Something Unforgettable

"I will follow you till the end of time." Just remember that quote, because this quite impacts this book a lot. Yes it's a romantic story but not an fan fiction. This book is about Annie's point of view and how her life changes when she meets Matt. They have a lot of differences, but they still fall in love, because why would you want to fall in love with the same similarities that's practically falling love with yourself. Unfortunately Annie has cancer but that doesn't stop her from having an life. You will go on a unforgettable adventure. They learn faith, trust, and more than being a girlfriend and a boyfriend...


2. Confused

{A month later}

It's my first day going back to school. I haven't been to school for seven months. I'm a senior, but I still feel like I'm not wanted in this school. It's five in the morning and I just want to sleep. I get out of my bed and go go my bathroom. I do my makeup but just a natural with a little if eyeliner. I then put on a white V-neck with a floral tank-top under. Then I put on floral leggings. I then put on my pink vans. My neck was soar from the hospital bed two days ago so no jewelry. My purse was in my basement so I quietly go downstairs. I call Matt so he can pick me up. I wait outside with my sister. Stephanie  is her name but sometimes I call her Steph. She's a junior so she's one year younger then me. 

Matt finally arrives with his blue mustang. I then sit up in the front. Stephanie invited her boyfriend with her so she wouldn't be "lonely." That's her excuse. Matt then drives to school and we finally arrive.

Steph and her boyfriend leave while me and Matt stay. "I'm so scared." I stuttered. "Listen we are going to walk down the hallways together, and we have all of our classes expect for two. Just trust me you'll be find." Matt said. He grabs my hand and we get out of the car. We start walking; I'm holding Matt's hand and everyone is starring. But I don't care, because when Matt was holding my hand-all I can think is that I have an amazing boyfriend. Matt would never hurt me and my heart was trusting him. So was my mind. 

We put our stuff in our lockers and I head to my first period class. Ryan wasn't here because they had an "emergency" drama meeting. 

"OKAY CLASS." Mr. Berch yells. He projects his voice even more louder so he can wake everyone up. "Hello Annie. You look well. I pray for you every night. Now! We are going to have a pop quiz." He passes out the paper and stops at my desk. He was 26, but he looked younger. He then whispers to me so nobody hears him "You don't have to take the quiz. I mean-" I interrupt him. "I can't take it. It doesn't look that hard." He then gives me a quiz but he shortens it. "Please I want the normal quiz." He looks at me and smiles. He hands me the quiz and smiles. It takes me a long time to finish, but I have confidence. Everyone was finish but me. I hand it in and sit down. The bell rings and everyone rushes to get out. I get up and head for the door. "Annie?" Mr. Bruch said. "Yes?" My voice doesn't sound confident though. "You got an A plus! Your very bright. I'm proud of you." He said. He gives me a hug. He then lets go and his lips touch mine. I then push him away and grab my purse. "Bye." I whisper but he hears me. "Annie?" His voice travels to my ears when I leave. He was about to kiss me. That's illegal! 

I run to Matt's locker. Mr. Berch was staring at me. I then go up to Matt and kiss him. When I was done Mr. Berch walks in his classroom. He was mad. I then tell Matt every thing. He was mad. Not at me at him; for the fact that he was angry I was taken. "We have to tell somebody. We-" I interrupt "No! It's was on accident." He then goes to his next class. This is the one class we don't have. 
The rest of the day was an ordinary school day. The homework. Dreadful. After school I head to the hospital to get my shots. I have to spend the night because I'm going to be lightheaded the whole day. My mom, dad, and my sister come and stay till eleven then go home. I start my homework and go to sleep.


When school was over Matt takes me out to get ice cream. We live in California so there's a lot of ice cream places. When we get to our favorite ice cream shop there was a line all the way down to the parking lot. We wait patiently. Every time we move up he gives me a kiss. We don't even notice the people around us. Just us. "Can you guys move up please?" A boy says behind us. I turn around and say, "Sure. Ry- Ryan." Matt then turns. "Oh. Hi." Matt said. Ryan says the same. We move up and there was silence. "So I'm I going to see you at the hospital?" Ryan said. He looks different. A lot. "Ummm. Why do you need to know?" I said. "Well you have cancer. I have cancer." Ryan then stops he doesn't say anything else. I then give him a hug. He was cold. Matt gives him one too. We don't say anything till we get to order. Me and Matt head to the hospital, so we can check on mom. I needed to get check out too. We then go our separate ways in the hospital. I'm fine for today. I then tell Matt that I'm going to the mall. 

When I get there I head to the wig store. I know I don't want one but I just want to blend in. I try so hard to be a human being that when I try harder I get even more weird. I pick out a long straight Burnett wig. I try it on. The women helps me make it look real. The price was expensive but I still I got it. 

The next day is the same. When I got to school no one looked at me. When I got to Mr. Berch's room he smiled. He looked at me and called most time. After class I try blending in with everyone, but I still got caught. "Annie?!? Can you come here?" He says. He closes the door and pulls down the curtains of the door and window. He then grabs me and kisses me. I try pulling him away but he has my tight. "I love you." He whispers. I then push him away and open the door. I run to the principles office. I open the door. "Yes Miss. Root?" Mrs. Log says. "Mr. Berch kissed me and was going to rape me. I'm so scared." I then break down on the floor. She then runs toward me. She is about 51 but looks 30 for her age. She's white but really dark with dark brown hair. She's not fat and not really really skinny. "Let's go." She grabs my hand and we get up. He thinks I won't tell on him because I didn't yesterday. She told the secretary to call the cops, and they were already here. Everyone was starring. "Mr. Berch you are under arrest." They then grab him and put him in handcuffs. They then ask what happen. My mom and dad take me home. I don't talk to them I just go in my room. I don't cry at all. Just confused. 

But I'm always confused. 

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