to come get you---”

“Greyson! Go downstairs we'll be down in a minute.” I said throwing a pillow at him.

“Let's go babe.” He said taking my hand.

Nicole's POV

“Ew!” Greyson said running down the stairs.

“What's wrong Grey?”

“Jake and Delilah were kissing!”

“Awww!” The girls said together.

“Jake was doing what with my daughter?!” Louis said, his anger obvious. “Nicole, did you let him in her room?!”

“I told them to leave the door open!”

“Nicole Elizabeth!”

“Louis, she's almost 17, give her a break. Be glad it's with Jake!”

“Louis, that's my son.” Harry said placing his hand on Lou's shoulder.

“I'll go check on them dear, you need to calm down.” I walked upstairs and saw them coming out of her room, her hair was still nice, so that was a good sign. “They're coming.”

“That boy.” Louis said angrily.

“Louis.” I said growing more angry by the second.

“He's just being the protective father, we've all been there.” Zayn said smiling.

“Hey guys!” Delilah said when she came downstairs.

“Hey sweetie.” I said giving her a knowing smile.

“Oh my God! Mum!”

“They already knew...you have a very chatty little brother.” I said trying not to laugh.

“Why didn't you stop after Lizzie!”

“Well your father really wanted a boy, and I promised him that even if we had 10 girls, we'd still have a boy. I'm glad Greyson came when he did. I didn't need anymore children. I have my hands full already with you girls.

“Whatever.” She said rolling her eyes.

“Mummy! Ben said that his Mummy and Daddy have S-E-X. Do you and Daddy have S-E-X?” Greyson asked running in from the living room.

“Greyson!” I said in shock.

“Benjamin!” Liam and Hilary said also in shock.

This was our life. Always crazy, but full of love. I never thought that one concert could change my life so much. It had been full of ups and downs, but I knew that my family would always be here for me. 17 years of marriage, 5 kids, and two houses later, I knew that God had given me more than I deserved. Looking at the scene before me, all I could do was smile. I knew deep down that leaving America was going to lead to great things. Going to that One Direction concert 18 years ago, little did I know how great things were going to end up. My life was perfect. Yes my kids fought, Louis and I fought, everyone fought, we all made up. And we were simply the most loving, carefree people you'd ever met.









A/N: Thank you to everyone for the support. I'm so thankful for all of the support you've given me over the course of this story. If you really love this one, you can read We're The Only Way, that's very similar to this story, all the same characters, just a tad bit different story line. I love you all. And you've shown me A New Love. <3 Xx

~Nicole <3333 


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