Something Unforgettable

"I will follow you till the end of time." Just remember that quote, because this quite impacts this book a lot. Yes it's a romantic story but not an fan fiction. This book is about Annie's point of view and how her life changes when she meets Matt. They have a lot of differences, but they still fall in love, because why would you want to fall in love with the same similarities that's practically falling love with yourself. Unfortunately Annie has cancer but that doesn't stop her from having an life. You will go on a unforgettable adventure. They learn faith, trust, and more than being a girlfriend and a boyfriend...


3. Depression


When I wake up I'm in Matt's room. My bald head laying on his chest. His warm body makes me feel warm too. "Good morning." Matt says. He kisses my head then gets up. He was in sweatpants with no shirt. His room had a flat screen Tv and a pool table. His room was blue. His wall had tires on it and posters of cars. He just came back from the kitchen and had two muffins with coffee. "One muffin and your favorite coffee for the beautiful Annie Root." He says. He said it like a chef. I then sit up. We eat away. It was a beautiful day. "Put on a bathing suit, because were going surfing." Matt said. "Okay!" I just did what he said. 

When I was done getting ready we arrive at the beach. We live close to the beach so we had no problem getting there. I know how to surf because I use to go everyday. But once I got the news I haven't even been to the beach in a while. I have all my gear so we wait for a little. We are in the water and we are talking. "Here we go!" I yell. There was a big wave coming and I was ready. I then start paddling with my hands. Once I get closer I stand up. I then start riding a wave. We ride more than relax. 

"Annie. I love you. I'm not just saying that. I actually feel it. I never felt this way. I will love you endlessly. I love you unconditionally. I have never trusted someone so much." Matt starts to cry. He can't finish. "I don't want to lose you." He starts to cry. I then give him a tight hug. We hug for like ten minutes. "We should probably go eat." I said. He says okay and we head to the car. We go to Extraordinary Burger, because it was really cool in here. We order then sit down and wait for our food. We laugh and giggle and play around. 

Matt then goes outside because his grandpa called. 

I then wait there. It feels like forever till he comes inside. "My mom just died." He breaks down. I then take his hand and I drive to the hospital. He's in shock. We finally arrive and I grab is hand and run to his moms room. Matt let goes of my hand. He walks to the bed. Her body wasn't there. It was just her bed. He then lays in her bed. I leave the room. I know how it is. The feeling. I know what's going through his head. I then go back in, I then lay with him. "Please don't let me lose you. Please." Matt said. I nodded my head.

But I am going to die. Maybe tomorrow or next month of next year. God has a plan, and he has a plan for everyone. He holds me tight and doesn't let go till one in the morning. He was asleep so I went to my bed. But I don't go to bed I think about what would happen when I died. 

I then go to Chrissy's room and tell her what happened. There was a long silence. "What if I broke up with him? I don't want to break his heart when I die so why not now?" I said. "No! Even if you do break up with him and you die he still will have that feeling when you do did date." Chrissy said. Well this has been a shitie week. 

I didn't sleep I can't. I get out of my bed and walk down the hallways. I don't know where I am, this hospital is pretty big and it's dark here. I can't even see so I trust my senses. I arrive at Matt's mom's room. 

"The funeral is in three days. Please come." Matt said in a calm tone. His eyes were red and so was his face. His lips were chapped and his nose was the color of cheery red. "Of course I'll go. No matter what." I tell him. I get in the hospital bed with him and put my cold hard hand on his chest. He sobs and sobs. I feel so bad that their is nothing I can but help him get through this. 


When I wake up Matt was laying next to me. He was crying again. His moms room was an averaged hospital room size. He was watching cartoons and eating cereal. I get up and give him a kiss. I then tell him that I'm going to get breakfast and he nods. 

When I get to the cafeteria there wasn't much people. I get some waffles and eggs and eat them by myself. My stomach felt like it was going to explode. I stop eating and go to the restroom I then start running. As I know it there was puke on the ground. I then call my doctor and tell her to come. I was in my room waiting for her to come. My head was in pain and my stomach was going to explode.

My doctor finally arrives and does what normal doctors do and all the crap. Two hours pass and she's still not back. My family was in my room but my dad he had work. Matt was even there but he was quite through out. My doctor arrives with my results. 

"Annie your doing fine everything looks great. But." My doctor looks over her pictures. There's always "but..." Everything's fine until she gets to that. I remember when I got the news of grandpa when he passed away. "He is doing great but..." Then so on. "...But your depressed. You have depression building up in you and you can have a heart attack, which we don't want you to have. We called in a therapist and there going to talk to you about what's going on." 

My doctor then tells my family that they can wait in the waiting room or go home. They stay here. 

When the therapist got here I told her everything. About Mr, Burch and Matt's mom and how I don't want to break everyone's heart when I pass away. But I don't want to break Matt's the most.

When we are done the doctor tell me and my family that I need to just relax and go in a room were the little noise. My mom then tells me that she has to leave. "Do you want to come home?" She's said. "No. But I'll be home later." I tell her. 

When they leave I go find Matt. He wasn't crying but he was in his moms bed. "Today's the last day I get to be in here. I won't be able to smell her perfume. I can't sleep in that uncomfortable when she want me to be with her. There will be patients in here laying on this bed. And there visitors in my chair." Matt said. He doesn't even have one tear come out of his eyes. 

"Annie I love you." Matt says. I can't say it back it's like someone is putting there hand on my moth so I can't talk. Why am I breathing heavy. He was looking at my eyes but I wasn't staring at his. I take a short breath. "I..." 


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