A New Love

A meet and greet that becomes so much more for two young girls. Together they find a new love with the boys.


22. A New Boy

Nicolette's POV


After I left the airport I went to my parents house. They were both still awake so I chatted with them for a little bit, then decided to go to sleep. I decided not to tell them about Zayn, and me staying in America, because after what happened at the airport in London, I'm not so sure if I should stay in America. I know nothing great happened in London, but I mean I got to date a famous person, and even if we don't date, I still hang out with the gang. I love them, I actually don't think I could leave them. And Jake's over there. I get to see him every other weekend at least. Maybe London held more than I thought.


Ok, my mind is made up. “Enjoy the holiday's here because you will be going back to London!” I thought to myself. I fell asleep quickly. And woke up to the smell of blueberry pancakes. I missed my mom's cooking. I walked out to the kitchen to see my dad actually cooking the pancakes. That NEVER happens.


“Dad? What are you doing?”


“Making pancakes?”


“You never cook?”


“I do! You just wouldn't know.”


“Wow. Thanks dad.” I heard my phone buzz in my room, I walked back there to check it. I had a text from Nicole.


“Hey babe. Lou has a VERY special friend for you to meet. I think you'll really like him. (; xoxo Cole.”


“Ah! Do tell! You CANNOT not tell me!”


“Remember what curiosity did to the cat darling(;”


“Well it's a good thing I'm not a cat then isn't it?!”


“Well I'll give you a hint. He's YouTube famous.”




“And his name might be Rinn? Nahh not that. Maybe Linn? No still not it. Maybe Finn? I don't know something like that. And his last name sounds like Fairies. But it's not.”






“NICOLE ELIZABETH BONSELL! If you're lying to me I swear I will hurt you!”


“I'm not. He texted Lou, when Lou was in the shower, so I read it, and it said, and I quote 'Hey mate. So that girl that Zayn dated, Nicolette. Is she available? I think she's gorgeous. And Zayn shouldn't of treated her like that. She's perfect. I'd love to get to know her! Text the deets' And I said and I quote 'Sure thing. I'm sure she would love to meet you too. I'll have her text you?'”


“Brb, dying.”


“Haha. But for real text him. I'll send you the number.”


“Kk.” Ah! Finn likes me! He really likes me! London it is! I got the text from Cole with Finn's number.


“Hey Finn, this is Nicolette.”


“Oh hey! What's up?”


“Not much, just chilling with the fam”




“Haha yeah, you?”


“Fighting with Jack.”


“About what?”


“He says that Pennsylvania is under New York. But I say that it's beside New York! Who's right?”


“I'm sorry, but Jack's correct. We're under New York.”


“Darn it! Ok well thanks for settling that!”


“Not a problem! Haha why were you guys talking about Pennsylvania anyway?”


“We were just talking how you, Lou, and Cole were in Pennsylvania and he was like that's under New York, correct? And I was like no. Then we fought. But thankfully we have a smart girl like you helping us out(;”


“Aww that's sweet. But geography, so not my strong point! Haha”


“I doubt that but if that's what you say!” He was such a charmer. I could feel my face beet red now.


“You're such a flirt! (;”


“Says the girl who just used a winky face! :P”


“Winks aren't the only thing you're using to flirt lol.”


“Darn it! You're on to me(;”


“Should I be scared?”


“Nahh. Ok so Ms. Smarty Pants! Who's the cuter twin? Jack says him, and I say me. We need a 3rd party.”


“You guys are identical.”






“Let's get real I'm cuter.”


“If that's what you need to hear! Lol!”


“WHOO! I WIN! I even got Jack to agree, I am cuter.”




“When are you coming back?!”


“I'm unsure of that right now, but it shouldn't be too long after Christmas!”




I was done texting Finn for now. I'm curious if Lou set us up, or if it was Nicole. It sounds like something she would do. Especially to keep me in London. But hey, it was working! I was completely psyched to hang out with Finn.


I walked out of my room to see the table all set, and the pancakes surrounded by fruit.


“So Nic, what are your plans for today?” My dad asked walking into the dinning room.


“I was planning on doing a little bit of shopping, then maybe visiting some friends.”


“What friends?” My mom asked, also walking into the dinning room.


“I was thinking Aud, Jamee, those sorts of people.” I said before digging into the pancakes.


*In Ireland*


Niall's POV


I was so happy to be back in Ireland. I missed me family and friends. I loved Virginia and England. But oh, good ol Ireland. I loved it here. I introduced V to all my family and friends, but it was time for us to go to sleep!


When I awoke the next morning Virginia wasn't in our bed. “Virginia?” I called. She walked out of the bathroom brushing her teeth.


“Yeah.” She mumbled.


“What are you doing?!”


“Brushing my teeth, what the hell do you think I'm doing?”


“Why aren't you in bed with me?”


“I woke up. Which is very surprising that I woke up before you. Did I ever tell you the story of how Nicole thought I was dead because I was breathing like perfectly silent?”




“Oh well Nicole stayed over at my house and she woke up before me, big surprise, I know, but then my brother came in and woke me up and she was like 'I'm glad he woke you up, I couldn't tell if you were breathing or not.' It was pretty funny.”


“Sounds like it.”


“Niall, I'm really glad you FINALLY brought me to Ireland.” She said before jumping on the bed.


“I'm glad I brought you here too. But no more jumping on the bed! My parents might get the wrong idea!” I said laughing.


“In that case!” She said laughing along.


“So anyway, I thought I'd show you around today, show you all the good spots for kissing!” I said giving her a wink.


“Niall! I've waited to go to Ireland my whole life, I want to see more than your favorite kissing spots.” She said giving me a playful shove.


“Ok, I suppose I can show you some good bars too.”


“Oh shut up!”


“You know you love me!”


“Oh, is that what they're calling it these days.”


“Obviously.” I felt my phone buzz. It was a message from Nicole.


“Louis wants me to ask you what you got V for Christmas. I have no idea why he didn't ask you himself.”


“Sounds like Lou. And I can't tell anyone right now. Have him ask later.”


“Ok?” Instantly I felt my phone buzz. This time a message from Lou.


“I need to know what you got V for Xmas. I haven't gotten Cole anything, and I'm absolutely clueless.”


“Dude. I have no clue what to get V either.”


“I just thought of something great! Ok one, a few charms for her Pandora bracelet, two, a recording date. I'll have Simon get a date in the studio for them to record a few things. Then we make an album cover for them! And bam!”


“The second one actually sounds perfect! But what about Nic? Who's supposed to give her the cover?”


“Cole and I will.”


“Sounds like a plan.” I still had to figure something else out for V. I honestly had no clue. I didn't want it to be something cliché. Because I know she hates cliché things. 


A/N: Hey guys! Thank you to everyone who is reading this! What should Niall get for V? What do you think of Finn and Nicole? And lastly any suggestions for the story! Thanks guys. I love all of you!

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