Something Unforgettable

"I will follow you till the end of time." Just remember that quote, because this quite impacts this book a lot. Yes it's a romantic story but not an fan fiction. This book is about Annie's point of view and how her life changes when she meets Matt. They have a lot of differences, but they still fall in love, because why would you want to fall in love with the same similarities that's practically falling love with yourself. Unfortunately Annie has cancer but that doesn't stop her from having an life. You will go on a unforgettable adventure. They learn faith, trust, and more than being a girlfriend and a boyfriend...


1. How We Meet


I wake up in a cold hospital. It was raining and the sky was gray and gloomy. There was gifts and "get well soon." Cards in my room. I see doctors pass my room some running towards there patients room. The looks on every doctors face tell a story. Some where terrified to tell the family members that something went wrong and the passed away. Some were happy because some of the patients were doing well. Others were happy too because there was a new life in the world. My doctor was probably not here. I have cancer. It's leukemia and neuroblastoma. Yes I will die soon, but that's not for awhile.   I have two homes. Here and my real home. We rent a room here because I live here. I then get up and put on a simple floral dress with flats. I don't wear wigs because I hate them. I play some One Direction  and Justin Beiber. Yes I like both. I play it when I get ready and sing and dance along. I put on some makeup then visit my cancer patient friends. I only have three which are Marisa, Brad, and Chrissy. They are all fine. 

 Marisa has lung cancer and Brad does too. And Chrissy has breast cancer. We have been friends for three years. I then go back to my room and find my boyfriend sitting on my bed. I walk towards him and give he stands up and gives me a kiss. He was holding a dozen roses in his hand with a little teddy bear in anther. "Here you go." He hands me my gifts. "Thank you Ryan." I say. Me and Ryan have been dating for about a year. "You ready sweetie?" He says. "Yeah, lets go!" I say. We first go to my house. 

My home. It's not small but it's not big. I'm not rich but I have money. I walk into my house and find my dad screaming at the TV. The NBL basketball game was on and he was pissed. His other friends were over and they are making bets. I then head over to him and give him a hug. "Annie! God I missed you. And thank you for taking her home Ryan." My dad said. "No prob." Ryan said. "We are going you concert tonight so I won't be home for a while." I yell over the loud TV. "Okay just don't stay out to long." My dad yells. I then go look for my mom. She was in our backyard swimming in our pool with my sister. "Mom!" I scream. I run towards her and give her a hug. My sister joins in. Ryan is with my dad watching the game. "I miss you guys so much." I said. My mom is use to me being there but she always misses me and I always miss her. Same with my sister. 

We stay at my house for a couple of hours than drive to the concert. We finally make it there, the lights were bright and the band was good. "Can you get me a water?" I yell. "Yeah!" He yells. 

Twenty minutes pass, and Ryan wasn't back. I then leave to go to the restroom. I do my business then wash my hands. In the conner of my eye I see a hand on the other side. I head towards there. I finally fund Ryan but I also find his lips with anther girl. "So how many girlfriends do you have like ten?! Well now you have nine. Goodnight Ryan." I then run out of the room and start crying. But I was still running. I then trip over a curve in the parking lot. Luckily a boy catches me.

I was now in a guys arms. He then brings me up to my feet. My hand was still holding his. I let go. "Thanks- um-what's your name?" I said. "Matt, and your welcome." He says. He wasn't starting at my head he was starring at my eyes. "Are you okay do you need a ride?" Matt says. "Yeah I'm fine. No. I don't need a ride." I tell him. I then ride the bus to the hospital. I don't call my mom till I'm in my pajamas. I then go downstairs to eat. "One bowl of soup please." I say. "Same as her." A guy says. I turn my head and it was Matt. I then start to speak, "Matt? What are you doing here?" I said. "My mom also has cancer so I visit her." The man hands us the our soup. "Let me handle it." Matt said. He pains for me and I say thank you. 

That's how me and Matt meet. 

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